Sky zone with Andrew

To  continue our fun filled weekend, Andrew and I headed to skyzone. We tried on Saturday, but they had no spots left.

Today we were able to reserve an hour of fun!


I didn’t take a lot of pictures, because I was jumping as well!

P1080482 P1080481 P1080478

It was so much fun, and I put my camera in the locker so that I could enjoy the hour with Andrew. I haven’t really just relaxed and enjoyed the time with Andrew. I am always thinking about what I need to do next, or make for dinner, etc etc. FINALLY, I am understanding how to step away from house work, bills, and emails, and spend time with Andrew. He won’t be small forever!

Andrew 2005 :)
Andrew 2005 🙂

Question for you:
What is one of your favorite activites with your kiddos?

How do you like to unwind from the day?

A Day with me and Andrew

This weekend, is all about me and Andrew. The past few weeks I have been working A TON more. 14 shifts in 3 weeks, when I usually work 9…eekk

My goal this weekend was too spend as much time as possible with Andrew.

After breakfast, and a morning together, we headed to lunch at Texas Road House

P1080475 P1080476

We had a blast playing hang man and tic-tac-toe while we waited for our food. A lot of laughs were included 🙂


We raked leaves (and jumped in the piles)

P1080470 P1080471

Even though it wasn’t the MOST FANTASTIC day (poor planning on my part) we still had a lot of laughs. And that is all that matters. Tomorrow is another fun filled day…stayed tune!

Question for you:

What is something you laughed or smiled about today?

Science Center Camera Adventure

It was time to use a Groupon (I absolutely LOVEEEE GROUPON) I got one for a movie at the Science Center and since Andrew was off school, it was perfect!

After the gym, we headed to the show. It was great and hardly anyone  was there.

This is one of Andrew’s favorite

Of course, I messed around with my camera…

I had no idea it could do so much…..

Question for you:

What kind of camera do you use?

What camera would you love to own?