Spring cleaning

I finally decided to CLEAN HOUSE! No it isn’t Spring, but it was WAY over do.

THIS was  the problem!


Too many clothes, not enough space.


Some of the clothes don’t fit, others were from my freshman year of college!!!!


I started with two HUGE containers with donate, keep, and a bag for trash


I ended up filling up both!



The closets are now OPEN and I fit in all the clothes in there!! Now I just need to find a place to donate the clothes….

Question for you:

Do you keep clothes longer than necessary?

Disaster zone + food blog

I havent done a food blog in FOREVER! So I decided to add the eats to the blog, along with the daily activities

Breakfast: yogurt, cereal, and banana

I than ran to target (twice), home depot, and I distroyed andrews room

Ok first thing first, I went to target and got another shelf to fit andrew books by his desks

Then I realized it was brown and his desk is black- thats a no go. So I went back and got the tan color. (the white wasnt on sale- I mean really target?)

But at least the books fit! now the question is do I spray paint it black?

I then destroyed Andrew’s room. I went through all his clothes, and bought a rod to go length wise in andrews closet.

Basically to fit more clothes!

The finished closet!

Ah. The room looks a million times better.

I had to get everything cleaned up before lunch. Which was boring. Turkey sandwich and a peach

and then a MILLION handfuls of this

I think thats why my stomach was feeling gross for dinner. But andrew asked for toasted ravs, and it was fast and easy.

So toasted ravs it is!

At home depot, I also picked up paint samples….

sooooo I got these becasue Im going to paint the cabinets again. I know. I know. I said I never would.

But they look yellow with the yellow walls and counter top. So stay tuned!

I also got some pretty ripe bananas from my parents, because they know I love to bake!

It was delicious banana bread!

Recipe will be here tomorrow!

After homework, dinner, and banana bread, it was time for andrew’s soccer practice.

I haven’t gone on a run in a  week. I REALLY REALLY didn’t want to.

But I did it. (because of you guys. I wanted to say I did it. not that I was a couch potato)

While he was at practice, I went on a three mile run. It wasn’t too bad. Except dinner was a rock in my stomach. haha

Plan is to run on friday too. The half marathon is coming up soon!

Question for you:

Would you rather cook or bake?

– Id rather bake ANY day

Do you think I should spray paint the cabinet? Yay or Nay?