New recipes + New Date

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday! Mine included the gym, a visit to hold an adorable baby, and odds and ends around the house.

I also found a few recipes to pass along:

New shows on my list:

  • Modern Family. yes I know this has been on forever, my cousin got me stuck on this
  • Along with Nashville
  • who knows, next I might be watching Duck Dynasty haha

I also watched Pride and Prejudice. AGAIN. Its getting ridiculous with Mr Darcy haha. But I will tell you, I have a date Saturday!! EEKK!!

Im sure this is how my dad feels


I signed up for just to see whats out there. (let me tell you, its tough pickings out there!) I just wanted to start getting back out there. So I started to talk to Dan. He is 34 year old, trainer who now manages a Gold gym. He has a 7 year old girl. Is active, healthy, religious, and makes me laugh. The first time we talked for an hour on the phone. Now if I can just get passed his big muscles to form a sentence haha

we have our first date this weekend Ill keep you guys in the loop! It might be interesting

Question for you:
What are some new recipes, shows, etc you have in your life?

2 sick puppies + new date (UPDATE!)

A few days ago, I talked about Andrew and I being sick and my new date! And I wanted to update you guy!

Even though I was sick, and not feeling the best, I still went out w/ Chris. I started getting ready around 5, took Andrew to my parents at 6, and then back to my house to wait. Around 6:15, I started to get nervous!! He was coming to pick me, since I know the family that he comes from, I felt ok w/ him knowing where I lived.

At 6:30, there was a knock at the door- EEEEKKKK!

I grabbed my purse, and welcomed him at the door (he is cute!)

We then got in his truck (he didn’t open the door…) and headed to the restaurant.

The conversation was flowing. I never felt akward. We were laughing and just have a good time. At dinner, we sat across from each other. I hate this, but w/ Chris it wasn’t weird.

We had some AMAZING food. It was almost like a 5 course meal!

First, we had spinach artichoke dip (he picked. And I was like YES he likes that too. Haha you guys know how much I love it)

Next, we had salads. I stuck w/ Caesar

My main meal:

Chicken Carbonara

Grilled chicken, applewood-smoked bacon, peas and rigatoni in aged

Wisconsin Parmesan, basil and oregano cream sauce

It was AMAZING. Next time I wouldn’t want the bacon. Of course, it wasn’t healthy. But I needed to eat something, this was the most I ate all day! I was so stuffed, I only ate about 1/3 of the chicken carbonara

For dessert, we each got a mini treat. I choose a cookies and cream dessert


Ok. Anyway. You guys don’t care about the food haha.

There was SOOO much laughter. I totally forgot I was sick!

We left the restaurant after two hours there! And we headed for my house.

This time when we got to the car he opened the door for me. (later in the car he said, “OHHHH! I forgot to open then door when I picked you up at your house.” hahaha.

When we got back at my place, I asked if he wanted to come in and watch the hockey game. DON’T GET ANY IDEAS. I am NOT that kind of lady.

We ended up just talking, watching tv, and yes we kissed.

He said goodnight and headed home.

The next day, I walked into work, w/ a smile on my face. It actually shocked me a bit. I was like why am I smiling?? Haha someone is going to think I’m crazy haha

Chris and I don’t have a date set just yet, but there is talk of one (maybe even dancing J haha)

Question for you:

What is your favorite restaurant?

Do you ever find yourself smiling like an idiot? Haha

-I always do

2 sick puppies + new date

This morning, I am typing to all of you on my comfy couch, under a blanket, with my favorite cup of coffee…..

can you spot the legos? haha they are everywhere!

Andrew is home from school sick, and I’m right there with him. Yep. Two sick little ducks at home. I even got him a hot chocolate (i hope he doesn’t get addicted to starbucks like me haha)


On friday, I took Andrew to the doctor for a strep test (I knew he had it. They didn’t think so. His rapid came back negative. WELLLLLL yesterday, I get a call and his 72hr test comes back positive (I have to say it, I told you so haha)

So. He’s on antibiotics (and can’t go to school till he has 24hrs of antibiotics) Im on dayquil. It’s a mess. Please stay away from St Louis, because apparently, this is all going around haha (jk. Im sure everyone is getting sick-I’m just a baby)


The bad news is, tonight I have a date. OHHHH brother. this should be interesting.

All of you know that I have been on since this summer. Well, it’s not working for me anymore.

I actually started investigating the group Events and Adventures. Which is a group for single adults 21-?. They have about 21 locations over the United States, and there is one right here in St Louis!

I called to get information. Apparently, they have 40 or so events planned each month. Which can include: dinner, movie, hiking, bike riding, sky diving (EEK!), and they even are taking a trip to paris next month! I was so excited about trying this out, but I needed to see how much it would cost…..

Well, they wouldn’t tell me on the phone (AHHH WHAT??) So the meeting I had on Saturday, was to meet w/ someone from the group (they want to make sure you aren’t crazy or have history of violence).

The meeting went OKKKKKK. They lady was kindof annoying. She kept repeating herself about how great the group was, how they aren’t a dating group (but they’ve had 4 marriages the past year…), and then lectured me for 10 min on how online dating was bad for me and my son. (um. thanks mom.)

Even though the lady wasn’t my BFF, I still looked at the prices. Lets just say my jaw dropped. Unfortuantly, my wallet and I had to walk away from this deal. Although, it seems like an AMAZING group w/ lots to do. I just couldn’t afford it.

My next thought, is to try the St Louis Triathlon Club. But I still need to get info, so more info to come…….

Anyway. Back on track to my date. I am actually going on a blind date. My friend Beth, who I work w/ in the NICU, is setting me up with her brother in law.

So. Let’s give some info on him haha

  • He lives in Illinois, but works in St Louis
  • He works in some sort of construction thing. (ill have to get more info tonight haha)
  • He is from IL
  • He has a house just across the river, and a farm. (my family has a farm as well)
  • I was actually in a wedding w/ his sister.
  • He is 34. (this is the only thing I’m worried about. He is 9 yrs. older than me)
  • He seems very sweet, but also has my sarcasm
  • He actually dated someone before w/ a kid, so I believe we are good in that department haha

anything else you guys want to know, and Ill ask on my date haha

I will let you guys know how it goes! Hopefully, I still be the happy and sarcastic Kristen I know, and not the sick and I look like I’m going to die, kindof Kristen. haha

(sorry for the long post. Obviously, sick to me, doesn’t mean speechless. haha

Question for you:

When was your last date? What did you do? (and yes. this counts for the married folk too!)

Playing Catch Up

MAN. I hate being away from this blog. But life has been crazy busy. Between working a three day weekend. Hanging out w/ Ryan. And then trying to get my life back together…..well Im a mess and still haven’t caught up on all my blogs!!! (the most frustrating part haha)

Today started out w/ packing ANdrew’s lunch. I put a special note in

I was then picked up by Ryan for a SURPRISE day. I asked a MILLION questions trying to figure out what the surprise was….but I wasn’t even close.

A week ago, we were talking about manicures and pedicures (who knows whY) and I say I usually only do this as a treat or for a special occasion. That it is really hard sometimes for me to spend $ and that I don’t have much time. (then I asked if he gets them hahaha. He doesnt) But today, he bought me coffee  and took me to get my nails done.

Apparently he knows what he is doing. It was perfect! We then went out to lunch. One day, Ill get a picture of the two of us (can you believe I haven’t taken ONE picture…crazy)

Then it was time for my FIRST run outside w/ my new kicks. 4miles!

IT IS in the 50s HERE!!!!! And I love it! I also saw this on fb and thought it was awesome

After making some yummy dinner (recipe tomorrow!)

It was time for boy scouts w/ Andrew, and we made this pretty crafty scrapbook (some moms have all the talent!)

This would be my favorite page we made haha

Well Im off to bed, but I need to catch you guys up on Ryan. He is pretty awesome, and its kindof freaking me out. Im not use to it! Goodnight!

Question for you:

What are you up to? Anything fun this weekend?

What is the temperature like where you are?


Cody and Andrew Updates

Well I have a few updates for you guys! Both not so good.

So Cody and I were doing really well. I liked him a lot. We seemed to get along great. Had a lot in common. I also never felt any akward moments w/ him. But the past few days have been a little off. I haven’t heard from him much (I always have to text him. PS I HATE texting. I mean ok I like it. But to have a conversation there is not a good idea. Someone usually thinks when they say something, they mean something else. Its never good)

I don’t know if its OFFICALLY over. We still talk, but its random. I guess we’ll just see. I did have a mini break down last night. But more of the “Im single for the holidays. Im by myself” kinda blues.


The second update is about my main little man, Andrew.

This morning he woke up with a sore throat and saying his ears hurt. It took a total of about 5 seconds when I looked at his throat to know he had strep. So we headed to the doctor, got some antibiotics, and we are now watching tv. I just hope I don’t get it (im not feeling 100% blah!)

When we went to get a vanilla shake from mcdonalds, I couldn’t believe the rude people that were there. Don’t they know that christmas is in two days and thats more important than who was in line first or not?!?!?!

Anywho. Dear TV gods, can you please put more christmas movies on. THere are NONE!

Question for you:
what fun things did you get to do today?

Any last minute shopping?


halloween cake!

hello blogging friends!!! Im sorry I have been MIA this week. I hate that I haven’t been blogging, but I have been working or there is NOTHING interesting that you want to hear about.


Last night after work, I met with David at the Majestic Restaurant and Bar for some food and beer. And of course to watch the cardinals!

I changed and put on makeup at work 🙂

picture taken at home

(Who, at this exact moment, are in the 7th game and WINNING! YEA!)

We were both exhausted and ending up leaving around 10. yes we are old. And I almost feel asleep in a restaurant. Of course I went home and got my pjs on, and we texted the rest of the game. haha

Funny fact: David Freese was up to bat in the bottom of the 11th inning. I sent a message “I bet he hits a home run.  I can feel it” Message sent. And then HE HIT A HOME RUN TO WIN THE GAME!!!! I must be psychic haha

Today I woke up and ran A MILLION errands:

  • Grocery store.
  • Target
  • Took my grandma to two grocery stores
  • Hardware store
  • Old Navy (found a new brown dress that will work better for halloween)

My grandma is helping me with the costume, and it looks pretty good. Im going out with David tomorrow night, so I hope to have pictures than. (and then maybe he can make his first appearance on here…but we’ll see)

I also picked this up at the grocery store for 10 bucks! I think it might work in my room!

I also got these ingredients….can you guess what im going to make? haha

even though I was busy today, I still made time to make a halloween cake.  sprinkles on the inside and on top!

I only had one piece!! I sent a few pieces to my grandparents (a thank you for helping me with my costume!) and I didn’t go back for seconds. I was actually really proud of myself. Bad news is I didn’t get to the gym today, or out for a run. 😦

Question for you:

Do you ever beat yourself up or feel bad if you don’t make it to the gyM?

What are you going to be for halloween?

date and sweets (help!)

The past two days I haven’t blogged. Monday I was resting after the half, and then tuesday and wednesday Ive been at work. But I thought I would give some updates!


I forgot to tell you about date # 2. You all know date #1 with David went really well. So on Saturday, I was extremely bored.

I hardly EVER get bored. Mostly because I am either with Andrew or running around with errands or working out. Well on Saturday, I couldn’t work out (I had the half on sunday) and Andrew was with his dad 😦

well, anyway. David asked if I wanted to go to dinner and then to watch the cardinals game. And of course I said yes 🙂


Dinner was at Joey B’s. (my families favorite!) We sat outside and it was really nice out.

Good conversation + delicious food + cool weather= awesome date

We then walked to a small hole in the wall bar down the street. He had a beer. I stuck with water. (yep Im cool like that. I had a half to run in the morning! haha I know everyone in the bar was like…really?!?!LoSeR)

We have been texting pretty much everyday for the past week. I think things are going really well. but we will see. We already have some inside jokes. (I love a guy with a sense of humor!)

Date #3 might be this weekend. He invited me to his friend’s halloween party on Saturday.

He is going to be robin hood. My costume is still a surprise (hint: I bought a brown dress!)

Hopefully it will turn out- fingers crossed!


another thing going on in my life.

Is this pile of stuff on my dining room table that I need to go through and don’t have enough time to sit and look through

 Another depressing sight in my house, are my flowers from trader joes

 😦 I need more flowers!


Last update is the stupid weight lose issue

I have been trying to lose the 30lbs I gained last year at this time, and so far no luck.

The weight has put a real damper on how I feel when I look in the mirror or try clothes on for dates and going out.

My downfall. SWEETS.

I can eat every sugary thing on the planet.

I eat when Im bored, sad, mad, tired, you name it.

And I want to change. I want to lose the weight. I want to be healthy. I don’t want to be an overweight mom. Im also 26, and I should be fit and hip! haha

So I was wondering what tips you guys have. What has worked for you? How do I get back on the weight lose wagon???

The secrets out! (and one to come)

Well now its official!

My lovely NICU friends (or I should say some of them) have found my blog!

I was wondering how long it would take for them to find it, since we happen to be PRETTY big on blogs there in the NICU, especially Spring Garden. (for my non-NICU friends, this is the section I work in. There is also water garden, summer garden, and A, B,C, and D room. Its a big place! We can hold around 80ish babies!)

So welcome! I hope you guys leave comments (NICE comments- Anna haha)


I also have another surprise. This one will be a bit of a shocker for my family (not you guys though)


Ian (my son’s dad) and I, who have been talking for several months, finally got together this past Tuesday. I was EXTREMELY nervous about this, as it was the first time in person talking.

What if it was akward?

What if we didn’t have to same chemistry? (yes girly. I know)

What if I realized this wasn’t what I wanted, or vise versa?

Well. there were lots of unknowns.

But it went perfect.

We sat in the kitchen and talked for three hours. Just catching up on life and of course, my house! 🙂

(yep. I got a guy to talk for three hours! haha. )

And he was actually engaged in the conversation. This might not seeem like a big deal to some, but this was not the Ian I knew before. 

We eventually held hands, while watching Pawn Stars. (anyone seen this?? not me. it was actually interesting)

(AND we are teenagers again, watching Tv while holding hands haha. but it was perfect. I said that already…oops)

I left at 1230, because I worked on Wednesday (had to get up at 545! EEK! )

Before getting in my car, he did give me a kiss 🙂 and a text that followed approximately 2 minutes after I was on the road saying he was glad we were able to get together. And that he hoped we could get together soon 🙂

So fast forward through the rest of the week…..we have talked each day And have plans to get together on Sunday.

Now that everyone is caught up.

My parents are not a big fan of Ian. I can say this because, well. Everyone knows it. They don’t hide it. When we first met at 18, we were both really immature. We also had a baby at 19….you can see why they werent thrilled.

So tomorrow, I have to tell them that we are meeting (they didn’t know about tuesday). I know this is not going to go well.

And unfortuantly, my biggest fear, is that a lot of people going to be pissed.

this is my life we are talking about! My happiness! But Im the middle child. and try to make everyone happy haha

As my good friend Sarah says “HERE GOES NOTHING!”


I feel that everyone is caught up with that, so lets get on to the house!!!!!!

Tonight, my brother and I went and bought trim!!!

saturday night…… and Im hanging with my bro at home depot haha

Im not going to miss dropping $$$ at this place! At least Im not at this phase anymore!

We had a lot of good laughs, especially when the 12 foot wouldnt fit……except out the window!

“this is how we roll”

AND TOMORROW! I get to paint it all! WAHOO!!! Then off to the pool with Ian.

Question for you:

Have you ever done something that you knew someone was going to hate, but knew it was right for you?

Or have to tell someone something you didnt want to?

Are you a middle child?