The good and bad kept me away

Hi everyone!!! I had no idea it has been 3 weeks since I have been here! I took a LONNNGGG break. There are of course MANY reasons while i have been away, but the main was I needed a break.

With everything that has happened so far this year, I wanted to unplug. There was also SO many things I wanted to do at home, with Andrew, and with myself, that the blog fell to the wayside.


We had a furry visitor who was dropped on my hands in the middle of the night by our cat May May


My dad came over that morning and we released him outside. He was much cuter outside!



I also have gone back to work full time. It has been a rough transition, since I am still getting my strength back. But on a positive note, I am SOOOOOO happy to be back. I have missed all my coworkers and the babies so much. ❤ NICU


I also had this amazing “friend” visit outside the window at work


On a not so happy note, I was in a car accident last week.


Luckily, everyone was ok . But the person who hit me who’s fault it was, does not have insurance, so I have to pay for some of it 😦


I also had another doctors visit while I was away. I did need to be put under, but no incisions and I was able to go home that day.


It all went great and I am just now being followed 🙂


Andrew and I are finally back at the pool~


this is him going down the FAST slide! There is just something about being out in the sun that makes me happy


I know there has been so much going on, I am sure I forgot some things on here, but I promise amanda I will be around more now!

Question for you:

What is something big (or not so big) that is going on for you the past few weeks?


The night the car flipped over

Today was all about relaxing and taking the day off. I know I said I was going to kick some major butt this week, but Saturday night changed all of that…….

(rewind to saturday)

I had just laid out everything for work, and was laying in bed reading. It was a pretty quiet night, Andrew was at my parents to hang out with them on Sunday, so it was just me.

Next thing I know, I hear the worst sound of tired screeching, and metal crumbling. The first thing I thought was someone is drunk, and just took out all the cars that are parked out front.

I ran to the window and looked out to see my car intact, but just ten feet away a car was flipped on its top and a truck right behind it. I didn’t even think, I just ran out the door, grabbing my phone on the way (I even forgot my shoes!!! and had to run back later)

My neighbor and I were the first down there, and the first ting I saw was one of the girls sitting inside the car but on the hood (because it was upside down) She had blood coming down her face, so I ran in and got some old towels (and shoes!). Once I got back out there, and the kids were out of the car, I started taking care of the girl and a boy who looked like he broke his nose.

After tending to them, I was waved over to one of the boys from the other vehicle. He was laying on the ground and moving, but not completely with it. We were able to talk to him and keep him still, and then the ambulance arrived.

Later we found out the story, There were 5 highschool kids in the silver car who just left their homecoming dance and were driving extremely fast down the street and they ran not one but TWO stop signs. Passing the second stop sign was were they came into contact with a truck who did not have a stop sign.

The truck had two teenage boys in there.  The AMAZING part of the story and the part that gives me chills, is that in the silver car, the driver was the ONLY ONE wearing his seatbelt!!! and no one was thrown from the car!! On top of that, both cars were headed towards two large trees, and they just crazed them. If they would have hit them with anymore force, people would have ended outside the car.

Three kids were sent to the hospital and four were scratch free. I still can not believe it. When you see the photos, you will understand.

IMG_3436 IMG_6767

The neighborhood was also so supportive of these kids. While we were waiting for their parents, we were there lending them a hug, or a shoulder to cry on.  just someone to be there. I know we will never forget what happened, and we will always keep them in our prayers.

IMG_2314(that is a neighbor comforting one of the passengers)

Just remember, take your time. If you are late, you are late. But get there alive. Also, talk to your kids. We are taking this situation and turning it into a lesson, because those kids should not have walked away from that car. But they did. I kept telling them that God has big plans for you.

(A neighbor took these photos

Question for you:
Have you ever stopped at a car accident before?

-I have not, but my  mom told me that I need to put gloves in my car and my house in case of this. (I told her, I never want to do that again. I was shaking and it really hit me hard.) I have no idea how police, EMT, and firefighters do it!