2nd Grade goes rollerskating

There is a tradition at Andrew’s school, that the day after First Communion, the Second graders and their parents go to 8 Am mass to have their rosary blessed, then have breakfast, and go rollerskating.

Let me say we had a blast!


Although getting up at 7am after a full week, and going nonstop yesterday, it was a bit tricky but we made it! Even I got out there!

rollerskatingIMG_1491b 179418_10200457718224101_240532060_n(Andrew is on the far right in the blue)

It is so amazing to see how much they are already growing up….. and a little sad. I only shed a few tears the past few days, but all happy tears 🙂

Question Statement for you:

I remember when Andrew was born, people would say “Be careful, they grow up so fast!” At first, I thought they were crazy, but OHHH BOY were they right!!! I can’t believe that Andrew received his First Communion and each day seems to go by faster than the day before!

Andrew’s First Communion

Well I’M BACK!! haha.

After lots of planning, cleaning, cooking, and preparation. Andrew’s First Communion went on without a hitch!

I have a few pictures  to share, but most are on my mom’s fancy camera, so I will be sharing those as soon as I figure out how to get them haha

A few days before Sunday, Andrew mentioned how nervous he was (several times). Not only was he receiving his First communion, he also read a petition in front of a packed church.  He did great for both!


His class was one of the biggest

IMG_1461b(only a section of the Second Graders)

I am SOOOO proud of him


I promise to share party pictures, but after the party, Andrew and I got in comfy clothes and hung out in my room ❤


Question for you:

Did you celebrate First Communion?

If you didn’t, did you have a celebration as a kid?

Gift for Andrew

Today was my last 12 hour shift before a long break with Andrew. First, I went through a quite busy shift, but don’t work, I survived!

I ran from work to Andrew’s school to meet with the other mom’s to make a rosary for the kids receiving First Communion in a few weeks.

I was EXTREMELY overwhelmed when I first entered Schaefer’s Craft Shop a week ago

But tonight, I think it all came together


I even put his initials


I think he will definitely like the Cardinals theme


Look at those cheeks!

Question for you:

What theme would you use if you would put a rosary together?

(I know that not everyone is Catholic or has a religion, I just was wondering what theme is close to you)

First Day of Spring


Happy First day of Spring!

I am looking forward to nice weather, outside workouts, and more vitamin D!

I’m not a huge fan of winter, except the occasional snow


Andrew and I have a “pet” bunny. He was a tiny bunny last year, and now lives comfortably right under our deck. Meet Nibbles


He definitely makes me smile. And our flowers coming up in the backyard do as well.


Today, I made it to the gym, ate healthy, and am now going to a First Communion meeting with Andrew and his dad.

Time to go get dressed up 🙂

Question for you:

What did you do on your first day of Spring? Was it nice out?

What are you looking forward to?