Before and After: Rock haul

Another day of roughing it in the outdoors, and by that, I mean my backyard…..

The first day, I worked on the dirt, and the rock.

and QUICKLY realized I didn’t have enough rocks. (8 bags…what were you thinking Kristen)

P1070676Day two: more dirt

back to home depot today to get it finished

I have the before and after pictures.

home project3 back yarg2

of course they do not look THAT impressive, and don’t show the amount of sweat and how many hours this took.BUT I did this project all by myself, and that I am EXTREMELY proud of 🙂

P1070691YEA  ME! haha

Question for you:

Do you mind doing yard work?


Sinful Crescent Rolls

This week, my best friend has been carbs. My stomach wasn’t tolerating anything else. (today I finally tried salad!! My first “real” meal since Thursday- WAHOOO! And then my stomach decided to growl at me for hours)

So as a result, I dug in the back of the frig, and found these bad boys and used my handy dandy Pinterest


I found a  few ideas….




Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chips


Cinnamon and sugar



IMG_1028 IMG_1027 IMG_1024

Andrew of course tried the s’mores. And gave it two thumbs up 🙂


Tomorrow I hope my stomach will allow REAL food. Although, I don’t think I will be eating eggs for weeks to come haha

Question for you:

Do you have a good crescent roll or sinful recipe?

Workin’ in the Cold

My brothers are pretty awesome. Especially when they come over on their day off and help put up a screen door 🙂

I am one lucky sister


(scary Andrew in the window! haha)

I wanted the extra safety, to keep the hot/cold in or out, and it looks pretty spiffy!

My younger brother got to work…

While I helped, and also played “fishing” with Andrew

He had a blast playing the fish, and eating the foam fish off the end off the cardboard fishing pole

I was SOOO happy when it got up! It took a lot longer than I thought. Thank you Michael!!!!!!

Of course, we need a before and after!

Question for you:

Whats the temperature like there?

-It was 41 degrees this morning when Andrew and I got up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m officially an ice cube!


As the years pass….

With the first week of second grade officially to a close. I thought I would just show pictures of Andrew over the past few years of going to school. Just imagine the pictures for 8th grade, highschool, and college!!! Ok. I need to lie down haha

Preschool 2009

Kindergarten 2010

First Grade 2011

Second Grade 2012

The preschool picture makes me want to cry. Ok they all do. And to think about last year at this time.

Question for you:

What was your favorite subject growing up?What was your least?

-Mine was definitely math. I think it just came easily to me, and thus required less work haha



I am my mother’s daughter

SOOOOOOOO remember the bathroom and how I was painting it ALLLL last weekend.

Well, I changed the colors. I know. I know.
But I woke up today, and noticed why I loved the colors.

They look EXACTLY like Andrew’s room. Blue and tan.
The look I ORIGINALLY wanted was an off white with a blue grey accent wall. Kind of like this..

So it was back to the paint store. After several options later….I left with TWO blues and one white
Now this was before and after

Much better right?!?!!? Well in person it DEFINITELY is. I already have the approve from my dad and friend Annie. My younger brother Michael (who helps with ALL my projects) was not to happy when I texted him this morning I was changing the colors.

He is laying the tile tomorrow! Maybe he is afraid I will change my mind on that too. I guess anything is possible!

Question for you:
What is your favorite color?

-obviously mine is tan and blue haha. No really, I like pink a lot

What are you doing this weekend?

Before and After: bathroom #2

I know we are working on the bathroom on the main floor, but I have to show you the second bathroom.

And no I didn’t take down any walls or title (I think my  brother would kill me)

In November, I put up some shelves that I had from college, and placed some great beach stuff on the shelves. Well those darn command strips……didn’t last.

Today, my brother was nice enough to show me how to hang things when the walls are plaster (I will always hate plaster)




I also got this from good o’ Big Lots.

I just added some sand and shells

I promise you all, this is the only remodeling for this room haha


Gym blah and before/after

The day started by finding justin

After getting to school, I went back to bed. I have had NO energy the past few days, and Im needing tons of sleep! (no im not pregnant or depressed. Dont want any rumors haha)

Breakfast than the gym. I was not feeling ANYTHING. Started on the treadmill. After 5 minutes, moved to the step machine (1st time). Then elliptical for 20 min.

I then hit the weights! I was actually more interested in this and that NEVER happens haha. I can actually start to see my muscles again!

Lunch was nothing special

But dinner was something new! Recipe tomorrow!

We then had boy scouts. I was in charge of the craft, so we made ornaments w/ string and glue. Then you let it dry and pop the balloon

See the munchin in the back? haha

I also changed a few decorations in the house. Out w/ the fall decorations- in with the green and red!





 Just a little bit at a time!

Question for you:

What is your workout at the gym?