well its official Im back in St Louis….and sad Im not looking at this tonight


after traveling 10 hours yesterday in the car, unpacking, checking on my house, and jumping UP and DOWN for a good 20 minutes BECAUSE MY COUNTERTOP IS IN!!!!

……I then had to get ready for work today. I know. Working the day after you get back from vacation, not cool. But I have my reasons.

I hope to catch everyone up soon on the vaca- it was a blast! Only bad thing, I can’t find my camers šŸ˜¦

Between 10 and 2

Today was ALL about the house.

After taking Andrew to a friend’s house (YEA ME time) ok. not really. I had my nephew.

Yesterday, I got a call from the AWESOME countertop people telling me they can deliver my countertop on THursday- YEAAAA.

“We will be there between 10 and 2”

greatttttt” šŸ˜¦

Thats only in the middle of the day and four hours. No biggie.Ā (why is it always such a WIDE range? Id rather they just say between 10 and 2 and then call me when they will be there within the hour. Im always afraid they will come when Im downstairs doing laundry, or when I take out the trash)

Well I kept myself busy, while I played the waiting game…..


Step 1: RemoveĀ Ā the first layer of contact paperĀ on the shelves

Step 2: Remove the second layer

Step 3: Replace with new contact paper! FINISHED!

Looks So much better! I also cleaned the whole closet andĀ the inside of allĀ the cabinets. IĀ used three buckets of mr clean!

Finally, after only waiting 2 hours………………the countertop arrived!!!!

I cant wait to get it in the kitchen! Some are worried about how it will look with the yellow walls……..

Tonight was trim night though. My brother and dad got all the trim around the doors and one window. Looks GREAT!

Those pictures to come…………………….

Question for you:

-Are you tired to hear about my kitchen? haha

-I need new recipes!!! I will do a food blog someday…..