Decorating w/ Mr Flowers and 3 kids

I absolutely love decorating, so when Mr Flowers and the girls came to visit, it was time to get ready for the Fall and Halloween!

This has become my favorite time of year

We started inside

This is a creepy crawling spider (he actually crawls down the wall….)

Then Mr Flowers and I started outside..

And this is what the kids did….

Mr flowers also took some great pictures (proof that I helped! haha)

My favorite part. We had these lights as kids

The finished product!

And its pretty scary at night….

Next up, pumpkins!

Question for you:

Do you decorate for Halloween?

Walk to school turns ugly

Yesterday, was such a pretty day outside. Andrew and I started by walking to school. I used to walk to school everyday when I was in gradeschool, so I love doing this with him on my days off.

Well, today was a little different. After giving him multiple kisses, he ran off into school and I headed home.

Of course at 730am, Im not very awake. And I MAYYYY have been daydreaming. And I MAYYYY have a problem walking on my own two feet. (Hey! Im a swimmer. I belong in the water haha <—— This is what I tell people who constantly see me trip)

Well my flip flop caught the curb, as I was trying to step up it, and BAM. Right on my knee. At first I just started laughing. There were several cars around. So I got up. My flip flop was broke. So now I have to walk a few blocks without shoes on. haha. I must have looked pretty classy in my tshirt, sweats, and no shoes. Thats just how I roll

When I got home, I assessed the damage.


I still have no idea.

Well now, my knee is swollen. It hurts to squat down and twisting it hurts too. seriously.  From a fall of a few inches. Only me. Only me.

Question for you:

Do you find that you are clumsy?

In heaven + Before/After

Yoga was AMAZING! I did my first half moon, dophin, and peacock pose (you know my dislike for downward dog)

Everyone was so nice. The practice was also focused on placing your hands on your heart and healing what is going on within ourselves and surrounding us (appropriate in my life? I think so!)

There was also a woman there, who at the end, said she just had a mammogram, and they may have found something abnormal. So basically, this class was needed by all. It was so great to be with such strong women.

It was then time to head to my favorite new place. TRADER JOES!!!! And also World Market

I may have found a few things!

I got two things just for me- can’t wait to try their pumpkin coffee!!

Here are two things I got at world market

And then I got these for the mantel and they ended up being 40% off!!!


 I love before and Afters, so here is another!



It looks So much better

 My aunt gave me these pumpkin plates as a house warming gift

 I picked up a holder for the smaller plate…now where to put it



HUH thats not gonna work, so I moved it into the kitchen

 And part of the flowers found a home by the TV

 The other half right by the front door!

 And last but not least, I changed the center piece for the living room table



 I love that my house is starting to look like fall!!


My dad brought me over some really ripe bananas, so I made TWO banana breads.

I think I already ate a whole one, and luckily I sent a ton to my parents!

And topped with some pumpkin butter

 I had an AMAZING day. I got so much done. Took time for myself. And now its times for soccer practice, boy scouts, dinner, and bed!


 Do you like yoga? Whats your favorite pose?

Favorite: Trader Joe’s or Whole foods?


































Half way

Im there. Im half way. I ran 6 miles today. It was rough.

 At mile three, I just so happened to be right by my parents house to get a drink of water and stretch a bit.

I was so nervous about the run, I was so stiff during the first three.  I still did it! But it wasn’t pretty.

BUT how in the world am I going to do 7.1 more????

Well one mile at a time.

Before the run, I had breakfast with this little fellow!

As soon, as I was done with the run. My nephew was here. And we were off to run errands. I got some great fall stuff for the house!

For the front door from hobby lobby!


I was so excited about finding something to place on my dining room table!

I also found something for christmas! (yep. thats 3 months away)

After getting him down for a nap, I was starving! Almost shaky. It was 1130 and all I had all morning was granola, yogurt, and strawberries.

I made a favorite that I haven’t had in a long time!


I also had some potato fries and a few million cookies

The rest of the day was spent snacking, watching my nephew, and then my son had a friend over after school.

Needless to say, I have a huge headache. Mostly because I think Im dehydrated

Dinner: Mexican Salad (lettuce, black beans, corn, salsa, and chicken)

Now I am relaxing doing absolutely NOTHING while watching NIght and Day with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise. Its actually pretty good. (while drinking a ice cold beer)

Question for you:
What is the farthest distance you have run?

What do you do when your having a stressful day/night?