Getting scanned

I am not sure HOW many more pictures the doctors can get before we figure out what is going on, but this week was a CT scan.

Luckily, this test wasn’t as difficult as the others.

  • NPO after midnight

  • arrive at 6:45 am
  • Drink a glass of contrast every 20 minutes x 3 times (while playing on my nook)


  • Get an IV for contrast


  • Get scanned in the machine (lasted 5 minutes)

Was there about 2 hours. I should find out at the beginning of the week what or IF they found anything. part of me wants to find out something, but of course, I hope nothing is wrong. Luckily, since the camera pill, I haven’t had any major belly┬ásymptoms ­čÖé

Question for you:

Do you remember the last IV you had?

Do you have a nook or kindle?