Cafeteria lady

Yesterday, I was the cafeteria lady at Andrew’s school. He is in first grade, so I really don’t get a whole lot out of him about what happens to school. So I  make sure to read during his library time and sign up at cafeteria duty.

NOOO I am not the lady handing out the food.Basically, I just walk around, talk to the kids, help them open anything, and then wipe the tables down.

It was actually really cool to see all the kids. Andrew goes to a Catholic gradeschool w/ grades K-8. And they eat in shifts. The first being K-2. And these are some of the things I noticed.

  • K-2 is the loudest, messiest, and are always moving around the cafeteria
  • 3-5 are the most akward but not as loud
  • 6-8 were all very calm (maybe they just are use to the rules). And I didn’t have to open anything for them haha
  • Its AMAZINNNNGGG to see the difference between the K-2 and 6-8. they are SOOO tall (I can’t believe Andrew will be in 8th grade someday!)
  • ALLLL the 8th grade girls had headbands w/ their ponytails breaded to the side. Each. One. Of them.
  • I only heard one person getting made fun of, and a girl sitting by herself. It made me very sad 😦 I made sure to talk to her
  • The K-2 girls and boys talked to eachother A WHOLE LOT MORE than the two other groups
  • There were also 10x as many lunchables in the first group haha
  • In the older grades, the boys are allowed to wear khakis. And each one had khakis (they have an option to wear blue pants too, but no one was)
  • I noticed that a lot of kids didn’t waste their food. They either ate it, or put it bag in their bag to bring home.
  • What I was happy to see: Everyone seem to have some fruit/veggie in their lunch. Most common were oranges, apples, and bananas
  • Another thing I liked: We washed the tables after each group. (you guys know how I like things clean!)
  • The bad thing: The kids only had about 20 minutes to eat. But then I realized, the kids were done after 10-15 and were ready to get moving to recess. (I couldn’t eat that fast. I would get a tummy ache)

I loved seeing all the kids. I remember my gradeschool, where I had a blast. Not that it was all fun. I was made fun of in 5th grade for having a bigger lower lip. To my advantage, two years later all the stars were getting lip injections haha

I also had a problem w/ not rolling my skirt (which had to be a certain length above the knee)  and wearing my sweatshirt around my waist (which was against the rules)

Question for you:

What do you remember from gradeschool?