Another day at the cabin

After a great first day at the cabins, I was up bright and early for another day at Sam Baker. I started my day with a run! (more on that later)

We started the day with eggs, bacon, and cherries- YUM


Next up, another bike ride where we found other early risers

P1070783b P1070784bMr walking pants (named by my nephew)

P1070812bMr slizzers (name by Andrew)

The rest of the day was spent at the river


P1070815b P1070855b P1070816b

Catching tadpoles


And relaxing in the water

P1070848b P1070835b

Of course, we ended the day by the fire

P1070793bWe definitely had a great time at Sam Baker.

Question for you:

Are you a morning or an evening person?

-I definitely feel more alert at night, but my body seems to think 6:30 is always a good time to get up haha

A list party

A week ago, my cousins sent a message asking if I wanted to head to the central west end for an A list party.

I responded “sure. what does one wear to an A list party” haha


The “party” was basically an outdoor function, where different restaurants and bars come to give samples of their foods and drinks.

we got our tickets free and all the food and drinks were free, which was pretty amazing.



Really the best part was hanging out with my cousins.

sorry. bad camera. bad picture.
sorry. bad camera. bad picture.

And this fountain was a REAL person who changed positions every 10 seconds or so

P1070484 P1070485 P1070486

(I bet he has crazy leg muscles!)

We even made the front page of the magazine website!

Question for you:

Beach Bum

I swear I don’t have many more posts about the lovely beach, and how much I miss it haha

Besides getting sick with a 102.8 degree fever, and having to start antibiotics, it was a great trip. Although St Louis’ weather is in the 70s and really nice!


playing at the beach


I <3 mom
I ❤ mom
we had big waves one day. Andrew with papa
we had big waves one day. Andrew with papa
cousins relaxing
cousins relaxing
andrew, beach boy
andrew, beach boy
night of lots of veggies!
night of lots of veggies!
Our pet frog haha
Our pet frog haha


family at the beach one night. my brother was fishing
family at the beach one night. my brother was fishing


my future house haha
my future house haha
 cool ride for the week haha
cool ride for the week haha



The one thing I will change would be to bring my bike. I didn’t get much exercise, and I was definitely feeling it when I got home. Although, my body probably appreciated the rest (just not the million M&Ms)

Question for you:

What is one thing or person you miss right now?

-Andrew is at the lake with his dad. He has been gone for 2 days. I think I missed him the night he left haha. Luckily, he will be back on Sunday! HIS BIRTHDAY!

Sand, Sun, and feeling at home

After driving to Mississippi, it was time to make it to the beach!

First, we made it through my favorite underwater tunnel in Mobile Alabama


After sitting in HOURS of traffic, we FINALLY made it!!!

We unpacked the car, and headed to the beach!!! Riding in our OWN sweet golf cart


(weird angle of me, but my nephew’s face is awesome!)

on the way!




I am officially home 😉

Some of My favorite pictures


IMG_1612 IMG_1611

don’t worry, still more to come!


Question for you:
What is your favorite place to visit?



Illinois Wedding

I think today was a bit productive…..


My favorite find of the day! my new mirror


don’t worry..I took it out of the box

Otherwise, I basically have been eating, cleaning, and buying stuff all week, and Im exhausted (and its only Thursday….) So I want to share the wedding weekend!

Andrew was in my cousin, Ellen’s, wedding this past weekend. I started with a workout, and then the day FLEW by!

andrew and my nephew. Just two of the ringbearers
andrew and my nephew. Just two of the ringbearers
Getting the boys ready
Getting the boys ready
me and Andrew (we already look tired)
me and Andrew (we already look tired)
the bride walking in fast!
the bride walking in fast!
andrew did SOOO good standing the whole time!
andrew did SOOO good standing the whole time!
the bride and groom
the bride and groom
the whole wedding party
the whole wedding party
time for the vows...
time for the vows…
husband and wife!
husband and wife!
all the flower girls and ringbearers
all the flower girls and ringbearers


wedding party
wedding party

Then I had a little photo session with the boys and their suspenders hahaDSC03513 DSC03509 DSC03504

Time for the reception

DSC03525DSC03527Then it got a little crazy

photo(4) DSC03553 DSC03536 DSC03533 DSC03528It was a great night! I absolutely love weddings with my family. No more pictures, because I was out on the dance floor!

Question for you:
What is your favorite part of a wedding?

-i don’t have a favorite, I LOVE everything!

Mardi Gras 2013

Holy Weekend! It was JAM packed for me and Andrew. Between Saturday and Sunday I think we were only home an hour, before finally getting to relax at about 6pm.

Lets rewind for all the fun updates! (soooo much fun, it is going to take a few posts haha)

Saturday morning started bright and early with a BIG cup of coffee at 8am to head to Soulard for Mardi Gras

My cousin Maggie, has a place down there


her sisters and I were there bright and early for the festivities

IMG_0926 IMG_0923

We started with a beer bong tournament (around 9 am. EEK!)



It was then time for the parade at 11am. The streets were packed!



Maggie bought some pretty awesome gloves


I didn’t drink much, I had to leave around 12:30 to head to my next event. To be continued……

Question for you:

Did you do anything for Mardi Gras?

What is the last parade you have been to?

Birthday, anniversary, Cake Oh MY!

This past weekend, I was lucky to have a few parties to attend and one massage on the calendar (it definitely helped keep my mind off the Kansas trip. Ok. Maybe just alittle)

The celebrations began on Friday night, when Pam (who is like my 2nd mom) came over with wine, kleenex, magazines, and a blanket. She basically ambushed my pity party (for which I am thankful…alittle haha) It was nice to talk things out about Mr. Flowers. I guess I’ll need to update everyone on that sometime soon, a new post maybe…

Saturday was my dad’s 67th bday! (with lots of silly faces)


IMG_0883 IMG_0886 IMG_0888

the night ended with the boys wrestling. boys.....
the night ended with the boys wrestling. boys…..

We had a lot of fun

And ended with our signature confetti cake- DELICIOUS


Then on Sunday, my family celebrated my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary!! (along with the super bowl)

super bowl

I of course, only took pictures  of the cake……oops

IMG_0893 IMG_0894 IMG_0896 IMG_0900

After this past weekend, even though I worked out, I still had LOTS of cake, ice cream and carbs. Its now time to get back to business.

Question for you:

What is the next birthday party you will celebrate?