Last Michigan post (I promise)

This post is just going to be photo heavy (I apologize) I just couldn’t decide which to keep and ones to not

I really miss Michigan 😦

But here are some flashbacks!

Each morning or evening, Andrew and I would go for walks on the beach or to the lighthouse

P1070515b P1070522b P1070570b P1070571b P1070578b P1070580b P1070585b


We also worked on Andrew learning to ride his bike oh help me, with  my cousin’s and her boysfriend’s help.

P1070587b P1070586b

Of course, there was the amazing beach

P1070625b P1070628b P1070620b P1070559b P1070622b

Thanks for keeping up till the end 🙂



Teaching Andrew to ride his bike

I am finally back! Or I guess I should say, my computer is a piece of junk. I need a new one! (accepting ideas on what to get!)

I am sorry Amanda everyone for being gone. The only way I was able to check email and facebook was with my nook (thank goodness for not being separated for the world haha)

Now lets get back to life

Today, it was a freakin’ hot 90 degree gorgeous Spring day, and I really want to get Andrew riding his bike so we can go on rides! I know he can do it, but he is a bit scared of falling and getting hurt.

After 45 minutes at the park, Andrew was feeling a little more comfortable. Then it was time to celebrate his efforts



what a goofball

IMG_1537Later, we had dinner out on the patio. Our first Barbeque of the year


Now its playing catch up from working the past three days…eekkk

Question for you:

What are you doing with this gorgeous weather?