My poor tummy…..

Today, started with a phone call from work. I am on call. And I was being called in 😦

HELLLLOOOOOO 5:45 am!!!!! haha

I usually don’t mind too much. But yesterday I was feeling horrible! Working with other nurses, I immediately had several diagnosis’ about what was wrong with me based on my symptoms haha

I think I might have an idea. This week has been bad eating > than working out.

And now I am paying for it! Now, is a great reminder why I have been working out almost daily, and eating as clean as possible. I have even been staying away from bread and yogurt! Who knows if that is truly the case, but it hurts worse right after I eat and then calms down. Today I am going to do better 🙂

First I started with my eggs, peppers, and sausage 🙂

Mr Flowers knew I wasn’t feeling the best and offered to send my lunch at work (isn’t he sweet!) but I decided to stick with my spinach salad and watermelon to try and kick this in the butt! I didn’t have any stomach pain since this morning- WAHOOO!!!!

Now I will leave you with some funny ecards I have found recently! Enjoy!

Question for you:

Do you ever find that certain foods upset your stomach?

What are your plans this weekend?

Do you like ecards?

-Some of them are a little crude for me

Stuffed Belly

A few days ago, I had just had two things to do: Try a new breakfast and get sweaty at the gym.

Unfortuantly, the new breakfast made me STUFFED haha. But I still made it to the gym 🙂

Egg Oatmeal


-1/2 c oats

-1 egg

-1 1/4 cup of water

– 1 Banana

-1/3  c of milk

– cinnamon

– Agave nectar (or your prefered sweetener)

– 1-2 tbsp Peanut Butter


– Add oats, egg, and water to stove. Heat on High till boils. Then reduce to medium-low heat

-Continue to stir.

-Add banana and stir till desired consistancy

– Turn heat off. Add to bowl. Then add toppings: milk, agave nectar, PB, and cinnamon

(recipe adapted from carrotsncake and The Great Balancing Act)

(busy) ME DAY

Only I would have a busy “me day”, instead of taking a day of rest. I did do some fun stuff though!


  • Pack for vacation (we leave saturday!)
  • return books at the library
  • Get school stuff for andrew
  • Visit grandma
  • Massage
  • Grocery shopping for car ride
  • Pedicure
  • Bike ride (maybe…)
  • Sleep in (if Im lucky)
  • Dinner with friends
  • Old Navy for school clothes
  • Pool

out of 12 not too shabby. I didn’t want to buy school supplies w/out andrew. I always remember how fun it was! And the bike ride and pool got cancelled due to rain- BOOOO


Morning started off with an awesome/easy breakfast

then to my new house, library, and massage! It was wonderful. Exactly what I needed- thank you groupon!

Next up, visiting old navy (if you buy $20 worth of stuff you get $10 to spend next week- SWEET!).

Then to my grandma’s and finally home for lunch!

(yougurt, blueberries, apples, and fiber one cereal)

Then a pedicure with my mom. It was fun to do this with her, and love the color!

Finally, the moment I was waiting for ALLLL day!

I got to pick up this lil guy!



Isnt he adorable? haha;-)

Home just in time to get ready for dinner.


(sorry weird angle. my brother’s gf was sitting when she took it)

My brother called me Barbie, not sure why. I didnt have any pink on haha (for once)

My friends and I were meeting up to celebrate one last time with Katie, who is moving to D.C. to do travel nursing.

She is HILARIOUS.  I will miss her. Its only for 13 weeks, but she might go somewhere else after that!

But the night was still young, at 1030, I went to the grocery store.

yep. no joke

 needed snacks for the car ride

and finally packing ( I think I put it off LONG enough)

this is only part of it………

Question for you:

Do you like packing?

– I love it! I can actually pack very quickly

What is your favorite car ride snack?

-My family doenst go anywhere with out licorice and peanut butter M&Ms. YUM

No tooth fairy and House

Well Im back and pain free! It seems the antibiotics ( for my tooth that has been killing me) must be working! So at the moment, no need for the tooth fairy haha

Today I was actually able to eat food with texture! instead of oatmeal, cereal, and ice cream


2 eggs, spinach, and american cheese omlet. On the side I had yogurt, banana, and PB. (I didnt add apples, I would afraid it would kill my tooth)

I then went with my parents and brother to check out a HOUSE!!!!! I have been looking for a house for the past couple of months, but never found THE ONE. Well I think I found it!

 I came home and ate lunch.

Yummy cereal while checking blogs!

and then I went AND PUT AN OFFER ON THE HOUSE!!! They have 24 hours to let me know if yes, no, or a different price. Ill let you know!! 🙂

Then it was nap time. and my son to come home! He was at his dad’s this weekend and I am ALWAYS SO glad when he gets home!

For dinner we ordered in from my favorite restaurant Biggies

salad, fried chicken, and tomato

I MAY have also taken some toasted ravoli from my son.

So I didn’t work out today. I really wanted to, but I was feeling light headed. I actually slept in til 9, and then took an hour nap at 3. And its 8:45 and I could go to bed. BUT the goal after work tomorrow is to make it to swim practice!

Question for you:

What is your favorite restaurant and why?

One small step at a time

Im still trying to get my eating under control.

Before going to work for a class, I had breakfast that kept me full. 2 eggs, peppers and cheese with a clemetine

At work I did have two twix fun size. But I stopped (this is actually a big step for me. Usually I eat ALL candy in sight)

At home, I tried to get some things done: laundry, cleaning, and putting away clothes….and then I fell asleep on my bed….with all the lights on haha

For lunch: I tried a chicken/pepper wrap, but there was too much soy sauce I put on there. I only ate 3/4 of it.  And grapes

My nephew came and I love him so much! We even had a dance party in the kitchen when my son got home! I then had a bowl of cereal, but I measured everything

(again. this is a step for me. I usually just POUR and I usually go back for seconds too)

While making dinner, and THESE, I snacked on pecans

(recipe to come tomorrow)

Dinner was a spinach chicken recipe. My family LOVED it. (I was surprised, they are VERY picky).

(Ill post this recipe too)

For dessert, I had three cookies and 1/2 cup ice cream

Question for you:

Do you have dance parties?

What is your favorite song on your IPOD?

Nice Little Saturday

Even though it was a busy saturday at times, I also got a nap (YEA!)

Omlet with spinach, red pepper, and american cheese. with a side of PB and banana

Then I took my son to swim class, and to get a hair cut. THen to target.

I was starving for lunch! chicken, peppers, mushrooms, and cheese in a 96 fat free tortilla

The cheese totally made this!


Of course, then I had some cereal, PB, and soy milk

Then I got a nap (YEA!!!!!). And went to dinner with my son and mom

(notice the legos on the table- we take them EVERYWHERE haha)

While out, I had A TON of spinach artichoke dip. Two pieces of pizza and a few fries from my son

After putting my son to bed, I changed and went out for my cousin’s/best friend’s birthday.
I got three beers (blackberry wheat- YUM) and water as well.

I had a few scoops of someone’s artichoke dip (I know I love this stuff) and a small bowl of beer cheese soup. It was delicious with pretzel croutons on top

Sorry the pictures arent the best, I tried to pretend my pictures werent on purpose……people here in the midwest arent fans of food blogs. they think they are weird (IM NOT ONE OF THEM! haha)

Question for you:
When you go to a restaurant do you try something new, or go with a favorite?
-I use to eat the SAME O’ THING all the time. and tried to stick with salads (but who wants to eat salads for the rest of their lives?)


Today I got to sleep in till 10 WAHOO! And Im so glad I did because spinning class KILLED my legs!

Before the gym I had two pieces of bread, better than PB and 1/2 banana

After spinning, I had breakfast/lunch. Two eggs, red peppers, and american cheese with a side of clementine and other 1/2 banana

I then was feeling EXTREMELY dehydrated, so I made a green monster

Dinner was chicken, pasta sauce, mushrooms, and red peppers w/ side strawberries

My son and I then had a movie night

(evil trail mix)

  • Question for you:

1.) If you could have a movie night, what movie would you choose?

2.) Have you ever had a green monster, and what did you put in it?