We are ready for Santa

The past few days, Andrew and I prepared the house for Christmas!


Started out like this…

P1080618And ended like this 🙂

P1080665 P1080623P1080650P1080651

Along with Justin around the house

P1080642 P1080667

Here are some of my favorite ornaments from two years ago. And these are the ornaments we got last year

P1080655 P1080653

Decorating and giving presents always gets me into the Christmas spirit

Elf 4 Health Challenge: Eat a rainbow color of foods

This was packed and ready for work, peppers, and potatoes.


Also cucumbers and carrots


Question for you:

Do you eat a wide range of foods?

What is your favorite ornament?

Decorating with Bing Crosby

The past few days, Justin has been running the household.



Elf Camo


Andrew and I were able to get the tree decorated


With Bing Crosby Christmas on Pandora. We also made funny faces, and made up some new dance moves


We only had one casualty 😦


It turned out great!


Tomorrow, we will finish putting the lights outside!

Question for you:

What is your favorite Christmas song?

-I could listen to any Bing Crosby song

Christmas Spirit

After decorating the house yesterday, my mom, Andrew and I headed out for dinner and to see lights around town.

This house MAYYYY go to a little extreme…


OHH nevermind, this one wins


(fast foward to today)

 Justin the Elf showed up this morning! Andrew was thrilled!


It was also time to pick out the tree!


Now it’s pj time, while watching Four Christmases.

Question for you:

Do you have a favorite christmas movie?

-mine is It’s a Wonderful Life


Gym blah and before/after

The day started by finding justin

After getting to school, I went back to bed. I have had NO energy the past few days, and Im needing tons of sleep! (no im not pregnant or depressed. Dont want any rumors haha)

Breakfast than the gym. I was not feeling ANYTHING. Started on the treadmill. After 5 minutes, moved to the step machine (1st time). Then elliptical for 20 min.

I then hit the weights! I was actually more interested in this and that NEVER happens haha. I can actually start to see my muscles again!

Lunch was nothing special

But dinner was something new! Recipe tomorrow!

We then had boy scouts. I was in charge of the craft, so we made ornaments w/ string and glue. Then you let it dry and pop the balloon

See the munchin in the back? haha

I also changed a few decorations in the house. Out w/ the fall decorations- in with the green and red!





 Just a little bit at a time!

Question for you:

What is your workout at the gym?