spin class: Another half turn

my body is SOOO tired. So I am going to make this quick!

Breakfast good o’ egg sandwich

Then it was time for spin class at 9 AM!

At first I was just going to work out on my own, but then for SOME stupid UNKNOWN reason I decided to go for it. ANd man am I paying for it.

I swear, if I would have heard her say turn it a half a turn to the right, I was going to throw my water bottle at the instructor haha

When I got home, my dad asked if it was raining outside because I was so sweaty hahah GROSS!

Then it was green monster time!

I had this smoothie in car on the way to get books for my kiddo, then to my house to work.

I ended up painting cabinets and my son’s room for 8 hours!!!!!!! My body is SOO tired.

But like peanut butter fingers always says “you never regret a workout. You regret NOT working out”

Lunch was a turkey sandwich, sunchips, a diet pepsi (I know bad. but I wanted caffeine)

then dessert was three vanill acookies

I was full till 9pm- Thats 8 hours!!!!!!! crazy. I never forget to eat haha

I just had a PB banana sandwich and now, Im calling it a night!

Question for you:’

– what workout did you today?