Throwback Thursday

I just got home from work, and have a lot to update you on tomorrow, but tonight we will keep it light and happy 🙂 Tonight we have a Throwback Thursday picture that makes me smile.

This is me and my cousin when we were about 20 months old or so.

20140202_185606Love my green velvet dress 😉


THings to share:

Chocolate chip cookie dough mug muffin by My little jar of spices (paleo)

14 bite sized valentines day desserts by Lean green bean (not paleo)

Paleo Valentine’s Treats by Oh Snap Lets Eat


Why we need more magnesium by Healy Real Food Vegetarian

plank workout by Spin Run Repeat


Of course there is this cute picture of Mr Bubbles, one of the cats we adopted.


Now, I know what he does when we aren’t home haha

Question for you:

What do you think your pets do when you are gone?

Are you watching the Olympics?

Andrew and I adopted

A few weeks ago, my future sister in law was talking about her brother. She said that they found her nephew was allergic to cats, so the cats were living in the basement. Unfortunately, their son was still having allergic reactions and the kitties had to go. Her sister in law was having a very hard time with this, since she had them for years.

After lots and lots of thinking, I decided it was time for a pet. And my thought was, I can’t adopt a kitten, and leaves these cats. We went to visit them, just to feel it out, and we came home with two cats!


The first day we were home, we put them downstairs by their litter box and food bowls (wanted them to know where it was ASAP! haha) And then they hung out there for awhile. Andrew and I just went about our day.

Mr Bubbles

DSCN0267 cat

May May Pickles (May May for short)


So Mr Bubbles is MUCH more energetic and friendly. While May May hides. But finally today, I found May May upstairs. Actually, I found them BOTH together INSIDE the recliner in the back room. (not sure how they both fit since Mr Bubbles is quite large! haha)

We decided to keep their names that were given by their other family.

I am officially a cat lady. haha

Question for you:

Do you have any pets?

What is you favorite animal?

Too much?

Alrighty. I think we are all caught up with Christmas of 2012. And nothing to update you with New Years Eve because I was working, and sleeping when the clock hit midnight (no biggie for me, I’m not big on that holiday)

Anyway, I have so EXCITING news! Mr Flowers and I are planning a trip. Just. The. Two. Of. Us!!!!! It will be at the beginning of next month. I happen to be off work the same weekend as his birthday (Luck? I think so!)  Today, I did a lot of planning for things to do, and lots of book downloads. Our plan is to sleep (ALOT!) and relax. DONE and DONE!

Other exciting news, we got Andrew’s derby car ready for the boy scout race this Saturday.


My brother and Andrew did a great job.

Andrew also got a hold of my computer, and I now have a new background (I’m sure Angela is loving this!)IMG_0820And now he wants a cat………

On a more serious note, one of goals for some time now, has been to disconnect. And here is whyIMG_0816Ipod getting charged. Webcam to skype with Mr Flowers. Computer and nook. Even with all these electronics, I think I have been doing a good job of getting away  when Andrew is home. After bedtime, its all about me and my nook. I LOVEEE IT!!!

new years resolutions coming soon

Question for you:

What is some of your favorite books?

How do you disconnect from the world?

Just for giggles

Since I wrote SOOOOOO much yesterday, I thought I would just share some things I found on good o’ pinterest. I know it seems like a silly site, but I actually find recipes, workouts, and quotes.

These are a few that have meaning to me, after the past few days of needing a pick me up

The last one is my favorite 🙂

I hope you all are having an amazing day. Thanks for listening. This blog is like my diary, and I’m lucky to have amazing people who listen. Thank you.

Question for you:

Any funny quotes, pictures, or things you found online? or just in life?

– Today, I accidentally poked Andrew in the eye. After yelling OUCH, he asked “Am I going to have to wear a patch now?” haha. I about died.