New reebox kicks + weekly workouts

I will be short and sweet with the workouts. I didn’t get much in at the beginning of the week, but at the end I was getting some major booty! And my legs were defiantly feeling it Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! And I lost another 1/2 lb- I’ll take it!

Sunday: day off

Monday: 12 hour shift

Tuesday: 12 hour shift

Wednesday: 30 min bike + circuit workout

Thursday: kickboxing class

Friday: 12 hour shift

Saturday: 60 min spin class

but onto the good stuff……..


A week or so ago, Elf 4 Health had a day where the challenge was Treat Yourself. I had a really hard time with this, because if I get myself something I feel guilty. Even if it is 50 dollars, I feel that the money could go to the house or to Andrew. I even have a better time spending 100s on others and Andrew.

So for this challenge I thought long and hard, and I almost didn’t do it UNTIL had a deal online!


I was totally game for that! especially since I needed a new pair. My old ones were REALLY beat up

When they arrived I was so excited to try them out, unfortunately they were too big.


I headed to the store here in St Louis, and they didn’t have them in stock or couldn’t find them online 😦 They must have been a discontinued pair. Luckily, I was able to pick out a new pair from the store!

P1080763(still missing my old ones…..)

On Wednesday, I tried them out for the first time on the bike and then a circuit. On Thursday, I tried kickboxing  and they were awesome. Only problem, is the right is rubbing on my back heel, only a band-aid can fix.

I really am glad I decided to spend the money, I know it was worth it.

Question for you:

What is your favorite pair of workout shoes?

Jump start to 2014

It is almost that time of year to start thinking of our new year’s resolutions. I got the idea from Angela to start Whole30. I went online just to get some info, and I think it will be a great challenge. I already eat Paleo, but this takes it up a notch. AND the good news is, I got my mom, sister in law, and future sister in law to do it with me! So for the month of January, we are going back to the basics. If anyone wants to join with us, let me know! We are going to have weigh ins on Friday, and will share recipes 🙂

I wanted to get a jump start, so that in two weeks I will be ready.

First, I headed to Sam’s to get stocked up

P1080759(dont mind the chapstick, it was just sitting there haha. the buns are for andrew)

And also Trader Joe’s, because who doesn’t like that place?


I found a few new recipes, so I picked up some new items as well

P1080766 P1080767

I will defiantly share those with you along the way!


In other news around the house, we have a new member to the family.


That is right, another giraffe and this one fits on the frig! I’m sure in no time he will be joining Andrew and the other giraffes at bed time haha


Elf 4 Health Challenge: Eat from 3 different food groups


Lunch was super easy was left over steak, cauliflower mashed potatoes, and a clementine.

Question for you:

Have you started about any new goals for the new year?

-I am defiantly looking forward to this year. I feel that I am going into this year much more positive, and in control than last year. Hoping for amazing things 🙂

Some favorites…

Yesterday, I had a pretty awesome time with my niece and nephew. I also made it to the gym which was even better.After a four day hiatus, it was needed. I went with 30 min of elliptical and this workout.


My niece and nephew were with me for 8 hrs


This is what a milk coma looks like


One of My buddies



Then I got a new windshield!!


FINALLY! Goodbye 255 bucks haha


Justin also drew himself on the countdown to christmas



Christmas card is sent!

P1080687 P1080686~~~~~

ELF 4 Health: Healthy Protein Snack

A new favorite is protein pumpkin in a mug


Question for you:

What have you been up to?

What have you done for the last 8 hrs?

Making time is sometimes hard to do

Today was a busy day, but so amazing to have the day off with Andrew.

Things done:

  • spin class
  • target
  • spray paint railings
  • paint doors
  • laundry
  • dishes
  • print xmas cards
  • got our tree put up!

I swear after spin class, I got A TON of endorphins and I was able to get so much done. I felt great! I wish I could workout like that everyday.

Also, Justin must have had a blast last night, because he and the lego guys were cruising along haha

P1080595 P1080594


Elf 4 Health Challenge: Treat yourself to something special today

This was alittle tricky for me. I as so busy getting things together around my house, that I didn’t really think of what I could do. I would have loved to get a massage, a mani/pedi and then taken a nap haha. Instead Andrew and I rented a movie and had a low kept a low key night, which sounds perfect to me.

UPDATE: I actually did get something just for me. I was just browsing the online deals, and came across Shoe Carnival that was having certain reebox shoes on sale for 50% off! I have been wearing my reebox reflex (That I LOVE!) but they were starting to get a bit rough looking (I have had them for YEARS!) It was time and the sale was a sign haha.


It was still hard pressing the “Complete order” button, just because I still have a hard time spending money on myself for things like this. Now for a new windshield….haha

Question for you:

What would you do for today’s challenge?

It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Andrew and I finally had time to sit down and work on his Christmas list. We filled it out at Mr Lucky’s this past Sunday, and thought of a few things to put down. Andrew came right home, and we got stickers, markers, and construction paper. I think it turned out pretty cute!


Staying in the Christmas spirit, I found this list of Christmas movies that we can start looking for! This saves a lot of time!

(and I MIGHTTTT have my DVR ready haha)


Day 2 Elf 4 Health

Today was a day I was looking forward to! There are so many emails that I get, that IMMEDIATELY get put in the trash. So today it was perfect! I think I even started on Monday 🙂

Some rejects:

  • many blogs that are not paleo and I don’t enjoy reading. I read A LOT of blogs that are not paleo, because I love following along in their journey. But most of those blogs are the ones I found right away, and are now cyber friends with them (that doesn’t sound creepy at all haha)
  • kohl’s, hobby lobby, and to name a few. sorry, I can’t have you cluttering my inbox anymore
  • eat this, not that. I can’t remember the last time I actually read this.

Overall I think I unsubscribed to about 50 emails! Thats a lot of uncluttering!!!

Question for you:

Do you remember anything you put on your Christmas List as a kid?

-I always asked for a baby sister 🙂 Never happened

Where in your life is there a lot of clutter

-my closets need to be attacked next!

Mom and me + elf 4 health

Today, I start the Elf4Health challenge which runs from 11/25-12/22. Along the way, you  gain an elf friend for 2 weeks, and then switch up and get a new elf for the last 2 weeks. Their are daily challenges, the support of a fellow elf, AND prizes along the way! I know I mentioned it was free. (and you can still sign up for the last two weeks if you are looking for some challenges and accountability!)

challengesquare edited 1 Elf For Health 2013

Today is GO MEATLESS. Trying this while on the paleo diet has been a bit difficult, but I am trying to get in my protein in other ways!

Tomorrow is unsubscribe to unwanted junk mail. I am really excited about his! Cleaning things up is a favorite “hobby” of mine (says only type A personalities haha)

I plan to keep you guys updated along the way. And you guys are welcome to keep me on track as well 🙂


If we rewind to Sunday, you will see a fun filled Andrew and mommy day. It started with church (and starbucks!)

We then drove out to sky zone again. I guess we are hooked!

Andrew wanted to just jump by himself (which he later regretted when he asked me repeatedly to join him). Afterwards we went looking for lunch. I wanted to eat a new place and not a fast food joint.


This led us to a bar and grill called Mr Lucky’s. Unfortunately, I would not recommend this place for future visits. I think it is a great place for buddies to meet for a few beers and to watch the twenty TVs that they have. It was smoky and a little outdated. The food was typical bar food (but not that impressive) BUT our waitress was EXTREMELY nice.

So a small bust for finding a new place, but at least we tried!

The rest of the day was spent lounging at home and watching Too Cute. Still not a lot of house work getting done, but what ya gonna do haha

Question for you:

Do you eat at the same restaurants or tend to branch out?