Day 8: Healthy Kid prep

Another day at work with Not alot of sleep last night. Luckily, i had lots of coffee on board. I pretty much ate the same thing as yesterday, except i had snack size m&ms. Then for dinner it was a weird combo, shriMp, baked chicken wings, and two paleo balls. Random But delicious. Time for bed, but first, getting andrew healty treats!



Over the past few months, I have finally got my eats together. except for the occasionally issue like last week haha. But this challenge has really helped me get back on track.

Since school started for Andrew, I knew I needed to have healthy eats on hand for him as well! Especially since recently, he was sent home from his dad’s with a SHOE box filled with crap “goodies”.


Andrew also gets extremely crabby when he doesn’t sleep, eat right, or get out of the house. (I mean who doesn’t?!??) So I knew that having healthy food on hand is the first step!

little smokies, pepperoni slices, and sausage patties


cottage cheese, Colby cheese, and string cheese


nitrate free hot dogs


peaches and apples

we have sugar snap, celery, and cucumbers already.

gluten free pancake mix, pretzels, sugar free chocolate chips


It isn’t all paleo, but its a step closer to less sugar! It is a start!

Question for you:

How do you help others eat healthy?