What I ate Wednesday + new workout

Today is another What I Ate Wednesday, thanks to Peas and Crayons!

For breakfast, I went back to the basics. Eggs, peppers, and bacon. YUM


And of course coffee

Then it was time to workout and then trader joe’s


I picked up my twin neice and nephew. So by the time it was lunch I was STARVING!

So lunch was apple pork tenderloin that was made yesterday.


Then I had a protein pumpkin cake for dessert.


Dinner was not exciting, meatball and cauliflower mashed potatoes


ELF 4 HEALTH: try a new workout

I went looking for a new workout on my pinterest board, and found lots of good ones, but all I wanted to do was go to spin class. Which of course, is not new for me. So I headed to the gym, and to my amazement the spin class was full! Fate. I think so. haha. So instead I did 35 min on the bike, and this workout


I also found this one that I want to try soon.


Question for you:

What is something you ate today?

What workout have you done lately?

New kicks

I talked a week ago about how my shoes were possibly causing my knee/ankle issue. So this morning I headed to the gym, with some new old kicks.

These were the shoes I ran in BEFORE I switched to reebox reflex (oh how I miss them)

I was going to go to yoga, then I thought, I need to get out of my comfort zone. I need to start kicking boot, and I do that when I did interval training.


Annie wasn’t able to join me, and I also work out harder with her, but she wasn’t able to join in on the fun. I still got a great workout in, my legs were shaking by the end! And my knee only bothered me once!

Question for you:

How did you get your sweat on today?

We WILL complete week TEN

Last night I got a text from my friend Annie, saying she wasn’t sure she could make it to the gym this morning. I said OHHHH NO. we HAVE to go!! She is my circuit training buddy and I ALWAYS workout harder when she is there.

we headed to the gym for week ten

(we did week nine on Friday, that to come tomorrow!)

Andrew and I just hung out the rest of the day. I also primed the new front door!

And Andrew started soccer again! So off to practice we go haha

Tomorrow stay tuned for week ten! And here are some demonstrations from sparkpeople.com for some of the circuits!

Question for you:

What sports/hobbies did you have as a kid?

-In gradeschool, I played softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and I swam year round. How did my parents do that!!?!?!?!

Week one, take two

About five weeks ago, I began a new workout routine with Annie. Her son and Andrew are in the same grade at school, and it just so happens we work out at the same gym! So we decided to give these workouts (Annie’s bootcamp, I call them) a try. And OHHHH boy have they kicked my booty!

I definitely recommend them if you need something fast, fun, hard, and quick. These workouts go by SO fast and we are dripping sweat by the end, but we never feel defeated, like we can’t get it done

The first day was a killer. I was not doing so well with this workout.

And now, five weeks later, well….the workout still is a killer. BUT I went up on the speed for all my runs!!!! Annie and I agree we are both getting stronger with these workouts,and feeling a difference in our clothes and how they fit.

This chart shows the workouts. The blue is the speeds from the first day, red are from a few days ago.

I made it to 10!!!! It was incredibly hard. And I thought I was going to fall off the back of he treadmill, but I just kept saying you can do this. Keep going. Because I know I can do almost anything for a minute, and I did it!

Several years ago, all I did was cardio. I was afraid of getting “too buff”. And then when I wanted to do weights, I just didn’t know what exercises to do, or I would stop after 20 reps. WIMP! haha. I am VERY thankful for Annie’s bootcamp.

Here are the workouts if you want to try them out!

Now I must go stretch and lay down for awhile haha. jk

Question for you:

Did you ever have the fear of gaining too much muscle from lifting weights?

What is your favorite ab workout?

-I love planks. They are hard, but you can FEEL your muscles working hard to keep you up off the floor!

Circuit Training: Week Five

Yesterday, after working a 12 hour shift, I agreed to meet Annie (a mom from my son’s school) to work out at the gym at 8pm!!!!. I also think she is trying to kill me with all the hard training sessions! haha

I almost thought about canceling, but I don’t like to disappoint others, so I made it! I am really liking this workout buddy system, because #1 I workout harder when she is there and #2 I don’t skip workouts when I know she will be there waiting for me

Here are some of the workouts. Some I didnt know the names, so I just wrote the discriptions

side plank w/ dips:

Teasers: Like this from spark people


Question for you:

Would you rather do strength training, cardio, or a mixture of both?

CIrcuit Training: Abs

Today’s workout was another sweaty hour, but it went by extremely fast!

So how this works, is you start at the 3 min sprint, then alternating lunges for a min and a 1/2. Then plank with knee raises for a min and a 1/2. Then back to the sprints, and all the way down till the cool down 🙂

Here are some of the workouts:

Side planks



Superman. I did this except on my hands and toes, not on my knees



Question for you:
what is your favorite ab workout?