Easter Treats

This year, Andrew and I wanted to make a special Easter treat for our Sunday brunch with my mom’s family. Of course, we headed to pinterest for some ideas. We had a brownie mix to use up, so we just searched Easter Brownies

Here are a few that we liked……

~Easter Cake Pops by Diary of a Preppy Mom~

Easter brownie pops

~Easter Eggs by Simple Cindy blog~

Easter Brownies....so easy to create!

~Skinny Easter Eggs by Skinny Taste~

(use brownies instead of cake)

Easter Cake Balls made w/ Chobani Greek Yogurt!

~Andrew and I decided for these brownies~


We didn’t have a brownie pan that baked in small squares, so we used a flat baking sheet, let them cool, and then cut them.


It worked perfected!


Then all you have to do is use icing


And then an egg on top

They used malt ball candy eggs, we used chocolate M&Ms 🙂


We also handed extras out to neighbors, and they were raving about them! And they were super easy (we might just need to make these next year 🙂

Question for you:

What are you doing for Easter?

Brownies, cupcakes, or cake?