Mr Flowers

Remember those mysterious flowers I received on saturday? Well. I will tell you what’s been happening.

I haven’t spilled the beans to anyone, until recently. Mainly because it is kindof strange…I haven’t met him yet, only talked.

My friend Chrissy, who has a son in Andrew’s now second grade class, started talking to me about this guy that she knows, lets call him T. At the time, I listened, but he lived in Texas……I didn’t persue anything.

Then, I receive a facebook message from him. I guess she had been talking to him as well. haha

She said, that even if there weren’t sparks. or it wasn’t a match made in heaven, we still had a few things in common. One of those being, we are both parents. She told me that he could just be another support person.

Ok. Lets get to the good stuff. We started talking in May. And since then have been talking everyday since then. Mostly, text messages. T has sole custody of his twin girls who are 4. And just so happen to have the same birthday as Andrew. T also has the same birthday as my dad. Weird.

He DID live in Texas, but now lives in Kansas to be closer to his family. (to all my friends, he does not have a southern accent haha) He works for a company trading stock. That is the most I can tell you, because the rest I don’t understand. I barely passed accounting. haha

Other stats, he is older. 36 to be exact. I just turned 27. He is taller than me 5’10. He drives a volvo. (and knows how to change a flat tire at night, with his two girls, without freaking out. how…I don’t know)

So for my birthday. The flowers. How did I get them from a guy I haven’t even met? Good question. BUT since I talk to him everyday, he knew how stressed I was about the party and getting everything ready.

 I told him I still had to get all the food and drinks, buy flowers (yea trader joe’s), and mop the first floor. He asked how he could help. (ummm you live 8 hours away, can you mop the floors haha) He said he would send flowers. I was at work and was like, “OHHH no. You don’t have to do that.” Later, some of my friends nicely told me “Kristen. It is OK for someone to do something nice for you. Something to help you”. ummmm apparently they know me well. Besides my brother completely doing my house, I rarely take help from others. Unless I need it desperately. So I agreed to flowers, and they are beautiful! My house smells amazing!

I also hope I can keep them alive till next week, because T is coming to St Louis. As the teenagers would say, O.M.G.!!!! haha

Question for you:
what was your first EVER date? boyfriend?girlfriend? relationship?

-I first danced with a boy I met at summer camp. His name was Elliot. We were pen pals for a while, but then lost touch. Funny to think about!