Weekly workouts

This week I felt like I really got into my groove for my workouts. I got moving, and REALLY got sweaty. Now I just need to get my food in order!

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 16 mile bike ride on Grant’s Trail

Tuesday: Class at the gym

Wednesday: Tennis with Andrew

Thursday: 30 min elliptical 10 min weights (after a 12 hour shift)

Friday: REst

Saturday: 30min elliptical + 30 min of weights (thanks angela!)

Sunday: Rest

On Saturday, I also went to my friend’s lake house. I actually did a second workout! I swam to the buoy and back


It is actually a tradition with two of my other swimmer friends. We swam in college together, and even though the girls were not there this year, I did it all by myself!

me swimming!
me swimming!

More on the lake trip soon!

Question for you:

Do you have a tradition with any of your friends?

What was one of your workouts this week?

Two times in one day

The weekend started nice and early for me and Andrew. 6:45 to be exact! (andrew it’s saturday!!!) haha

Andrew went to his dad’s today. And after 15 minutes, I was bored  and a little lost. So I headed out for a bike ride!!!

I rode about 12 miles on one of my favorite trails, Grants trail. It is a must if you live in St Louis.

After that, my cousins and I headed to the pool. And before I laid out to get some much needed vitamin D, I swam a few laps.

I didn’t want to swim a specific distance, I just swam. I told myself for 15 minutes. It felt great, but I am definitely REALLY slow.

Tomorrow, I hope it really isn’t raining and cloudy like they say so I can go for a run 🙂

Question for you:

What are you doing this weekend?

How are you getting your body moving this weekend?