Digging in the cedar closet

Last week, Andrew came home with a play for his 3rd grade class! The play is a short story told by Native American.s He will be playing Chief #1 So of course, we he came home on MONDAY and said he needed an costume, and I started to sweat a little. I mean, who says costumes in January!?!?!? Luckily, my mom has a ton of Halloween costumes that we wore as kiddos. And I was IN LUCK!

The cedar closet was packed and we found one!


And it fits!


One day, I would love to find a pictures of me or one of my brothers that wore this, but I’m not sure who did.

Question for you:

Where you ever in a play?

-I was only in plays in gradeschool, but only as a class.

Halloween Costume Surprise

Each year, my friend Jenn from highschool and her boyfriend Matt have a pretty awesome Halloween Party. This year I was off work, and I had a costume!

It took a few trips to find an outfit…mostly because I wanted to get the best deal 🙂


Did anyone guess the costume?!?! Well this year, I was Mary Poppins 🙂


Hat: Walmart $6

Flowers: Walmart $0.97 x2

White shirt: Walmart $15 (and can be worn again!)

Coat: previously owned

Bow tie: Kohls, but you could make it with a piece of red ribbon and a hot glue gun

Skirt: borrowed from my sister in law (along with the umbrella)

Tights and boots: previously owned by

Spoonful of sugar: Old allegra bottle, piece of white paper and a permanent marker. and a spoon from home

Mary Poppins really was an easy costume to get together. And only about 23 bucks! Can’t beat that

Paper doll, Peg from Married with Children, Mary Poppins, Price is Right, Royal Baby
Paper doll, Peg from Married with Children, Mary Poppins, Price is Right, Royal Baby

It was also great to get together with girls that I have known for over ten years! Crazy to think we graduated in 2003!

Question for you:
Will you dress up for Halloween?

What is your favorite costume you dressed up as a kiddo?

-I was a bunch of grapes

halloween cake!

hello blogging friends!!! Im sorry I have been MIA this week. I hate that I haven’t been blogging, but I have been working or there is NOTHING interesting that you want to hear about.


Last night after work, I met with David at the Majestic Restaurant and Bar for some food and beer. And of course to watch the cardinals!

I changed and put on makeup at work 🙂

picture taken at home

(Who, at this exact moment, are in the 7th game and WINNING! YEA!)

We were both exhausted and ending up leaving around 10. yes we are old. And I almost feel asleep in a restaurant. Of course I went home and got my pjs on, and we texted the rest of the game. haha

Funny fact: David Freese was up to bat in the bottom of the 11th inning. I sent a message “I bet he hits a home run.  I can feel it” Message sent. And then HE HIT A HOME RUN TO WIN THE GAME!!!! I must be psychic haha

Today I woke up and ran A MILLION errands:

  • Grocery store.
  • Target
  • Took my grandma to two grocery stores
  • Hardware store
  • Old Navy (found a new brown dress that will work better for halloween)

My grandma is helping me with the costume, and it looks pretty good. Im going out with David tomorrow night, so I hope to have pictures than. (and then maybe he can make his first appearance on here…but we’ll see)

I also picked this up at the grocery store for 10 bucks! I think it might work in my room!

I also got these ingredients….can you guess what im going to make? haha

even though I was busy today, I still made time to make a halloween cake.  sprinkles on the inside and on top!

I only had one piece!! I sent a few pieces to my grandparents (a thank you for helping me with my costume!) and I didn’t go back for seconds. I was actually really proud of myself. Bad news is I didn’t get to the gym today, or out for a run. 😦

Question for you:

Do you ever beat yourself up or feel bad if you don’t make it to the gyM?

What are you going to be for halloween?