Sometimes you just need an egg mcmuffin (paleo recipe)

After yesterdays huge success with the dinner rolls, and then the dessert, I knew I just needed to try something this morning.

And it is a KEEPER!


When I made the rolls yesterday, I also made some that were a little larger and flat. And they were the perfect size for an egg sandwich!

2 eggs + bacon + flat roll=DELICIOUSSSSSS


A great way to start the morning, and kept me full from 7am to noon!


Question for you:

Favorite breakfast?

Egg sandwich: Yay or nay?

Here we go again….

How is everyone doing?!? Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, it was CRAZY!!!

Things Andrew and I got accomplished: gym, meeting, out to lunch, doctor’s app. for Andrew, cleaned car, played in sprinkler, and watched a movie w/ some ice cream 🙂

TIred just thinking about it. haha.

Bad new is: Andrew started with the sniffles and deep cough last week. We chopped it up to allergies and the bathroom remodeling. But yesterday, we went to get it checked out (it was just lasting too long) SO he  has an ear infection, is getting his allergy medicine changed, eye drops, and nasal spray. UGGHH. not fun


We are officially our own pharmacy haha


And this is how I am spending my morning. Yep I now have the deep cough (thank you Andrew for all those kisses haha)

Question for yoU:

How did you spend your morning?

Gym personalities

Today, started out SLOOWWLLY.

Andrew spent the night at his dad’s house, so I slept trying to catch up on sleep (the night before I only got 3! eek!)

Unfortuantly, I’m still sick. Mono.Strep. Sinus Infection. Who knows! but Im going w/ the last. Might need to get on antibiotics.

I didn’t get out of bed till10!! It was awesome! Then my favorite breakfast and then Andrew’s basketball game

I then made it to the gym. Where I noticed there are a wide range of personalities at the gym. I only noticed this because their was this one 20-something year old walking around with some pretty big arm muscles, sleeveless shirt, just walking around. UMMM. dude. what are you doing?!?! He would do a few reps then walk around checking out everyone else. how does he get such big arms well looking at everyone else?!?!

EWWW is this even real?!?!!?

Then there are others who just keep their heads down and don’t talk to anyone (this is pretty much me. except when the older men start talking to me haha) Of course, there are also girls who have more makeup on that I have worn my whole life and just talk on their cell phones will walking on the treadmill. (they bother me haha)

Anywho, has anyone else noticed these types of personalities at the gym???

Well I’m going out w/ some girls from highschool.

How is everyone else’s weekend?

Are there any gym personalities you see? That annoy you?

In my belly

Yesterday, I ate everything in sight. I couldn’t figure out what was going on (except that I didn’t get any sleep. I was feeling BLAH from not working out) ILLNESS UPDATE: Andrew is not throwing up and no longer has a fever. My lymph nodes are still large throughout my body, but nothing hurts. I just feel really really tired.

SOOO today,  I decided to keep myself accountable and show you guys what I ate.

Breakfast: Egg, PB, banana sandwich

Lunch: Leftover Cheesy Pasta and grapes

Dessert: Wonton Wrappers + cinnamon/sugar (not healthy AT ALL)

Snack: Apple and colby cheese- YUM

Dinner: Taco Bowl w/ milk

Dessert: Yo My Goodness Fro Yo

Andrew and I really enjoyed it!


Carbs: 200

Fat: 76

Protein: 86

OK. HOLY MOLY carbs. I did better on the calories than I first thought I would do. That meal for breakfast 500 calories!! EEK!!!!

(any advice. recipes. I will GLADLY take them. Im a sponge- give me info haha)

Question for you:

What is something you had today?

Love Fro Yo?

Christmas Presents

Today started out by sleeping in (won’t be doing that for awhile since Andrew will be on break. I started the morning w/ coffee and an egg/PB/Banana sandwich. YUM!

While wrapping, I had Pandora w/ the Bing Crosby Holiday. Loved it. Im sure people could hear me outside. I have a beautiful voice haha

I then got to packing.

 I loved this present! too pretty to open 🙂

And this was another favorite. (pssttt there are star wars pj pants in there haha)

On Christmas Eve, Andrew will be able to open the present with his pjs. Of course he wears them that night!

He will also be able to open the ornament. This year I made his by super glueing the pieces together of a small lego. Now I just need to figure out how to hang it on the tree……………………………haha

The little fellow only had a half day, so I picked him up and we made some cookies. I first made some Paleo cookies (I got some coconut flour!) The cream cheese frosting is not paleo. Andrew was my taste tester!

(did you spot justin?)

Here are some of the recipes we used:

cream cheese frosting
Paleo sugar cookies
sugar cookies

Im so excited for christmas! Now we are ready to go! Im a little bummed though. Tonight, there doesn’t seem to be any christmas movies on tv 😦

Question for you:

What family traditions do you have?

New Love

Today, was such an amazing day. And I have a new love!

It started off with an egg, banana, and PB sandwich

Then my second cup of pumpkin coffee for a chilly 9am soccer game.

andrew in the yellow socks in the middle
 They didn’t end up winning, but had fun while I was freezing my booty off

After the game, we visited my grandma. and then it was time to highlight my hair haha


 It has a lot of blonde….. of course you can’t tell by the tired/pale picture

After this, Andrew and I headed to Soulard’s farmers market. I was in heaven and I am officially in love with this place.

They have every fruit and vegetable you can think of. Jewelry, venders selling food and drinks, beer, flowers and even rugs!

We found some goodies

 Luckily Unfortuantly,  we didn’t need many veggies and fruits. But we did get a lb of grapes and two oranges. (I asked Andrew what he wanted, and he said “An orange please.” What a cutie!)

We also got the two yellow mums. they were only 5 bucks a piece!

 Put them into pots, and found the perfect place for them.

 Then time to cut andrew’s hair


 Im actually get used to using the trimmer.

For dinner, my mom, Andrew, and I headed to the Boat House in Forest Park for dinner. I started off with a raspberry beer. Of course, I stuff myself with a cajun chicken sandwich and fries.


And thennnnn we got ice cream from DQ. I had to get the pumpkin pie that I have been dying for!

ice cream w/ leftovers

 When I ordered the Medium, I had NO idea it would be this HUGE. Don’t worry. I didn’t eat it all, I put 2/3rds of it back in the freezer. More for tomorrow!

It was really a nice day. Even though it seems like we did a lot, I never felt that we were just running place to place and not enjoying the day. I absolutely hate running around with Andrew, I feel like I don’t give him attention if all we do is run errands.

Question for you:

Do you love farmers markets?

Do you feel guilty when you eat a ton and don’t work out? How do you not beat yourself up?

Veggie overload

Today started off with getting Andrew to school, and then a much needed nap.

(last night and this morning I had this HORRIBLE headache. For the most part that means Im dehydrated and its time for bed.)

So breakfast was at 10am. (NICCCEE)

egg,PB, banana sandwich

 remember yesterday’s yoga class? Well my shoulder muscles are on FIRE! I don’t have much upper body strength, and can now see how yoga is so worth it! (in many ways)

So no upper body workout today. Instead I went to the gym and did the treadmill intervals for two miles. Then waked a mile at a high incline. Got extremely sweaty! I was going to go to target after, but needed to shower (as a courtesy to the other shoppers haha)

Goodies from target!

 I had a coupon for 12 dozen free eggs, and a dollar off the Light n Fit yogurt.

I also got some Xmas cards (I know Im ahead of the game, but they are really cute!)

 Now I just need a picture of me and Andrew (let me know if you want one! haha)

I also got these awesome pumpkin candles for the mantel!


 My dad also worked on my sidewalk that we started working on FOREVER ago.

 Well we needed to cut some of the stepping stones. But I first had to buy the blade and my dad said it was a lot easier than he thought (YEA!)


 Now we will have to just even them out, and lay the rest of the them. Looks SO much better than when I moved it.

Dinner was pasta, chicken, and every veggie I could find.


 I was craving veggies- can you believe that? Red pepper, carrots, and broccoli. All, I had to add was parmesan cheese. DELICIOUS!

 Question for you:

Do you like veggies or fruit?

Do you ever crave certain foods?