What I Ate Wednesday: Real food again

After days of being sick, my stomach is FINALLY coming back to normal!!! I am also trying to get away from carbs. When I am sick, the things I find appetizing are zup, ice cream, and bread. This bug was bad news, I even lost my appetite completely. And that is NOT like me haha


Egg Pancake (2 egg + 1/2 banana) + Bacon and of course Coffee



Pork Tenderloin Sandwich, green beans and a leftover crab Rangoon


Jello for dessert



unpictured apple


Ribs and green beans


Cookie Dough Ice Cream for dessert 🙂


I am so happy the GI bug is gone, and now I just need to get some more fruits and veggies in there.

Question for you:

What do you like to have for dessert?

How do you get in your veggies


Sweet Potato Stew

This past week, I have been trying to plan dinners. Usually, I go and grab stuff from the store (always from my list) but then 4pm rolls around, and I’m at a lose of what to make. Then we end up making/buying food that isn’t healthy, or that we didn’t need to buy since we have food in the frig!

I had a craving for stew. My grandma has the most amazing stew recipes. I wanted to use sweet potatoes, so I did a little searching and found this recipe. But I actually didn’t follow it. I just through everything together!


-1 lb stew meat

-3 tbs flour

-salt and pepper

-2 cups small carrots

-1  cup frozen peas

-1 can fresh green beans

-2 sweet potatoes, cut in cubes


1.) Cut stew meat into small cubes

2.) Flour meat, and then heat large pot with olive oil.

3.) Brown meat in hot oil.

4.) After browns, add carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, and I ended up adding corn too. Cover with water

5.) Simmer for an hour and a half

6.) ENJOY!

Hangin’ w/ Drew

Happy Saturday Everyone!!!

I hope you had a good one. Mine was up and down, so I’m hitting the hay early to get a good amount of sleep, and hopefully tomorrow I feel better.

But the day ended w/ a park visit w/ Andrew to learn how to skateboard (for him haha) He actually did pretty good. We then had some dinner. I had salmon and green beans

And a HUGE dessert bar 🙂 While watching Puss and Boots. Loved the movie. Had kid humor and laughs for the adults too. Pick it up at Redbox!

Question for you:

how did you spend your Saturday?