Wrapping all the goodies

In just one short week, Andrew and I will be celebrating Christmas. Thats right, Santa will be visiting us on Sunday the 22nd because Andrew will be with his dad on Christmas. This will be our first Christmas apart (don’t even get me started on that! I haven’t run out of tears yet haha)

So this past week and weekend, I have been a busy elf wrapping


(my one gift to myself)

My room looked like a tornado went through


This present is going to be a good one for Andrew 🙂


All packed away and ready for Saturday night


Justin has also been really busy around the house

P1080743 P1080745 P1080746

Question for you:

What night do you celebrate with your family?

Some favorites…

Yesterday, I had a pretty awesome time with my niece and nephew. I also made it to the gym which was even better.After a four day hiatus, it was needed. I went with 30 min of elliptical and this workout.


My niece and nephew were with me for 8 hrs


This is what a milk coma looks like


One of My buddies



Then I got a new windshield!!


FINALLY! Goodbye 255 bucks haha


Justin also drew himself on the countdown to christmas



Christmas card is sent!

P1080687 P1080686~~~~~

ELF 4 Health: Healthy Protein Snack

A new favorite is protein pumpkin in a mug


Question for you:

What have you been up to?

What have you done for the last 8 hrs?


I wanted to get my Christmas cards sent out, so I borrowed my mom’s camera card (where all the pictures were held) And there were some other good pictures there to share!

Last year, when my parents built a HUGE snow fort with Andrew


My apparent “baby hog’ skills at work 🙂DSC_0679

Justin’s late night snack


Andrew also has a countdown for Christmas (just in case I forgot)


When the babies were only a few weeks old, my mom and I were watching all the kids. including mine 🙂 We decided to take everyone on a short walk


(I really wish it was still this nice outside)

My brother and his fiancee got there save the dates out! April is just right around the cornerDSC_0330

The boys playing, must have been helping with the engagement pictures haha


Other randoms, I just ordered the “Sound of Music LIve” Dvd. Did anyone else watch a few nights ago?


Question for you:

Anything random going on with you?

Glad it is winter, or ready for Spring?

-I Am ready for Spring! I really dislike the cold

We are ready for Santa

The past few days, Andrew and I prepared the house for Christmas!


Started out like this…

P1080618And ended like this 🙂

P1080665 P1080623P1080650P1080651

Along with Justin around the house

P1080642 P1080667

Here are some of my favorite ornaments from two years ago. And these are the ornaments we got last year

P1080655 P1080653

Decorating and giving presents always gets me into the Christmas spirit

Elf 4 Health Challenge: Eat a rainbow color of foods

This was packed and ready for work, peppers, and potatoes.


Also cucumbers and carrots


Question for you:

Do you eat a wide range of foods?

What is your favorite ornament?

Weekly Workouts

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Andrew and I have been running all around town doing lots of fun things. More on the tomorrow~

Workout wise, this week was weak. The spin class defiantly was the highlight of the week.  So we won’t dwell on those….

  • Sunday: off
  • Monday: 12 hour shift
  • Tuesday: 12 hour shift
  • Wednesday: 35 min bike + new circuit workouts
  • Thursday: 12 hour shift
  • Friday: 12 hour shift
  • Saturday: 60 min spin class

~~~~~ Elf 4 Health Challenge: 100 burpess

I got those bad boys in after Andrew went to bed. After 25, I thought to myself “I should have done these earlier” haha. I ended up breaking them up into 25. And doing a set for the commercials. DONE!


Of course, Justin met us this morning while climbing the Christmas Tree.

P1080619 P1080620

That little devil. I should have made small weights and had him working out too haha. Maybe soon

Question for you:

Love or hate burpees?

Making time is sometimes hard to do

Today was a busy day, but so amazing to have the day off with Andrew.

Things done:

  • spin class
  • target
  • spray paint railings
  • paint doors
  • laundry
  • dishes
  • print xmas cards
  • got our tree put up!

I swear after spin class, I got A TON of endorphins and I was able to get so much done. I felt great! I wish I could workout like that everyday.

Also, Justin must have had a blast last night, because he and the lego guys were cruising along haha

P1080595 P1080594


Elf 4 Health Challenge: Treat yourself to something special today

This was alittle tricky for me. I as so busy getting things together around my house, that I didn’t really think of what I could do. I would have loved to get a massage, a mani/pedi and then taken a nap haha. Instead Andrew and I rented a movie and had a low kept a low key night, which sounds perfect to me.

UPDATE: I actually did get something just for me. I was just browsing the online deals, and came across Shoe Carnival that was having certain reebox shoes on sale for 50% off! I have been wearing my reebox reflex (That I LOVE!) but they were starting to get a bit rough looking (I have had them for YEARS!) It was time and the sale was a sign haha.


It was still hard pressing the “Complete order” button, just because I still have a hard time spending money on myself for things like this. Now for a new windshield….haha

Question for you:

What would you do for today’s challenge?

Two different Elves

I hope everyone is having a great Black Friday/rest day from work. I unfortunately, had to work today, but I was able to get a few deals at Target last night. (now I am beat. how do people shop for HOURRSSSS haha)

The day started with a trip from Justin.


Our Elf is back and ready to go. Andrew was reading the book he comes with each year.


I wanted to pass along this letter that I used to print from Justin. All I did was copy and paste a square over their names, and put Andrew on the top, and Justin on the bottom. Super easy!

Elf on the Shelf Intro Letter

(letter can be found here as well)

I think Justin defiantly starts the Christmas Season. My parents and Andrew also got the tree today, and this week we are going to put up decorations! YEA for Christmas YEA for being off work  haha


Elf 4 Health Challenge: Track water intake


Today was no problem. I drink TONS of water at work (unless I have a sick kiddo) and I could tell this morning that I needed the water. I didn’t go crazy on the food yesterday, but with the food and not a lot of sleep, my body wasn’t feeling the best. So lots of H2O:

Question for you:

Do you have trouble getting your water intake?

Does you family have an Elf?

Pins to pass along PART 2

I am hoping that by the time this post is published (Im writting this on Tuesday) that my sister in law will have had her twins!!!!!!!!! I plan on writting Friday all about twins. Can you tell I’m excited??!?!? Well I have been for about 9 months haha

Just a few things I wanted to share:

  • Wanna try this with Andrew this year

halloween pumpkin

  • Somedays I feel like this….


  • Fall Fashion (once it isn’t a billion degrees outside..)


  • Favorite quote this week


  • Going to try this workout soon!


  • Yup., I am pinning things for christmas already!


  • Going to try this pork tenderloin recipe this weekend


To end on a happy note…I hope to one day find a guy who looks at me like this haha. This really is hilarious and sweet


Question for you:

Any recent new finds for you?

Are you ready for fall? Or already missing summer?

Training Week Nov 26th

I have been trying really hard to get workouts IN, and keep the overeating OUT

Last week, I felt like I did pretty well


  • Monday 26: 30 min Yoga
  • Tuesday 27: work
  • Wednesday 28: work
  • Thursday 29: Circuit week #1
  • Friday 30: Butts and guts, and zumba TWO HOURS!
  • Saturday Dec 1: relax
  • Sunday Dec 2:  30 minute workout DVD

This weeks plan:

  • Monday 3: Cardio mix classe
  • Tuesday 4: work
  • Wednesday 5: work
  • Thursday 6: yoga
  • Friday 7: circuit
  • Saturday 8: work

A lot of working this week, hopefully I can get a small workout in before or after work.

Just another picture of Justin 🙂


Question for you:

What is your fitness goal this week?

Christmas Spirit

After decorating the house yesterday, my mom, Andrew and I headed out for dinner and to see lights around town.

This house MAYYYY go to a little extreme…


OHH nevermind, this one wins


(fast foward to today)

 Justin the Elf showed up this morning! Andrew was thrilled!


It was also time to pick out the tree!


Now it’s pj time, while watching Four Christmases.

Question for you:

Do you have a favorite christmas movie?

-mine is It’s a Wonderful Life