P90X and St patrick’s Day Parade

My son  slept in till 8am!! wahoo!

 (im still tired though….I can’t sleep.  alot on my mind)

Breakfast was left over pancakes from yesterday- STILL SOOO yummy!

I KNEW I needed to get a workout in, but going to the gym meant my son would have to stay in the gym daycare and I hate doing that if I dont have to. So instead. I started P90X. Remember how I did the evaluation….a few weeks ago haha

Well I did the core exercise. And I was sweaty, but it wasnt as CRAZY  as I had heard. But then again—its only the first DVD I have done haha

I grabbed a pear and we headed to the

St. Patricks Day parade in downtown StLouis


I should have eaten a real meal and drank A TON of water, because I was SOOOO dehydrated. My bad.

the sea of green
my mom came as well!
me and my son

there were even eagles and owls!
My son trying to jump for beads haha
my son's favorite part-mustags
and after taking pictures of EVER car, this was his favorite haha. He doesn’t understand why I take all these pictures, but now he asks me to take pictures of EVERYTHINGGGGG. Including the free sodas we got!
yup...only tractors in a STL parade haha

Afterwards we went to lunch at schlafly’s brewery.We started out with pretzels…huge…amazing…and I had twoI ordered soup and salad, but I was full from pretzel and cheese, so only ate soup. But I drank AT LEAST 4 glasses of water and 2 diet pepsi. (dehydrated much?)

yummy cheesy beer soup

Back home we watched Toy Story


After clipping a million couple coupons for cleaning supplies, we headed to target!

I ended up saving 8 BUCKS! SCORE!
Dinner was a bowl of cereal, because bad news….. my tooth is starting to hurt again….boooo
Off to bed- work tomorrow and we lose an hour sleep. Double boo
Question for you:
 How do you celebrate St. Patricks Day?