2 sick puppies + new date

This morning, I am typing to all of you on my comfy couch, under a blanket, with my favorite cup of coffee…..

can you spot the legos? haha they are everywhere!

Andrew is home from school sick, and I’m right there with him. Yep. Two sick little ducks at home. I even got him a hot chocolate (i hope he doesn’t get addicted to starbucks like me haha)


On friday, I took Andrew to the doctor for a strep test (I knew he had it. They didn’t think so. His rapid came back negative. WELLLLLL yesterday, I get a call and his 72hr test comes back positive (I have to say it, I told you so haha)

So. He’s on antibiotics (and can’t go to school till he has 24hrs of antibiotics) Im on dayquil. It’s a mess. Please stay away from St Louis, because apparently, this is all going around haha (jk. Im sure everyone is getting sick-I’m just a baby)


The bad news is, tonight I have a date. OHHHH brother. this should be interesting.

All of you know that I have been on match.com since this summer. Well, it’s not working for me anymore.

I actually started investigating the group Events and Adventures. Which is a group for single adults 21-?. They have about 21 locations over the United States, and there is one right here in St Louis!

I called to get information. Apparently, they have 40 or so events planned each month. Which can include: dinner, movie, hiking, bike riding, sky diving (EEK!), and they even are taking a trip to paris next month! I was so excited about trying this out, but I needed to see how much it would cost…..

Well, they wouldn’t tell me on the phone (AHHH WHAT??) So the meeting I had on Saturday, was to meet w/ someone from the group (they want to make sure you aren’t crazy or have history of violence).

The meeting went OKKKKKK. They lady was kindof annoying. She kept repeating herself about how great the group was, how they aren’t a dating group (but they’ve had 4 marriages the past year…), and then lectured me for 10 min on how online dating was bad for me and my son. (um. thanks mom.)

Even though the lady wasn’t my BFF, I still looked at the prices. Lets just say my jaw dropped. Unfortuantly, my wallet and I had to walk away from this deal. Although, it seems like an AMAZING group w/ lots to do. I just couldn’t afford it.

My next thought, is to try the St Louis Triathlon Club. But I still need to get info, so more info to come…….

Anyway. Back on track to my date. I am actually going on a blind date. My friend Beth, who I work w/ in the NICU, is setting me up with her brother in law.

So. Let’s give some info on him haha

  • He lives in Illinois, but works in St Louis
  • He works in some sort of construction thing. (ill have to get more info tonight haha)
  • He is from IL
  • He has a house just across the river, and a farm. (my family has a farm as well)
  • I was actually in a wedding w/ his sister.
  • He is 34. (this is the only thing I’m worried about. He is 9 yrs. older than me)
  • He seems very sweet, but also has my sarcasm
  • He actually dated someone before w/ a kid, so I believe we are good in that department haha

anything else you guys want to know, and Ill ask on my date haha

I will let you guys know how it goes! Hopefully, I still be the happy and sarcastic Kristen I know, and not the sick and I look like I’m going to die, kindof Kristen. haha

(sorry for the long post. Obviously, sick to me, doesn’t mean speechless. haha

Question for you:

When was your last date? What did you do? (and yes. this counts for the married folk too!)