Rock n Roll Half Marathon

This past weekend, I completed the 2nd rock n roll half marathon in St Louis and the expo.

Last years medal

So this year, training didn’t go as planned. Well, to be honest it went the total OPPOSITE of planned, considering I was signed up for the full. Oh well

(rewind to sunday)

Tiffany and I woke up MIGHTY early to get so yummy food, get dressed, and on the road! We only had a 10 min drive haha

We walked around trying not to freeze to death (it was a windy 40 degrees!), went to the bathroom, and found Rob and ANgela!! Tiffany was in corral 5 (ms speedy!) while Rob, Angela, and I hung back.

Before we knew it, it was time to get going! I think we stayed together for about a half mile. So it was just me and my IPOD. We are best friends haha. I was actually feeling pretty good. I was wide awake, even my knee was cooperating. I was keeping a 10 min/mile pace. I felt great till about 7 miles.

Then it went down hill a bit….. My left ankle was in A LOT of pain. Running was kindof out. Which was really frustrating, because I have never had to walk before. But I didn’t want to make it worse.

At mile 8, I was feeling better so I told myself, you can run down hill and on flat, but NOT uphill. That seemed to help. (along with texting Tabor and my brother. I needed the emotional support to keep going!)

So I walked. Eventually, I was ok with that. And I finished, which was my goal haha

Check Angela’s blog. She has a few posts all about the race with great pictures!

(fast forward to Monday night)

I mayyy have had a bit of a break down.

I decided it was time for wine while watching the Cardinals game. Then they lost.

I was getting any better, so it was time for the big guns!  Bath, muscle, magazine, and candles (I used the pillow gift you gave me tiffany!)

I hoping the week (and my ankle, knee, hip) have a better week starting today!!!

Question for you:

Have you ever had a running injury?

How did you stay in shape if you couldn’t run?

Its time for fall!

The weather here in St Louis has been absolutely gorgeous! So long 100 degree weather- HELLLOOO 70s!! haha.

Today, I was cleaning and picking up the house (Mr Flowers will be here Thursday!) and I decided to get out the fall decorations

Apparently, I don’t have very many…..

The candles for the mantel

These fake leaves go great with our picture!

Coffee table

Dinning room table

And of course the wreath for the front door. Now I need to put a nail in my brand new door (eek!)

I also have visitors in a few weeks (hint: tiffany and angela) and want the house all fancy for them too! They are coming for the rock n roll marathon.

Question for you?

– Are you ready for fall?

– Do you like to decorate?

Veggie overload

Today started off with getting Andrew to school, and then a much needed nap.

(last night and this morning I had this HORRIBLE headache. For the most part that means Im dehydrated and its time for bed.)

So breakfast was at 10am. (NICCCEE)

egg,PB, banana sandwich

 remember yesterday’s yoga class? Well my shoulder muscles are on FIRE! I don’t have much upper body strength, and can now see how yoga is so worth it! (in many ways)

So no upper body workout today. Instead I went to the gym and did the treadmill intervals for two miles. Then waked a mile at a high incline. Got extremely sweaty! I was going to go to target after, but needed to shower (as a courtesy to the other shoppers haha)

Goodies from target!

 I had a coupon for 12 dozen free eggs, and a dollar off the Light n Fit yogurt.

I also got some Xmas cards (I know Im ahead of the game, but they are really cute!)

 Now I just need a picture of me and Andrew (let me know if you want one! haha)

I also got these awesome pumpkin candles for the mantel!


 My dad also worked on my sidewalk that we started working on FOREVER ago.

 Well we needed to cut some of the stepping stones. But I first had to buy the blade and my dad said it was a lot easier than he thought (YEA!)


 Now we will have to just even them out, and lay the rest of the them. Looks SO much better than when I moved it.

Dinner was pasta, chicken, and every veggie I could find.


 I was craving veggies- can you believe that? Red pepper, carrots, and broccoli. All, I had to add was parmesan cheese. DELICIOUS!

 Question for you:

Do you like veggies or fruit?

Do you ever crave certain foods?