Teeth are a pain

It appears that my house and life is consumed by baby stuff.

P1070305 P1070304

And thats just the kitchen.

Last night, the baby woke up at 10pm! and didn’t finally settle until 2am. For that time period, he would wake up screaming, I would calm him, he would sleep for 10-30 (just enough time for me to fall back asleep) and then start the whole process over.

I tried to figure out if it was stomach related, diaper related, bottle related, then I realized it was his teeth. He is cutting three teeth right now! pool little fella.

baby2(NOT the baby Im watching, just a hilarious pacifier picture I found here.)

Needless to say, today was filled with lots of coffee, a few meltdowns (by everyone) and naps for two of us.

To celebrate surviving the day, I had these!



Andrew and I are now watching Ice Age to relax before bed. Hoping and praying I get more sleep tonight. My meal selections have been absolutely ridiculous. (although carrying a 20 lb baby around is a workout!)

Just for laughs, because I need them!


Question for you:

How many hours of sleep to you get/ do you require?

-I like to get 7-8 hours 😉

5 of the last 6

Today was a little bit of a break. The previous three days I worked, and now I will work the next two. So today was catch up with laundry, cleaning, and trying to be lazy. (It didn’t work. working 5 out of 6 days is a little rough)



But I wanted to tell you about the evil lurking around the NICU



They are everywhere!!!

At home, I don’t have cookies, cake, pizza, etc lying around, but when I go to work, it finds me!


This past weekend, there were cookies at a lecture during lunch, and then there were donuts on Sunday. I defiantly  wanted a few bites!

I decided instead to pop in a piece of gum, and read from my nook it did the trick! WAHOOO!!

gum wall

(I didn’t take the piece off this wall..haha)

Question for you:

What is your trick for staying away from certain foods?

How was your weekend?

Oatmeal Pecan Cookies

My grandpa turned 85 this week! I wanted to make him so cookies. I saw pecans, oats, and brown sugar and I was sold. They were delicious! (they are also a weight watchers recipe. SCORE)

Oatmeal Pecan Lace Cookies

Points: 2


-1 1/4 c rolled oats

-1/2 c brown sugar, packed

-1 tsp baking powder

-1/2 chopped pecans

-1/8tsp table salt

-1/3 c butter, melted

– 1 large egg

-1/2 tsp vanilla


1.) preheat oven to 350 and cover w/ parchment paper (I forgot this step and it turned into granola)

2.) Mix oats, sugar, baking powder, pecans, and salt

3.) add butter, egg, and vanilla to oat mixture. mix well

4.) drop tsp of batter onto cookie sheets and flatten each out

5.) Bake until edges turn golden 8-12 minutes. let stand for 2 minutes before removing.

Yields 2 cookies per serving

Temptation Island

I am NOT talking about the reality TV show, I am talking about the NICU

Today was my first day at work after deciding what to “give up” for Lent. (although I’m really not giving up anything. Unless you count cookies, cakes, candy, and computer time.)

Anyway, first thing I walk in this morning to find donuts in the nurses lounge. I’m not a HUGE donut fan (I mean, Ill eat them! haha) but they aren’t something I crave. But at 6:30 when you are tired, you will eat anything. I ignored them.

I ate a half bagel thin, PB, and 1/2 banana before coming to work. So I didn’t NEED anything.

Breakfast came around 10am: Oatmeal, cinnamon, and banana

While eating my breakfast, someone brought in cookies. COOKIES AT 10 AM COME ON!!!! They kept staring at me. Saying “just try a little piece”. NO THANK YOU. When I was done w/ my oatmeal, I left the lounge. Putting distance between me and the cookies. It worked.

Midmorning snack: cashews

Mom update: I talked w/ her this morning and she is sounding much more alive than yesterday. it must be all the yummy things I got her! 🙂

Everyday, I have to walk by the dieticians office to get to the nurses lounge. And you know what they have, Candy. LOTS OF CANDY! I see it everytime I walk to the lounge, office, or front desk. But today, I resisted all of it.

Lunch: Mini Lasagna Cups, sweet potato fries and ketchup, and pudding cup

Snack: Apple slices (I wasn’t even THAT hungry, but I knew I needed something to get me through to the end of my shift)

Dinner: Shrimp Pasta

Before leaving work: Got a call from Andrew’s doctor at 4:55pm. When I called at 5:05, it said they had left the office. If they even tell me he is positive for strep or flu, I might scream

Question for you:

ANy plans for this weekend?



It’s time to finally fix the bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WAHOOOOOOO

Unfortuantly. I now have a hole in my kitchen wall to get TO the bathroom pipes. Hey. Those walls were up for a least six months haha.

(my dad has on his camo hat. Don’t judge. haha)

My dad and younger brother worked for about 5 hours and we are almost done! I also got to visit my favorite home away from home…..Home Depot haha. It looks like they will have to work tomorrow and then we can use the pink powder room again haha

(rewind to last night)

Last nights trivia, was a HUGE hit. Along w/ the cookies.

On to more important info. I hate text messaging (ok. no i love it) BUTTTTTTT it makes for the WORST conversation when you are trying to have some sort of communication with a new guy. Chris and I are having this problem.

I have had problems before. With friends. Ex boyfriends. Even my family. We all are sending a message, meaning ONE thing, and they take it in a totaly different way. What happened to calling people anymore??????

Oh well. We’re working on. Trust me. You won’t die if you pick up the phone and DIAL it hahaha

Question for you:

Ever had miscommunication due to text message, email, or facebook?

-It is really hard to communicate sarcasm, love, hate, angry, etc. on these forms. Sometimes you could meaning to be sarcastic and someone thinks you hate them. Or you are trying to be all lovey dobey and someone thinks your sarcastic. ITS NEVER GOOD.

Any Advice on communication issues in general? Like all you lovely married folks! haha You guys know the secret!

past few days + new recipe!

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a good weekend!

The past few days I have been relying on these

but so far today I have only taken day quill once 🙂 haha so I feel good. I actually slept much better too!

The day started w/ Andrew’s soccer game at 8AM!!!!!!!! I mean WHO THOUGHT THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA! haha.

Then I headed to the gym. I haven’t been there all week (don’t judge me!) I actually felt great, and I ran and lifted more than last week. Iguess my body just needed a break!

Tonight, I am going to trivia night at my old highschool. I made cookies. These are NOT healthy, except for maybe the eggs. And oats. Yep. thats it haha. BUT I got to use my mixer for the first time!


servings 36


  •  2 sticks butter softened
  • 1/2 c white sugar
  • 1 1/2 c brown sugar packed
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1tbsp vanilla
  • 1 1/2 c flour ( I added a 1/2 c more)
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 1 1/2 c oats
  • 1/2 cup M&Ms
  • 1/2 cup white chocolate chips (or whatever you want)


-Preheat oven to 375

– Cream butter w/ sugar until fluffy.

– Add eggs one at a time then vanilla and beat

– Combine flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt. Add to mixing bowl and mix.

-Add remaining ingredients. (add more M&Ms and chips if you want. I did!)

-Scoop into balls of dough on cookie sheet and bake until brown (about 6 min)


(this recipe was taken from The Pioneer Woman Cooks. I made some modifications.)

Christmas Presents

Today started out by sleeping in (won’t be doing that for awhile since Andrew will be on break. I started the morning w/ coffee and an egg/PB/Banana sandwich. YUM!

While wrapping, I had Pandora w/ the Bing Crosby Holiday. Loved it. Im sure people could hear me outside. I have a beautiful voice haha

I then got to packing.

 I loved this present! too pretty to open 🙂

And this was another favorite. (pssttt there are star wars pj pants in there haha)

On Christmas Eve, Andrew will be able to open the present with his pjs. Of course he wears them that night!

He will also be able to open the ornament. This year I made his by super glueing the pieces together of a small lego. Now I just need to figure out how to hang it on the tree……………………………haha

The little fellow only had a half day, so I picked him up and we made some cookies. I first made some Paleo cookies (I got some coconut flour!) The cream cheese frosting is not paleo. Andrew was my taste tester!

(did you spot justin?)

Here are some of the recipes we used:

cream cheese frosting
Paleo sugar cookies
sugar cookies

Im so excited for christmas! Now we are ready to go! Im a little bummed though. Tonight, there doesn’t seem to be any christmas movies on tv 😦

Question for you:

What family traditions do you have?