It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Andrew and I finally had time to sit down and work on his Christmas list. We filled it out at Mr Lucky’s this past Sunday, and thought of a few things to put down. Andrew came right home, and we got stickers, markers, and construction paper. I think it turned out pretty cute!


Staying in the Christmas spirit, I found this list of Christmas movies that we can start looking for! This saves a lot of time!

(and I MIGHTTTT have my DVR ready haha)


Day 2 Elf 4 Health

Today was a day I was looking forward to! There are so many emails that I get, that IMMEDIATELY get put in the trash. So today it was perfect! I think I even started on Monday 🙂

Some rejects:

  • many blogs that are not paleo and I don’t enjoy reading. I read A LOT of blogs that are not paleo, because I love following along in their journey. But most of those blogs are the ones I found right away, and are now cyber friends with them (that doesn’t sound creepy at all haha)
  • kohl’s, hobby lobby, and to name a few. sorry, I can’t have you cluttering my inbox anymore
  • eat this, not that. I can’t remember the last time I actually read this.

Overall I think I unsubscribed to about 50 emails! Thats a lot of uncluttering!!!

Question for you:

Do you remember anything you put on your Christmas List as a kid?

-I always asked for a baby sister 🙂 Never happened

Where in your life is there a lot of clutter

-my closets need to be attacked next!

Well, its time for Christmas

I’m sure most of you have noticed the Christmas commericals and decorations showing up in all the stores. (I mean really. Can we wait a little bit)

Two years ago, I had all my shopping done before thanksgiving. It. Was. Awesome.

This year, I already have the list started! wahoo!

And for the first time in FOUR YEARS! I am off BLACK FRIDAY!!!!


(last years shirts)

I might need some pointers from the veterans.

I absolutely LOVE thinking of what people in my family would really enjoy. But I won’t spoil it!!! eek! so excited!!

Anyway, happy Wednesday

Question for you:

Have you started christmas shopping?

Do you shop on black friday? shop online? wait to the last minute?

Christmas List

Andrew and I had a convo tonight about Christmas (which I know. Is two months away) But this kid is so excited for christmas (I mean who wasn’t as a kid!)

Mommy. Do you know what you want for christmas

No Andrew. What do you want?”

I want a Lego Death Lego, a Lego Darth Mal..”

Andrew. Is there any no lego things you want from santa”


haha. At least he is simple.

Andrew on his first xmas 2009!!