Photoshop in Gradeschool??!?!

In a few days, Andrew will be getting pictures taken at school! Each year, the whole school gets uncomfortable unnatural looking pictures that parents get to keep FOORREVVVERRRR haha. (of course, unless you didn’t have the braces/bangs/acne issue as a kid haha)

Well, this year we ordered a few (because I love to keep them for later haha) and I noticed one section that I didn’t remember seeing before…

OH MY GOSH! really?!?!?! photo shopping in gradeschool!! I remember those akward pictures, stray pieces of hair, or bad makeup. And even though back then I may have wished for this, I DO NOT think this is right AT ALL!

I feel so bad for the girls and boys growing up in a world of photo shopping. That you can never be perfect and we must change your pictures so you look better. really!?!?

There are have been several stories of celebrity pictures being changed. And BIG TIME changed!

This picture is of Kristen Stewart. Where is her arm?

This website has SEVERAL photo shopped celebrities. It is disqusting. This woman is beautiful, and yet they changed her…

Of course, on the other side, there is Dove who is working to change the idea of a healthy woman, not a skinny/perfect woman

my thought on the matter: curves are in!!

Question for you:
what are your thoughts? To much? Or not a big deal?

celebrity crush

Breakfast was the usual

Lots on the TO DO LIST: kohls, target, and jcpennys

At Kohls I got an american flag, necklace, easter decoration, and kitchen rug for $7 BUCKS!!!! I had $10 mailed to me and when I returned kitchen towels, I got $15 back.  Love getting deals

Lunch was leftover spinach salad and watermelon. And then it was off to my house! My dad and brother have the ceiling and 2 1/2 walls up, just 1 1/2 to go!

ceilinginto the dining room
into the living room

I also got my garage cleaned out. And by that I mean I moved the finished cabinets to the basement to give more room out there.

I then attached this part of the back yard.

all the ivy on the left is gone. I saw lots of bugs and worms and I didnt scream once haha

I will show updated pictures, when i attack the rest!

Then it was time for yoga! Oh boy did I need this. I even accepted downward dog, which im not the biggest fan of.

ANNNDDD then this might have happened

Yep. more banana bread.

Even better the second time around. I added vanilla extract this time,  more yogurt,  and baked for 25 minutes. It was moist and perfect.

Now I am watching Star Wars Episode III: revenge of the sith. Yes I have a small huge crush on Hayden


Question for you:

Do you have a celebrity crush?

I also updated my recipe page– check it out!