My tummy makes a visit to the ER

Yesterday…oh brother. So many of you know from this post, that I have been having tummy issues. My ONLY symptom, is lower left pelvic pain. What could that be you ask? Only A BILLION things! haha.

Saturday, I had right back pain also (kidney infection?)  Sunday I was nauseous. (anything?) Monday I was awoken to HORRIBLE abdomen pain at 1am. (WTF!?!) After taking ibuprofen I was able to go back to sleep, and head to work. BIG MISTAKE. Around noon, I was bending over just to talk to the other nurses. (because that’s what made it feel better – DUH! haha)

Eventually, I realized I needed to they talked me into going to the emergency room.

I wasn’t happy to be there, but I knew that after four days, I needed answers. This just wasn’t because of the eating. Or if it was, I have never had THIS much trouble.

I was checked in pretty quickly, and changed into a lovely gown

They took some labs. And then I waited for an hour…

The doctor came in for about 60 seconds, and said I needed to get some blood work and if that was fine, I should be referred to a GI doctor. Then I waited another hour to get the blood drawn……

They drew blood, and started a normal saline IV drip. I had not eaten since 2pm, so I was glad to get some fluids. But surprising, I wasn’t that hungry

(500 ml/hr!!!!!! In the NICU, the highest ours will run on BIG babies is around 20!! crazy! haha)

I felt myself getting very tired. Having pain all day was taking a toll on my body and I was pretty much tightening all my abdomen and back muscles throughout the pain (hoping that would help!?!? good luck.)

I eventually watched The Proposal on my little ER tv. It made the time go by faster, and texting Mr Flowers.

Eventually, the labs came back. NORMAL!  (UMMMMM WHAT!) that didn’t make any sense. I finally was discharged at 9pm (4 hours after being admitted) And I headed to the nearest bread company for some soup!

today, I have been able to handle coffee, a popsicle, and a blueberry muffin. I also am in touch with a GI doctor, the next steps are still unknown.


Even though, I might be going through  a TINY bump in the road for me, I don’t forget 9/11. My problems are nowhere near the problems those families have faced over the past 11 years. And I will never forget that day.


Question for you:

Where were you when you found out about 9/11?

-I was in my highschool homeroom class. I had been in the towers only three months before on a trip with my cousins, aunt, and uncle.

First trip to the ER

Last night andrew went to bed at 6:15 (thats 515 daylight savings time) WEIRRDDD. But I thought he didn’t get a lot of sleep Friday night, so he was just exhausted. OHHH was I wrong.

This morning he woke up saying he couldn’t hear. His forehead between his eyes also had a bruise with swelling.

Andrew has a history of ear infections, but this just seemed different. He didn’t have any of the usual symptoms. We were worried that his sinuses could be clogged or it could be worse (esp. since that bruise showed up w/ no explanation)

So we headed to the ER. And we waited until it was finally time to be seen. They also swabbed his throat.

 Well the tests came back, and he has an ear infection AND strep throat. (we still dont know about his head) we just need to keep an eye on everything. and we started antibiotics.

Felt bad for the little guy. So while he was watching Ice Age, and I ran around and did laundry. I even washed the sheets. ANDDDD my phone. Yep. I washed my phone with my sheets on accident. And I was pissed. Now another thing going wrong!

Now my phone sits in a rice grave trying to be revived.

 Here’s to a better tomorrow!

Of course, andrew and I did have fun comparing his throat with my throat. Maybe he’ll be a doctor 😉

Question for you:

Any ER stories?