Strike out cancer at the cardinals game

Just a few nights ago, my parents, Andrew, and I headed to the ballpark to support not only the Cardinals, but to support Strike out Cancer


In March, when I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, I knew that I wanted to do something. anything to try and make a difference.  still haven’t found that perfect match for me, but we did have tickets to THIS exact game.

See in December, we buy my dad tickets to the Cardinals game. And the game to raise awareness for cancer was apart of that package. So unknown to us, but this game was in that package. And I think, God knew we would need this night.

The night started off with a photo shoot


(my dad and I)


(my mom and I)




Lot of Andrew and me pictures

And the night ended with a Cardinals win 🙂

6 months ago I had surgery, and it still seem unreal. You can find Strike Out Cancer tshirts here in all colors and from other pro baseball players

Question for you:

Do you have anyone close to was diagnosed with canner?

D you raise money for a certain cause that is close to you?