Overstock delivers

I have so many things to share from the past few days! Just a few blog posts, but since I don’t have much time, I will wait until tomorrow and Wednesday 🙂

Today was nothing too exciting. My cousins and I put together cookie trays, Andrew went to his dads :(, I went to the gym AND RAN ON THE TREADMILL! (don’t fall out of your seat. it was only 15 minutes haha) and then I went to work. yup. I picked up 4 hours to help the NICU out (and stop me from crying)

When I arrived home, and I was greeted by this package.


I was SO excited about this one. This was a gift to myself for working so many shifts. Sometimes you just have to do that (after the reebox buy, I am feeling more comfortable spending money on myself). Luckily, overstock.com was having a GREAT sale last week, and I snagged this chair for under $170! Originally $220


I love it in the living room! And one day I will take a picture of the whole room. Once the Christmas gifts are put away 🙂

Question for you:

Do you get excited when packages arrive?

What was the last package you received?

Halloween 2013

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! Andrew and I had a great evening with family and friends. We also had our house decorated a week or so ago, and I love how it turned out! I guess I Just LOVE halloween


We first started our night vising at my grandparents house, and then over to my parents.


Here we caught up with my neice and nephews.

Then Andrew, his dad, and I headed to meet up with a group of Andrew’s friends.


It started out raining, but about an hour later we were having some great weather!

P1080413 P1080414

I think Andrew got a pretty good haul of candy, and it was great to hang out with other parents.


Question for you:

How did you spend your Halloween?

What is your favorite candy?

-twix. but no, I didnt eat a single piece, and I didn’t feel the need to at all.

Pinterest inspiration

Pinterest is pretty darn awesome. unless you are my brother…. because the bathroom redo all started with pinterest, went to knocking down the walls, and ended up pretty awesome!

Here is where I got my inspiration

bathroom 2

I finally got shelves, a mirror, and picture frames put up


The decorations came from here as well


My decorations and starting point



It is a work in progress….


Not done yet silly brother haha


Pinterest Living room

living room

So far in my house…..

IMG_1237 IMG_1238

(ignore the legos. I do. haha)

I am SUPER happy with it! Every time I walk by I scream “OHHH I just love it!” haha

SOOOO thankful for my handymen (my brother and dad!)

Now its time for the Easter bunny to stuff eggs 🙂

Question for you:

Who is your handyman in your house?

-I can paint like no other haha

FINALLY a couch

Today was a crazy adventure. Andrew and I visited three Weekends Only furniture stores along with other to dos.

I did make it to the gym, and bike 45 minutes while watching Pride and Prejudice. I couldn’t stop watching!

I think I was suppose to be born in the 19th  century...
I think I was suppose to be born in the 19th century…

And immediately thought of Angela. I made myself head to the weights, so I will be taping this at home!

Then Andrew and I finally found a couch!

IMG_1211It might look like I hoard couches


I swear the plaid ones will be leaving tomorrow!


Tomorrow’s busy day…..

  • My brother is also coming over to help with house stuff.
  • Andrew has an Easter egg hunt at the local park.
  • I am going bridesmaids dress shopping with my future sister in law!

Question for you:

What are you doing this weekend?

What was the last movie you watched?

Favorites of the week

The past couple of days have included shopping, decorating, groceries, and the gym


Garden ridge is my new favorite place. I found tons! This shade I am in love with


(don’t worry. I took the plastic off haha)

Next on the list for my room, painting 🙂


Favorite snack of the week


Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt

vanilla greek yogurt, 2tbsp PB2 (mix with water), 1 tbsp chocolate chips, splash of vanilla


Getting the house decorations has been sooo exciting! Another item on my list, 1st communion clothes. I haven’t found a dress yet, but I have this for Andrew.


Now I just need to find a dress for me, and pants and a shirt for Andrew.


And last but not least. I ran AGAIN


I know this is not a big deal for some, but I ran on the treadmill and didn’t have any knee pain. And I did it because I WANTED TO, not because I HAD TO 🙂

Question for you:

Where should I look for a dress?

What is one of your favorites this week?

Preparing for the blizzard..with shopping

Most people are preparing for snowmageddon, yep. Its a real thing and apparently it has already hit Kansas. With snow in the forecast, I did what any normal person would do I went shopping. For house decorations. haha

First, I started out with rugs.


I have NO IDEA how this happened. I blame pinterest (again)

rugsusa.com also has most rugs 50% off with FREE SHIPPING! I want this one for the dining room


And before I knew it, Andrew and I were heading out in search of a rug for the living room……

We started with Home Goods. left with these baskets. The glass vase was from Marshalls


These will both go on the bathroom shelves…whenever they get put up….


Home Goods also had this beautiful pot that will one day house a plant for the living room

one day will have a "home" somewhere in the living room
one day will have a “home” somewhere in the living room

Garden Ridge was next and is amazing. And the winner for finding a perfect rug!

IMG_1167 IMG_1166

And only 100 bucks! (sorry the pictures are so dark)

And finally Target


A new lamp shade:



might need to get the bigger one
might need to get the bigger one

All of it so far…..


After a couch, chair and curtains and the room will be complete! I know it sounds silly and doesn’t look like much by the pictures, but I have been wanting to get this room together for a long time. It is the very first room that meets our guests, and now it is becoming more inviting! almost time to have more visitors 😉

Question for you:

What room do your guests walk into?

Favorite store for home decorations?

It’s that special time of year

Andrew and I were ready to get the Christmas decorations out, and today we finally had the time! ( it was 70 degrees outside. on December 1st?!?! I’LL TAKE IT!)

We started with this…..


And got everything set!



I even have some of the Christmas cards from last year.


Can anyone spot Tiffany? haha

Our back room only has this lonely snowman


Now we just need our tree! That is on the list for tomorrowIMG_0586

We then went to dinner with my mom, went to look at Christmas lights, and watched It’s a Wonderful Life. If that doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit, nothing will haha

Question for you:

What is your Christmas tradition?

Are you ready for Christmas?

Well, its time for Christmas

I’m sure most of you have noticed the Christmas commericals and decorations showing up in all the stores. (I mean really. Can we wait a little bit)

Two years ago, I had all my shopping done before thanksgiving. It. Was. Awesome.

This year, I already have the list started! wahoo!

And for the first time in FOUR YEARS! I am off BLACK FRIDAY!!!!


(last years shirts)

I might need some pointers from the veterans.

I absolutely LOVE thinking of what people in my family would really enjoy. But I won’t spoil it!!! eek! so excited!!

Anyway, happy Wednesday

Question for you:

Have you started christmas shopping?

Do you shop on black friday? shop online? wait to the last minute?

Happy Halloween

After a lot of sleep, spending time with Andrew, talking with Mr flowers, and relaxin’ I feel a million times better!

Now on to Halloween!

Andrew’s costume came together in no time!!

We then headed over to show the family

And time to head out!

Andrew and I had a blast and had a great time together

These were some of my favorite decorations

This was Andrew’s

In St lOuis you have to tell a joke, and then they give you candy. Did you have to tell a joke?

Question for you:

DId you dress up for Halloween?
what was the best costume you saw?

Decorating w/ Mr Flowers and 3 kids

I absolutely love decorating, so when Mr Flowers and the girls came to visit, it was time to get ready for the Fall and Halloween!

This has become my favorite time of year

We started inside

This is a creepy crawling spider (he actually crawls down the wall….)

Then Mr Flowers and I started outside..

And this is what the kids did….

Mr flowers also took some great pictures (proof that I helped! haha)

My favorite part. We had these lights as kids

The finished product!

And its pretty scary at night….

Next up, pumpkins!

Question for you:

Do you decorate for Halloween?