Heading home…or so we thought

Our last and final day in chicago, was alittle more low key.

We started w/ breakfast at Nookies. I was so hungry after my solo 3 mile run, so no pictures. 😦

But here are pictures of us heading into the city

Like I said before, I love this city

Yep. I was the driver!

After breakfast, packing the car, and many goodbyes, we headed to IKEA!!! One of my favorite places in the world! haha

We obviously got A TON of stuff. I mean there were five women shopping at a pretty awesome place.

We were pretty packed. We grabbed some coffee at Panera (another favorite place) and got on the road about 3. Well our car had different plans.

We were not far from IKEA when I heard this noise. Just once. Lasting about 5 seconds. THe others didn’t hear it. (they said it was my aunt’s strawl haha) But then in happened again. And again. I then decided to get out of the fast lane, and that is when our car decided to shut off. I was lucky to glide easily off the highway, onto the shoulder. And the car would not restart!

We sat there till 430 waiting for the tow truck. It was defiantly an experience I will never forget

We wasted a few hours in Joliet Illinois. First at the TGIFridays and then at the different stores before the night in shining armor my dad arrived.

The van was towed to a shop, so we took the car and moved almost everything over to take back to st louis. We were leaving the van in Joliet to get fixed, and we were heading HOME!!!!!

I have never been so excited to see St Louis in my life! We got home around 2, and in bed at 3. Instant face plant into pillow

Even though it was not planned, I defiantly went with the flow and tried to make people laugh. (which is hard for me. Im a BIG planner and usually get stressed when things don’t go according “to plan”?

But Really, what else can you do in a stressful situation like that, but laugh and have fun!

Question for you:

Ever had car trouble?

-this was actually the first time I was ever towed- thank goodness for AAA!