Rock n Roll and date night

Friday was a busy day, so I couldn’t wait to blogged, but I wanted to give it justice!

It started out like every other day. Breakfast while listening to music(by andrew’s request)

And then Andrew went to school

I then went on a run. I didn’t have any distance to run, just to get out there and clear my head. I could have kept going, but knew with the half coming up on Sunday that would not be a good idea. At home, I mapped my run- it was 5 miles! sweet!

i showered SO fast and got out of my house. Andrew is getting picked up at school by his dad to attend a wedding ( I talked a little about it here) and I needed to get out of the house.

I needed some jeans (you will see while in a minute). I went to Macy’s first.











These went in the NO pile. Next was Kohls and it wasn’t looking promising



















But I did! YEA! I also saw this sign and it made me feel better



















A quick snack











Then it was time to hit up the race EXPO!



















The half marathon is sunday and my brother is running the full! I think Im more excited for him!











We got a shirt and some swag






























So you might be wondering what the new jeans are for, welll. I had a date. Yes I know I had a few bumps this week. But I have actually been talking with guy and so today was date night!



















sorry for the really bad picture, I was in a hurry. (and dont worry I did my hair and makeup before I left haha)

we went to the Blues hockey game. I wasn’t too nervous until I hit A TON of traffic and was THIRTY MINUTES LATE! (I hate being late)

But he was a real gentleman, and actually it just became our joke of the night.

The game went well. WE WON! But you could tell we were both a little nervous.

After the game we walked to a little bar/restaurant down the street. Which wasn’t as busy as I thought, being a Friday night and all.

We enjoyed two appetizers and a beer a piece. It was really nice. He was sarcastic, but not a jerk about it (don’t worry I could hand it back too haha) We talked about work, Andrew, school, and just everyday stuff. I didn’t feel akward at all.

I know you are all wanting some details on this fellow.

His name is David. He is a 26 year old accountant who lives close by, but is from a small town in Illinois. We both went to the same college, but he graduated a year behind me. He is 5’8 and pretty good looking. He has very similar values and are personalities are quite the same

Is there anything Im leaving out?

Well, the night went really well, he walked me to my car and gave me a little kiss. He also texted me later, making sure I made it home ok.

Im sure there will be another date soon 😉

Question for you:

What is your next race?

Who is your favorite professional team to cheer for?

Any ?S about my date?