I know EVERYONE has heard about the new diet, the HCG diet.

Well its everywhere. The past few months I have heard about it from coworkers. All telling me they have lost X amount of lbs. Really havent been that hungry. And feel great.

I thought- WHAT THE F ARE YOU DOING! 500 calories a day! Are you crazy. I eat 300 at breakfast w my oatmeal, pb, banana

or egg banana sandwich.

I didn’t understand how you could do that. And how could that be safe for your body!

My brother and sister in law just started the diet, and I was wondering what everyone else thought of it.

Has anyone tried it?

Know anyone who has? (what happened?)

Is it really that safe?

Do the LBS come back after you try it?

What happened to eating healthy and moving your body to lose weight?

Anywho, at this point. Im still leaning towards the side of it not being safe. But I wanted to see what my fellow bloggers had heard!

Lets get the discussion going…….and GO!