New tunes

The past week has been a little rough for me. Basically I have been picking on myself a lot. From the weight lose (that isn’t happening), to being the only one without a boyfriend (yep. im in 5th grade again haha), and a jam packed schedule.

I decided to share a few songs that have been keeping me moving and lift my spirits

of course some country songs…

And andrew’s favorite video right now

Question for you:

what is your favorite song right now?

Help with my playlist

I am in need of some IPOD help! Running outside is FINALLY enjoyable for me and I need help with my playlist.


This is the top 25 songs on my IPOD:

  1. Akon-Beautiful
  2. Cascada- Evaculate the Dancefloor
  3. Jesse Mccartney feat TPain-Body Language
  4. Jason Derulo-In my head
  5. Justin Bieber- Baby
  6. Orianthi- According to you
  7. Eninem-I’m not Afraid
  8. Sugarland- Stuck Like Glue
  9. Eric Church- Love your love the most
  10. David Guetta- Where Dem Girls At
  11. Darius Rucker- Come back Song
  12. Cobra Starship– You make me Feel
  13. Easton Corbin- I’m a little more Country than that
  14. Jerrod Niemann- Lover Lover
  15. Joe Nichols- Gimme That girl
  16. Enrique ft Pitbull- I like it
  17. Chris Allen- Live like you were dying
  18. Keisha- Blow
  19. Fall out boy- I dont care
  20. All american rejects- Gives you Hell
  21. Easton corbin- Roll with it
  22. Jay Sean- Down
  23. Jay Sean- Do you Remember
  24. Sara Bareilles– King of Anything
  25. Taio Cruz- Break Your Heart

Question for you:

-What are some of your top IPOD songs? favorite running songs?



Today was another blah day, but I made it through.

Before taking the WONDERFUL long and painful CPR class at work, I ate my fav egg sandwich w/ PB and banana.

Then finally home to hang out with my little dude. Of course that was cut short, because we had to take my dog riley to the vet

tired from a run

It wasnt a big deal, but he has been itching like crazy and his skin is BRIGHT red. We think he has allergies.

He was nervous while we were there, stayed RIGHT by me and yelped when the vet came in
Sorry its blurry, he was moving around like crazy!
At least we did have some nice wall paper to look at….

And of course this lil fellow came along

then it was time for some poison.

Ok not really. Just a green smoothie. I wasn’t really hungry for dinner, but I wanted something smooth and cool.

LIKE ICE CREAM?? well considering I didnt work out (besides playing some bball in the front yard)

I knew I needed to eat something healthy. I do want to be in the 180s this week!!

I am only 1/2 way through! Ive been listening to some rockin’ music

The website I have been using is YOU. NEED. TO. CHECK. IT. OUT. Its awesome

I just made a country playlist. Im having one of THOSE days haha

SPEAKINNNG of songs.

I was told to listen to this song by my ex. That this is how he feels about me

Never be the same by REd

sorry I wish I could put the video up here, but I dont know how 😦

(rewind) We have been talking recently about how we still feel for each other. Nothing has happened. I think we are both just trying to talk and figure out whats going on, before doing anything.

Anyway, we are suppose to get together and talk. but I told him that he can decide when and where…..that was this morning (still no time or day) and Im getting antsy already haha

Andddddd Ive listened to this song about a million times

Question for you:

1.) Do you have a song that means a lot to you?

2.) have you eaten something that doesnt look too good, but turns out awesome!