Boy Scout Blue and Gold Banquet 2014

Andrew and I had a really busy weekend, and even though we ran around for most of it, we had an amazing Saturday night with his boy scout pack celebrating with their Blue and Gold Ceremony


We first started out at church, and then ended to school for awards. Andrew received several for volunteering, sports, and other adventures


Then for the pinewood derby, he won the judges award “Leader of the Pack”

DSCN0352b DSCN0357b

The final entertainment was nitro Joe who talked to all the kids about science and talked to the kids for over an hour, with lots of different tricks and information.


This picture makes it look like Andrew is blowing out steam from his mouth haha


We had a great night together and I know that these nights are always going to be special. I need to learn to slow down and enjoy these moments, instead of thinking of the next thing on the TO DO list or where we need to be and how to get there. Time to slow down, and enjoy Andrew as a kiddo

Question for you:

Were you a boy scout/girl scout?

Do you find yourself needing to slow down and enjoying life instead of running all the time?

A day in the Life

Recently, I have seen on blogs how they past their time throughout the day. This day WILL NOT be boring, I promise you. Andrew and I were more on the go today, then the past 7 days put together haha

Last night, I had it all mapped out 🙂 Yep, I’m Type A haha


6:55am Alarm goes off the first time, the for the next few minutes I lay in bed dreading before getting up

7:10 Breakfast with Andrew. Feed the cats. Make LOTS of coffee. And get ready for basketball

DSCN0304Travel #1

7:45 Arrive at Andrew’s basketball game where they practice, play, and WIN!


9:10 To the gym for a good sweaty rowing workout (will post tomorrow)

10:15 Back home for a quick shower and we both have a wardrobe change haha


11:00 Leave for the COLDEST tag football game EVER (I might have lost a toe haha)

DSCN0318Andrew is the kiddo with yellow sleeves hiking the ball

12:45 Head home, where we attempt to warm up with hot chocolate and the heater!


2:00 Make some DELICIOUS chocolate chip blondies to take with us to my brother and future sister in law’s house

DSCN0335even my “won’t eat healthy food” brother loved them! haha

3:00 Wardrobe change #3! And we are off!

3:30 Helped address the wedding invitations for their wedding!

4:30 Time to roll to church and Andrew’s boy scout ceremony


4:45 HOPEFULLY arrive at church on time

9:00 Arrive home for the FINAL time. No more leaving, but we do have a final wardrobe change into pjs 🙂

Question for you:

What are you up to this weekend?

Are you ever so busy, you have to make a TO DO list JUST for that day?

Out with the old, in with the new

The past few days, I have some new things that I wanted to share some of them with you

First, it was time for a new haircut. Feeling much lighter



I also went to my first cardio kickboxing class at my gym. It was AWESOME! I was sweating in about 5 minutes, and I know I will feel it tomorrow.


Nothing like looking like a bright red tomato around the gym fellas haha


I then took 2 more hours to sand the railings in the front, while listening to some country music on Have you heard of it? It is like pandora but A MILLION times better! And it’s free!

Will the sanding EVER be finished!!!


New fall clothes for me and spring clothes for Andrew


Loving kohls and old navy right now


Another new recipe using the paleo rolls. I just heated them, added pasta sauce, grilled chicken and peppers. AND EAT!



Then it was time for capture the flag with Andrew and his boyscout gang


I even got to play and I was the TEAM yellow CAPTAIN


Andrew was on the blue team


It is probably my favorite boy scout meeting

Question for you:

What is something new going on in your life?

Time for a banquet

We have survived mardi gras, found out Nicole is having a boy!, and now its time for the Blue and Gold banquet for boy scouts.

By this time in the day, I was completely exhausted. So after our second wardrobe change, it was time to head to Andrew’s school.

We started with church, followed by a few awards, and then over to the gym for dinner and of course, a photo shoot

Funny picture


Ticking to get him to smile


FINALLY a good one!


After dinner (and a few more million awards, speeches) it was time for a presentation by the bird sanctuary

This was the first guy, that got a little scared by all the kids noise and went straight to the ceiling


Pretty owl


This was my favorite


Finally it was 9:30 PM! and time for bed.

I asked God for a busy weekend, and he definitely gave me a fun one!

Question for you:

Were you in boy scouts/ girl scouts?

Too much?

Alrighty. I think we are all caught up with Christmas of 2012. And nothing to update you with New Years Eve because I was working, and sleeping when the clock hit midnight (no biggie for me, I’m not big on that holiday)

Anyway, I have so EXCITING news! Mr Flowers and I are planning a trip. Just. The. Two. Of. Us!!!!! It will be at the beginning of next month. I happen to be off work the same weekend as his birthday (Luck? I think so!)  Today, I did a lot of planning for things to do, and lots of book downloads. Our plan is to sleep (ALOT!) and relax. DONE and DONE!

Other exciting news, we got Andrew’s derby car ready for the boy scout race this Saturday.


My brother and Andrew did a great job.

Andrew also got a hold of my computer, and I now have a new background (I’m sure Angela is loving this!)IMG_0820And now he wants a cat………

On a more serious note, one of goals for some time now, has been to disconnect. And here is whyIMG_0816Ipod getting charged. Webcam to skype with Mr Flowers. Computer and nook. Even with all these electronics, I think I have been doing a good job of getting away  when Andrew is home. After bedtime, its all about me and my nook. I LOVEEE IT!!!

new years resolutions coming soon

Question for you:

What is some of your favorite books?

How do you disconnect from the world?


This weekend, Andrew and I went camping with his boy scout group. We had an AMAZING time and thank goodness it wasn’t too hot.

We started by unpacking the car. And here is our tent

Meeting up with the other scouts

Then we split up to the different activities. Andrew’s favorite was the bb guns. Mine, was the pool!

Here is our site

There were also some great places for the kids to play

The boys all had an amazing times, next time we will be bringing our own tent that ZIPS! haha. One mom and son had a raccoon visit them during the night! We also found one tick on Andrew, but I’m glad that was all we found. Andrew wasn’t much of a fan of getting up when it was a little cold outside.

Question for you:

Do you like to camp?

Where you a boy/girl scout?

-I was a girl scout till about 4th grade



Playing Catch Up

MAN. I hate being away from this blog. But life has been crazy busy. Between working a three day weekend. Hanging out w/ Ryan. And then trying to get my life back together…..well Im a mess and still haven’t caught up on all my blogs!!! (the most frustrating part haha)

Today started out w/ packing ANdrew’s lunch. I put a special note in

I was then picked up by Ryan for a SURPRISE day. I asked a MILLION questions trying to figure out what the surprise was….but I wasn’t even close.

A week ago, we were talking about manicures and pedicures (who knows whY) and I say I usually only do this as a treat or for a special occasion. That it is really hard sometimes for me to spend $ and that I don’t have much time. (then I asked if he gets them hahaha. He doesnt) But today, he bought me coffee  and took me to get my nails done.

Apparently he knows what he is doing. It was perfect! We then went out to lunch. One day, Ill get a picture of the two of us (can you believe I haven’t taken ONE picture…crazy)

Then it was time for my FIRST run outside w/ my new kicks. 4miles!

IT IS in the 50s HERE!!!!! And I love it! I also saw this on fb and thought it was awesome

After making some yummy dinner (recipe tomorrow!)

It was time for boy scouts w/ Andrew, and we made this pretty crafty scrapbook (some moms have all the talent!)

This would be my favorite page we made haha

Well Im off to bed, but I need to catch you guys up on Ryan. He is pretty awesome, and its kindof freaking me out. Im not use to it! Goodnight!

Question for you:

What are you up to? Anything fun this weekend?

What is the temperature like where you are?