What I Ate Wednesday: Real food again

After days of being sick, my stomach is FINALLY coming back to normal!!! I am also trying to get away from carbs. When I am sick, the things I find appetizing are zup, ice cream, and bread. This bug was bad news, I even lost my appetite completely. And that is NOT like me haha


Egg Pancake (2 egg + 1/2 banana) + Bacon and of course Coffee



Pork Tenderloin Sandwich, green beans and a leftover crab Rangoon


Jello for dessert



unpictured apple


Ribs and green beans


Cookie Dough Ice Cream for dessert 🙂


I am so happy the GI bug is gone, and now I just need to get some more fruits and veggies in there.

Question for you:

What do you like to have for dessert?

How do you get in your veggies


Got a little TOO busy, time for pancakes

So I MAY have gotten alittle too busy, alittle too stressed out. So you know what that means….


Yep. Not feeling so hot today. I woke up not feeling 100%

This morning, I didn’t want eggs and bacon. Since I wasn’t feeling good, I wanted some comfort food and that ALWAYS means pancakes.


I went to my handy dandy pinterest, and found this recipe for paleo coconut flour pancakes. I was alittle skeptical because the ingredients were pretty simple, but don’t let that fool you. They were amazing! I added some scrambled eggs, and bacon


Today, I had a lot planned. workout at the gym. papers. bills. etc etc. Instead, I am drinking coffee in bed.


Checking emails, relaxing, and watching The Incredibles. I want to be able to breath tomorrow when I have my MRI. Everyone say alittle prayer around 6am that they find fat when they scan that darn mass. haha

Question for you:

Do you workout when you are sick?

-Usually I do, but the class I take, I usually can’t breath/move when I feel great, so I knew that I wouldn’t be able to push it, and then I would get frustrated. it would probably also not help my body heal, and we need that!

What I Ate Wednesday

Today, I was getting back on track and AWAY from the carbs! THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!

Breakfast: 3 eggs + peppers +broccoli + bacon


And of course coffee!


Lunch: sausage, peppers, and cauliflower mashed potatoes


Snack: Cashews and raw almonds

( a few bites of a cobblestone from panera. darn you.)

indexSnack: Protein Mug dessert

Dinner: out to eat to friends. I got a salad and ate 4 chicken wings. It was pretty delicious!

Question for you:

What is your favorite thing to get at Panera?

Have anything yummy lately?

First run of the year

Yesterday, I decided to get my act together and track my food and workouts.

Breakfast: 2eggs, 1 egg white, with peppers and sausage. side of bacon


Gym time: 30 min on the bike, 30 min weights

Morning pick me up: coffee with whipping cream


Lunch: Leftover stew


Dessert: Using something new! (recipe on Monday)


Snack: Frozen Blueberry, spinach, protein powder, PB2 (1tbsp), and water (green monster with my smart stick!)


Well then. I worked out again. No joke. A few of the moms got together on a BEAUTIFUL 60 degree weather day for a run. My very first of the year. (again no joke)

track running

After the half marathon last year, my knee and ankle were bothering me. I took some time off. Switched back to older shoes. And the 3 mile run was a success! No knee of ankle pain! I also got to catch up with other moms. I swear there is nothing like talking with another mom about your worries, concerns, or frustrations.

The weather, endorphins, and talk made me feel a MILLION times better

Question for you:

Have you tried anything new this year?

What is something you ate today?


The stomach bug has officially struck  again. First me, then my dad, and now Andrew. Last night was ROUGH. He was up every 20 minutes in the bathroom. I think we had one 2 hour stretch and that was it. I was exhausted!

I headed to target to get 7up, yogurt, ice cream, raisin bread, and gatorade. (all the things needed for tummy issues! haha) Thank goodness there is a starbucks IN target!


(Kris is actually what my grandma calls me, the lady must have known haha)

Since 6am, Andrew has been feeling MUCH better. Thankfully because I had to QUICKLY clean the house for a 9am appointment to get my house reappraised.


Not too shabby.

There is a big snow/ice storm here, so Andrew’s school has been called off.


So we are watching cartoons and relaxing. While I catch up, and get some laughs from facebook


And take lots of pictures of the storm

IMG_1070 IMG_1067

I made a BIG warm breakfast (for me. Andrew still has only had 7up and yogurt)


(which was actually at 11am, so brunch haha)

Paleo Pancake recipe to come tomorrow 🙂

Question for you:

What is your favorite thing to do when it snows?

-Andrew and I were going to go sledding, but no such luck 😦

Out with the old

Today, I said goodbye to an old friend.


Delight Iced Coffee has been my GO-TO coffee for months now. (yes I know it’s cold outside)

The new plan does NOT include delight iced coffee, so I had to break this bad boy out again!


To my morning cup, I had some whipping cream and 1 tbsp of vanilla coffee creamer(only 5 carbs)


And now I’m ready to go!

Question for you:

What is your GO-TO coffee? or morning drink?

Homemade Latte

Trying to spend less money, has meant not getting my favorite gas station coffee 😦

I needed to find something to make at home. So I hit up google, and found a pretty good pumpkin spice latte 🙂



  • 2 tablespoons canned pumpkin puree
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
  • 1 (1.5 fluid ounce) brewed coffee


  1. Make your coffee (the stronger the better
  2. Meanwhile, in a small saucepan, whisk together the pumpkin, vanilla, honey, pumpkin pie spice and milk.
  3. Warm over medium heat, whisking constantly, until hot and frothy. Do not bring to a boil.
  4. Pour coffee incup, and then milk
  5. Enjoy!

La Playa wine fixes everything

Our Friday started out by getting Andrew to school, and then I headed to the gym. I ran on the treadmill for 35 minutes, then hit the weights for 30 minutes.

I also solved the mystery of the buff man’s workout. For the past two weeks, I have been going to the gym around 11. And there is an EXTREMELY buff young man who really doesn’t work out. He will do a few reps, then walk around. Then Repeat. Well today I realized he gets there at 8am and is still there at 11. (who has time for that!?!? haha)

Afterwards, my dad changed the oil in my car. While I sipped on coffee, w/ a hint of gooey butter cake from the gas station. I kept myself busy by reading my new book- I’m almost done!

I also noticed that my mom had put this quote on the refrigerator.

It is from The Help. We both watched the movie (I read the book as well. VERY GOOD read if you are looking for one. And the movie wasn’t bad) And it is placed by a good looking fellow 🙂

The rest of the day was spent w/ Andrew and my nephew. Then my sister in law came over, we went to dinner, and drank some wine.

Appropriate? I think so. I defiantly needed to have someone to hang out w/, things have been a little rough.

Anyway, time for bed. a busy weekend ahead!

Question for you:
How was your friday?

What are you doing this weekend? Are you celebrating Mardi Gras?

Workin’ It

(apparently I was also “workin’ it” on Nov 28th haha)


This morning I hit the gym! (thank goodness that Andrew and I are back to our routine!)

I took him to school, and headed straight to workout. And Im not going to lie I killed it. I even made the boys look bad. haha jk. But I still felt great, even sore, and I hadn’t left the gym yet!

Started out w/ this treadmill workout:

1.) 5.0 speed for 1 min

     5.5 speed for 1 min

    6.0 speed for 1 min

   6.5 speed for 1 min

    7.0 speed for 1 min

   7.5 speed for 1 min

   8.0 speed for 1 min ( i think this is a 6:30 min/mile. but Ill check next time)

   1 min walk, then go to #2

2.) 5.0 speed for 1 min

    6.0 speed for 1 min

     7.0 speed for 1 min

    8.0 speed for 1 min

    1 min walk, go back to #1

I repeated this until 30 minutes was up. I was pretty darn sweety! I caught up on some VH1 and Country Music during the run. Litened to Gym Glass Hero “Stereo Hearts

After that I hit the weights. I first started w/ machines. Arms and legs. Then got a mat and did a few exercises for abs.Then I did squats! AH. I hate squats, but I just got in the mood. (very rare)

Well home for a shower, breakfast, and some coffee!

I drank it in my new favorite coffee cup that I got from the Boathouse restaurant in Forest Park here in St Louis. If you are ever visiting the STL you have to go there!

Question for you:

Why can’t I upload a video fromyoutube? I go to insert, and it won’t let me! UGH!