OH Where Oh Where have I been

Hi everyone. Again. I know it is been a really long time since I blogged, and  a few weeks before that I was gone as well. I guess life has just been taking over. Which is perfectly fine with me. I also have been trying to stay off the internet as much as possible. With Andrew on summer break, we have been doing lots of fun things together and staying busy. I try to give him as much attention as a can, and keep my phone away. Also,I have about ZERO energy at the end of the night (apparently I may have to wait a YEAR after surgery to get this all back. UGH.)

I know I have lots of new things to tell you guys! Especially about a new guy I have been seeing 🙂 But here are just a few things Andrew and I have been up to……

    • 4th Of July with my family


    • Andrew’s last 3rd grade baseball game


    • Flowers from the new guy 🙂


    • Evil looking cat


    • Getting ready for the garage sale


    • Pool time


    • Andrew’s other baseball team, the Cardinals


    • First, wedding of the season, my mom braided my hair. With a messy bun in the back. I loved it!


So that is just ALITTTTLLE bit that has been going on here. Tell me, what is new with you?

Question for you:

What is the biggest most exciting thing that happened this summer so far?



Walking the field

A few nights ago, Andrew and I were able to walk the field with his baseball team. There were tons of kiddos from other teams, it was packed! We first walked underneath the stadium


I don’t remember the last time I have been down on the field. Probably when I was Andrew’s age!

IMG_1853 IMG_1855bIMG_1858 IMG_1861 IMG_1865 IMG_1870

After walking the field, we headed up to our seats. We actually sat in the section with his school.

IMG_1873 IMG_1877

We had a blast! But mostly the kiddos played, and the parents chatted.

some of the kiddos
some of the kiddos
some of the moms
some of the moms

But I had so much fun being out of the house, being with other parents, and seeing Andrew happy with his friends 🙂

Question for you:
Have you ever been on a major league field/court/rink before?

Gift for Andrew

Today was my last 12 hour shift before a long break with Andrew. First, I went through a quite busy shift, but don’t work, I survived!

I ran from work to Andrew’s school to meet with the other mom’s to make a rosary for the kids receiving First Communion in a few weeks.

I was EXTREMELY overwhelmed when I first entered Schaefer’s Craft Shop a week ago

But tonight, I think it all came together


I even put his initials


I think he will definitely like the Cardinals theme


Look at those cheeks!

Question for you:

What theme would you use if you would put a rosary together?

(I know that not everyone is Catholic or has a religion, I just was wondering what theme is close to you)

Commerical Workout

Well friends, you should have seen me this week.

Sick + no workouts+ no sleep + eating horrible= a sneezing crying flabby mess haha

Today I am beginning to feel much better. Food choices included pizza and ice cream.

I MEAN COME ON!!! get it together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, instead of having a pity party. I watched the Cardinals in the Wild Card game (it was an ugly game-did anyone see it?)

During the commerical (and delay) breaks, I decided to get up and MOVE

1.) Jumping jacks: 50

2.) Squats: 50

3.) Butt lifts: 100

4.) Push ups: 2×25

5.)Leg lowers: 2x 25

Even though this helped me feel better, I really need to kick it into to gear. I am getting flabbier just thinking about it! haha

Question for you: (pick one, or all!)

-Have you ever tried a commerical workout?

– How are you staying active?

– What are you doing this weekend?


I have several things to update you on! another date. my halloween costume. and some yummy treats for a girls night!

its almost midnight, and last night I only got about 4 hours sleep (more on that tomorrow). So I need to hit the hay.

Today was a day to celebrate the Cardinals! I dont know if you heard, but the Cardinals won the World Series. So my mom, Andrew, my nephew, and I headed downtown for the parade!

It was  a sea of RED



 Of course some of the smaller people couldnt see, so I had to lift a 50lb kid on my shoulders 😦

 Don’t we look comfortable haha

 We had a pretty good time. Love the Cards

 My nephew is also in this stage where he repeats everything. We got him to say OH.MY.GOSH. and I be jammin’. It was pretty funny.

Question for you:

What did you do this weekend?



Remember yesterday. when I said I hit the snooze button multiple times before work?. well….. I slept through that alarm (and the 2nd I set just in case) and I woke up at 6:35. (normally up at 5:50)

I was beat from work yesterday, and slept through my alarms. I never do that!

I usually leave my house at 6:15. Today I left at 6:45.

SOOOO that would mean. I was late for work, but only by 7 minutes. I ended up clocking in at 7:07. Darn it.

(that comes down to getting up at 6:35, work at 7:07.  No too shabby, but still a red box on my time card. Darn it.)

Even though my day started off a little rough, I didn’t let it get me down and I had a good day. Same sick baby as yesterday, but he was having a MUCH better day.

And then I got a GREAT phone call.

Andrew lost his second tooth!
(its the small things in life)

And then after picking him up (and searching for his tooth because he lost it- no luck) we changed into our PJs and watched part of the Cardinals game in my bed.

Well we wrote a note to the tooth fairy, so hopefully she remembers 🙂

Question for you:

Do you remember losing your baby teeth? Did you leave it for the tooth fairy?

Have you ever been late for work?

June update

I know this is a few days late, but I wanted to see how june went (it flew by!)


First and most important, my son turned 6!!!

I met batman at six flags

I got all the walls put up in my kitchen (and by I, I mean my brother and dad haha)

I admitted my obsessions to  dresses  and ketchup

I came to realize, I am a very lucky lady.

I learned to appreciate deal with the downward dog pose in yoga

Got my cheering in for the Cardinals!




KIller treadmill workout and bike ride


Went to a G rated gender reveal party


PB banana bread

PB Irish Soda Bread

I channeled my inner Rachael Ray.

Apple Feta Pizza

New AMAZING combo egg sandwich

I ate poison

Pumpkin oatmeal pancake

Made banana Art


I ate AT LEAST 15 egg sandwiches (this is not including hard boiled eggs I ate before work)

I went to Joey B’s TWICE wiht the family

I only lost one LB. I did make it into the 180s, and Im now at 191.

How was your June?



Another early and BUSY day in the NICU. It started off nicely then 2pm hit and we got a very sick baby.

 I didnt stop running til 730 that night!

Well lets get to the eats (they arent pretty)
7am Hard Boiled Egg
10am oats, banana, PB
12am HUGE cookie
145 SPinach salad w/ pecans, chicken, cranraisins, and feta
2pm anothe cookie……
5pm 2 hershey kisses and 1 dove chocolate
9pm shrimp, pasta, laughing cow, and veggies

Well at least I started and ended the day MUCH better than the middle of the day.

And even after a crazy day. I am looking at the positive
-My knee only hurt ONCE when walking from the parking garage to work. (most people take the shuttle, I walk)
-I went to the gym afterwards! I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the bike!!

Calories- calories burned= net
not too shabby for eating 2 cookies the size of my head! and Im glad I went to the gym to work off not only the calories, but some frustration. My son is at his dad’s and I miss him. My ex has also not tried to talk about the future, and I dont know what to do about it


While working out, I watched the Cardinals (THEY WON! WAHOO!)
When I was almost done with the elliptical, I noticed a pretty cute guy down the way.
I thought man, Im sweaty and gross. I was also wearing a cardinals shirt

I was like OH Man. Does that make me cool?  not only am I watching the game, but Im wearing a cardinals shirt?
HAHA oh well. Im really not THAT big of a fan!

Question for you?

Do you have specific workout gear?

-Mine is just a tshirt and workout pants