friday fun day

today was busy and started out with a four mile run!

It was 11 min miles ( I walked some) and my heel is bothering me. My mom thinks I have plantar fascitis BLAH. I use to run 8:30/9:00 min/miles- but I guess I just started RErunning since april….my bad

Before run: Banana bread with PB

After run and shower: egg, banana, PB, american cheese on an mission wrap

Then my nephew and I (who I watch on a few days Im off) went shopping! target and kohls!

I got this from kohls for $3 bucks! I used 20% off and a free $10 coupon. Sweet!

I then put him to bed (which took forever because he can climb out of bed!!) I then had yogurt, granola, and raspberries for lunch. YUM!

do you like my tea pot? I got it for a few bucks from Good Will when I first bought the house

the IPOD is just there so I could have a dance party 😉

Then Andrew came home with a friend, and I saw that he drew this!

Didn’t I say how Andrew knows how much I love my purple dress!

Then it was time for dinner, which consisted of snacking on colby cheese, a piece of corn and trail mix.

Now I have to run! Time to take Andrew to yaya and papa’s house.

Im going out with friends!

Happy Friday!

To Do List

I got A TON done today, and even slept in. After taking my son to school, I went back to bed. TILL 10:30. I realized that the antibiotics I am on not only make me nauseous, they also make me extremely tired.


egg omlet


banana, Pb, on 2 slices of bread
Then I headed to the gym. Yep you heard right. I haven’t been able to workout in 2 weeks. I got a great 30 minute interval training on the treadmill. Then I walked on a 5.5 incline for 30 minutes.
After a shower and quick sandwich, I went to get groceries
Before the grocery store, I got my coupons and made a list~!
At the store, I picked up this bar. on the box it said this bar was all Natural….REALLY?!?!
 look at the ingridents!
out of fiber one cereal...booo
These were on the list (can tell which are mine haha)
THese were not on the list...not too bad!
After shopping, I had a bowl of cereal while my son had a snack and did homework.
Question for you:
Do you use coupons?