Last Day of Summer

alrighty, I know it isn’t the last day of summer, but Andrew and I took full advantage of the beautiful weather. Not only was it FINALLY not a billion degrees, but it was also the last day of the pool being open.

We started at the park, with his bike..


We have been trying for quite some time…. And he is off…


He finally got it! This video is from my parents, because we had to go show them haha

Next up was the last day at the pool


Last time off the diving board.


Till next year!

Question for you:

What did you do for Labor Day?

Diving board

Today, was an extremely blah day. I did make it to the gym, I ran 2 miles and then biked 9. I felt great until about 1pm. I couldn’t get out of my funk! I’m worried that my vitamin D level is screwed up again. I just feel down and tired, but for no reason what so ever! I’m over that feeling haha


Andrew and I decided we needed to get out of the house. so we headed to the pool!!!

Andrew decided on his own (just yesterday) that he wanted to go off the HIGH diving board!

I was SO proud of him!

He is swimming like a fish!

Now I just need to get him to stop holding his nose…..

Any  suggestions?

Dont forget the giveaway!! you only have until friday night when I pick a winner!!

Question for yoU:

-At the pool, would you rather just sun bath, go down the slide, diving board, or the lazy river?