When life gets tough, get busy

I have to say THANK YOU so much to everyone’s response about my not so expected CT results. I will say I am feeling better today, mostly because I stayed pretty busy (otherwise I would start tearing up)

SOOO the day started by having breakfast with Andrew, and taking him to school. Then to Sam’s to stock the frig, especially with lots of eggs.


(I think I could eat eggs for every meal)

Next up, was the muscle works class at the gym. It was awesome.

Then I went on a cleaning spree.


I got the bathrooms, all the wood floors, laundry, dishes, and anything I could get my hands on cleaned up. I even washed the shower curtain. haha

I had stew in the crockpot


Chocolate covered strawberries



Andrew’s new hair cut


I also stopped by the grocery store for some almond “yogurt”.

photo bomb
photo bomb

I even had 20 minutes to lay down before I picked up Andrew from school. That’s when I got a bit teary, and headed to attack more of the house haha.

Lots done today, which I am really happy about, and helped me keep my mind busy.

Question for you:

What do you do to stay busy?

Ever tried almond or coconut milk “yogurt”?

A perfect day with Andrew

The day started off early with just me and Andrew. It was so nice not to have any place to be, and we were just laying around before it was time for breakfast

I started with eggs, peppers, bacon, 2 sausage links, and blueberries

P1070924(I know that I have to start the day on a good foot)

The rest of the day included running to Target, and cleaning the house!

Andrew and I tackled his desk and a few closets! (I got rid of so much junk!)


Then it was lunch and off to a swim party for Andrew’s friend!


yep, I had lunch with superman 🙂

Andrew went to the party, and I headed to the gym! I need some sweat and to de-stress. It definitely helped!

Then we went to dinner with my mom and nephew, and we went for a walk


The neighbors were having a party, with a band! So we went exploring….


It really was a great Saturday, just me and Andrew 🙂
Question for you:

How do you de-stress?

How was your Saturday?

Least Favorite

What a whirlwind of a week. I thought summer was suppose to be relaxing?

Well after our “little visitor” last week, I had to have the whole house sprayed and fogged.

IMG_1847 IMG_1846 IMG_1845

I swear my house looked condemned haha

After all of that, I had to wash EVERYTHING.

Today was basically store, laundry, and bathroom cleaning day. Sounds SOOO exciting haha


Besides getting my house sprayed, and cleaning all day, I do have good things happening!

In a week I will have a one year old staying with me for 6 days! I can’t wait to have him, but I have to start getting the house ready. I work Friday, and then Andrew and I have a FULL weekend.

Tonight, Andrew and I are watching Monsters Inc, and going to bed early after a late night last night.

monsters inc

But I want to share this salad dressing recipe I have been using with the candied pecans.


I had to mix it in a large cup. Need to buy something to hold salad dressings in. (now its in a water bottle haha)

Question for you:
What is your LEAST favorite household chore?

-I HATE cleaning the bathrooms

What it takes to plan a Party

Today I have been overly planning Andrew’s First Communion party that is THIS SUNDAY!

First, I started with the guest list, which includes family and so far is up to 31 people! Next, I started my weekly planning. Each day either cleaning, ordering, or buying something. I have a lot to do before Sunday, and if I spread it out between the days, hopefully I won’t be AS overwhelmed at the end of the week…..

Planning for the party:

  • Monday: work, clean off Andrew’s desk
  • Tuesday: Work, pick up basement (dad mowing grass!)
  • Wednesday: 8-12 work. Target run. Order sandwiches. Order pictures for bathroom frames. Bank.
  • Thursday: Sams, party city, chairs and tables from mom and dad’s, pick up around the house (deep clean Fri)
  • Friday: Clean bedroom, basement, living room and green room. Spray tan
  • Saturday: Pick up cake, sandwiches, trader joe’s flowers. Clean Bathroom and Kitchen. Make chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Sunday: FIRST COMMUNION! (mom picking up balloons) Pictures at 12:30 🙂

You might be asking why my dad is mowing the grass, well besides he is awesome! The weather is looking like rain for the rest of the week! And since I work, he is going to cut it for me. I’m one lucky lady 🙂

Hopefully the meterologist are wrong this time 😉

When I got home from work, I attacked my first task: Cleaning off Andrew’s desk


I’m surprised I didn’t find anything alive under everything haha. Looks much better now!

Question for you:

TO DO LIST: love them or hate them?

Spring cleaning

I finally decided to CLEAN HOUSE! No it isn’t Spring, but it was WAY over do.

THIS was  the problem!


Too many clothes, not enough space.


Some of the clothes don’t fit, others were from my freshman year of college!!!!


I started with two HUGE containers with donate, keep, and a bag for trash


I ended up filling up both!



The closets are now OPEN and I fit in all the clothes in there!! Now I just need to find a place to donate the clothes….

Question for you:

Do you keep clothes longer than necessary?

Time to bring in the big guns

Yesterday was day two of tearing the bathroom apart demolition. I spent most of my day covered in dust (no those are just extremely white legs haha)

But I look pretty good in my yellow googles 🙂

I just noticed, My thumb looks like a beat it with a hammer!!! Ok. I might have hit it a few times…….

We made a lot of progress yesterday

 Day three, we have a new tool to help us! My dad used the “mini” jackhammer (that weighed 11 lbs!!!)

We got ALL the walls taken down. The floor tile. and the concrete underneath.

I was  either cleaning, or taking heavy crap stuff to the dumpster. There is dust everywhere!!!!!

This is the kitchen fan!

(for a neat freak, I was stressin’)

Luckily, my parents had us over for dinner and dessert 🙂

Question for you:

Are you a neat freak, go with the flow, or just like things in their place?

-I actually like things more in their place than completely clean.

What if??

The past few days, I have been off work. So after taking Andrew to school, I head back to bed for 2 hours. Yep. I’m thinking I may have mono…….Tomorrow I call to see if Andrew and my culture’s are negative for strep. Any bets? haha

After I woke up, breakfast was delicious. And then I was getting ready for the gym. I decided against it. I actually felt pretty good, but I needed to clean my house!!!!! I tackled both bathrooms and all the hardwood floors!

(love the floors, but they are EVERYWHERE!!! haha)

I then went and taught a group of teenage parents who have babies in our NICU.

The point of the class is for teens to be w/ other teen parents and talk about the NICU, what they can do to care for their baby while in the unit, and at home. I absolutely LOVE this class and this group.

 As many of you know, I was a teenage mom.  I had Andrew when I was 19 years old, and was in my sophomore year of college.


It was an adjustment, to go from my college life at Southwest Missouri State, to living back at home. Along w/ some other life changes….. But I would never change it for the world.

Today, has been emotional day (whats new?). And I was thinking My life would be different if I hadn’t had a baby at 19.

  • I would have finished school at SMS, instead of graduating from SIUE
  • I was premed at SMS, and switched to nursing at SIUE (I realized my love for patient care.)
  •  Imight not have even ended up in the NICU. Maybe I would be in med school right now!!! (YUCK!!!! haha)
  • I never would have meet the F4 (who give me the BIGGEST support )
  • Would I still be w/ Andrew’s dad? (mostly likely not)
  • Who would I have met?
  • Would I be living in St Louis now?

Ok. now my head hurts again. Hahaha. Its amazing how just ONE choice. ONE life changing event will effect EVERTHING!!!!

Then, I think of all the things I have experienced BECAUSE of Andrew. The love I now feel and know exists in the world because of him. I have also learned to put legos together in minutes! haha

I wouldn’t trade my life now for anything. I know this is where God wants me to be.

Question for you:

Can you think of a life changing experience that could have left your in a different place??

(you dont have to share if you dont want to)

What is something you had to eat today?

(Im looking for new ideas- I have been eating the same thing the past few days! hahah)