Some favorites…

Yesterday, I had a pretty awesome time with my niece and nephew. I also made it to the gym which was even better.After a four day hiatus, it was needed. I went with 30 min of elliptical and this workout.


My niece and nephew were with me for 8 hrs


This is what a milk coma looks like


One of My buddies



Then I got a new windshield!!


FINALLY! Goodbye 255 bucks haha


Justin also drew himself on the countdown to christmas



Christmas card is sent!

P1080687 P1080686~~~~~

ELF 4 Health: Healthy Protein Snack

A new favorite is protein pumpkin in a mug


Question for you:

What have you been up to?

What have you done for the last 8 hrs?

Christmas Cards

Each year, my family sends out a Christmas Card to family and friends. It first started when I was around 5 years old, with just me and my brothers. Each year it just seems to grow!

This was the picture that Andrew and I sent out two years ago


We had a few choices this year…..

DSC_0526 DSC_0531DSC_0549


This year we decided on this one


My mom and dad also sent out a card. We only took a few photos, before we picked this one


We always have a good time (although my brothers dislike it quite  a bit, and my mom constantly says “Just one more” haha)

DSC_0569bAfterwards, we all headed to Joey B’s and looked through the pictures.

Question for you:

Do you send out a Christmas Card?

If you had a card, who would you put on it?

Christmas family pictures

The whole family got together for Christmas pictures a few weeks ago. We have been taking pictures since I was about 6 years old

Here is a behind the scenes shot. My mom takes the pictures, we smile and act happy



This was the picture my mom sent out

Christmas Card

(here is the picture we sent last year)

Andrew and I sent this picture

Christmas Card Kristen

(here is the picture of me and Andrew last year)

All in all, I think it took about an hour. Which is great timing for all the individual pictures and group pictures we took together.

Question for you:

Do you send out a card or Christmas picture to family and friends?

Getting ready for christmas

Today was extremely productive. I followed some awesome advice from these comments, and made some priorites. First up, THE GYM! (yep I made this my #1 goal today)

I then got a little pretty (sorry bad picture, i looked better than this picture shows I promise haha)

I then ran my booty all around St Louis. Target. Then to send out my christmas cards!

Arent the stamps cute!

Then I had to mix up some cookies for my mom. chocolate chip!

After licking the spoon clean, I headed to sports authority and to get something for my dad. It was a crazy busy day and this was all before noon!!!! So I was starving!

Lunch was finished in about 90 seconds and then I wrapped presents while watching The Santa Clause III….until I ran out of tape……darn it!

One of the last things on my list was setting the table for christmas. I will have to wash everything, but I just wanted to see how it looked put together

Not too shabby, but I have a few things in mind when xmas is over and they are cheaper! 🙂


Food Update: I did eat some sweets today, maybe Ill do a food blog tomorrow. But I ate alot better than I have been, so Im making progress. And I did 35 min on the treadmill (got up to a 9.5 speed!) and then did weights for 30 min. I actually had to tell myself to leave to get other stuff done haha.

Question for you:

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

-I am watching Elf right now, and love the Holiday and Love Actually. But my all time favorite is Its A Wonderful Life. I watch it every Christmas Eve.