Cure for today, a walk

Today was a rollercoaster.

Good: New pancake recipe

Bad: meeting at 10am

Good: Subway while eating at Suson Park


Andrew needed to get out of the car haha. And he had a blast there

Bad: running errands before 1pm doctors appointment, my car looked like a bomb went off

Good: Around this liscense plate, it said “Happiness is being Irish” (and I was stopped at a light, NOT driving)

Double Bad: why are we going to the doctor? Well Andrew is still not feeling well. And the antibiotics (from the last visit!!) were finished today.Well there is still fluid on his ear. So we are now on a different antibiotic, and we get to go visit the nice people at the ENT office and the allergist office. Isn’t that nice……..

Good: I headed to the gym. Andrew was going to hang out w/ his dad. It was exactly what I needed. I had a few tears this morning

Well then it was all good after that. It ended w/ taking a walk with Andrew.

(sorry its blurry)

Who has a walking to stick to walk around the city haha

But he is so cute and pretty much just uses it as a sword/gun/other toy haha

We stayed out till the moon came out!


Question for you:

What was something that happened to you that was Good or Bad?


Andrew and I are going out of town, and I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a guest post.

 I would love it if you do, otherwise I will have some recipes to share, and other odds and ends 🙂

Here we go again….

How is everyone doing?!? Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, it was CRAZY!!!

Things Andrew and I got accomplished: gym, meeting, out to lunch, doctor’s app. for Andrew, cleaned car, played in sprinkler, and watched a movie w/ some ice cream 🙂

TIred just thinking about it. haha.

Bad new is: Andrew started with the sniffles and deep cough last week. We chopped it up to allergies and the bathroom remodeling. But yesterday, we went to get it checked out (it was just lasting too long) SO he  has an ear infection, is getting his allergy medicine changed, eye drops, and nasal spray. UGGHH. not fun


We are officially our own pharmacy haha


And this is how I am spending my morning. Yep I now have the deep cough (thank you Andrew for all those kisses haha)

Question for yoU:

How did you spend your morning?

First trip to the ER

Last night andrew went to bed at 6:15 (thats 515 daylight savings time) WEIRRDDD. But I thought he didn’t get a lot of sleep Friday night, so he was just exhausted. OHHH was I wrong.

This morning he woke up saying he couldn’t hear. His forehead between his eyes also had a bruise with swelling.

Andrew has a history of ear infections, but this just seemed different. He didn’t have any of the usual symptoms. We were worried that his sinuses could be clogged or it could be worse (esp. since that bruise showed up w/ no explanation)

So we headed to the ER. And we waited until it was finally time to be seen. They also swabbed his throat.

 Well the tests came back, and he has an ear infection AND strep throat. (we still dont know about his head) we just need to keep an eye on everything. and we started antibiotics.

Felt bad for the little guy. So while he was watching Ice Age, and I ran around and did laundry. I even washed the sheets. ANDDDD my phone. Yep. I washed my phone with my sheets on accident. And I was pissed. Now another thing going wrong!

Now my phone sits in a rice grave trying to be revived.

 Here’s to a better tomorrow!

Of course, andrew and I did have fun comparing his throat with my throat. Maybe he’ll be a doctor 😉

Question for you:

Any ER stories?


I cant sleep. I have a lot on my mind. A lot going on.

Im thinking about the house. It gets inspected on Wednesday. What if something goes wrong? What if it doesnt pass? If it does, I have to pack (all my stuff!!!) buy stuff (more money) paint (well thats fun) ….the list goes on and on. I keep waking up at night thinking about how I will be alone with my son. I have never lived by myself.

Also, my tooth has started hurting. After the antibiotics, the pain is back. Pain meds help a little, but I can hardly eat. Im not off work till wednesday, so I have to work through it.

My son has a double ear infection. The last time, they talked about putting tubes in.

Im sorry if this sounds like a lot of complaining, its not. I just have a lot of worry right now. Most of it is about money. I just had to get all my feelings out.

I hope I can sleep through the night!!!! Lately I have been waking up around 3am, either in pain or from my mind turning.

Question for you:

How many hours of sleep do you need (want)?

-I try to get at least 7. All i know is, I want to get my tooth fixed wed and then Im taking a nap!!!!