Andrew’s first

Today, was a very special day. Andrew had his first reconciliation.

The day started with breakfast and then the gym (for me!). After a shower, and getting all pretty, it was time to head to our church

pondering life…
a little bright outside

I got a few pictures of Andrew in the church.

his lamb

looking all handsome and grown up

He was really excited and all the second grade boys and girl looked so nice all dressed up.

(by the way, the principal was taking pictures in church, so other parents did as well)

We had a great morning, and later tonight we are going to dinner with my parents.

Question for you:

How did you spend your saturday?

Doesn’t Andrew look so grown up or is it just me??

(ok. time to pull it together and dry the tears haha)

Easter Egg Wreath

The past week has been a little rough. Today started out with cartoons w/ Andrew, but then I went to church. A great new church with my friend Chrissy. Her son is in school with Andrew.  And while there, I started crying. No joke. I have been really stressed about a lot of things. I am still exhausted, and this weight is not coming off. I am feeling overwhelmed.

Onto happier things. I ate alot better today and I even got in a pinterest project (and much faster and easier than the bathroom idea haha)

My brother’s girlfriend Melissa and I both wanted to do this wreath project!

First row

second row

Then place a few on top to cover holes

Final step is to place grass into spaces

Andrew took the picture of Melissa’s.

With his three star wars Easter Eggs haha

Ready for Easter

Andrew getting out of the way for the picture haha

Question for you:

Do you celebrate Easter?

Will you do any crafts?

 I would love suggestions 🙂