Getting healthy eats

After working three 12 hour shifts in a row, also not sleeping at home but at my parents, my house looked like a DISASTER!

Luckily, I woke up today surprising well rested. (usually after several days at work, I am a beast on that first day off. And work has been rough) After breakfast with Andrew, digging my car out, and getting Andrew to school, it was time to get some yummy treats

Today, I went to Sam’s and the grocery store

Fruit: clementines


Veggies: broccoli, peppers, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, celery, avocados


Protein: Whey protein, eggs, bacon, round roast, cheese (for andrew), and chicken strips


Misc: Pizza (for Andrew) and dates (for me)


I also tried this yummy chocolate from santa. This is from Godiva and it is amazing!


I only ate 2 squares which comes out to 110 cal, 7g fat, 8g carb, 8g sugar, and2 g protein.

I can’t wait to update you all tomorrow about week 2 of my 30 to 29 challenge, and don’t forget to check up on Angela who is working on losing 30 before her 30th!

Question for you:

How do you get your protein?

How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolution?

When workouts fall off the schedule

The past few days have been a bit busy. Yesterday I  had my nephew in the morning. We tried to make it to the gym, but they wouldn’t watch him because I’m not his legal guardian (I understand, but really needed a workout)


So instead we played alittle soccer. I then went and helped with the twins. Who are still adorable as ever! And then I went out with friends for the first Cardinals game of the World Series (although, that was just a practice round since it went so bad haha)

Today was more running around for Halloween costumes, and groceries

P1080363I feel like there is always an empty frig. And Andrew isn’t even a teenager yet haha

P1080370 P1080371 P1080372 P1080373 P1080374 P1080375 P1080376

The lonely bananas…… haha

Then I worked the book fair at Andrew’s school and then ran to the gym. I HAD to get a workout in today. This week is just pathetic!

Now I am going to my first community group through my church. I am kind of nervous to meet new people and not seem like a dork…. we shall see haha

Question for you:

How do you squeeze in workouts?

Do you notice when you miss a workout?

Feeling back to normal

I finally feel like I am getting back to myself! After a rough week or so, I finally got my bearings. After some good workouts and getting some MUCH needed sleep, I feel a BILLION times better. Today was no exception! I woke up and got the grocery shopping done.

Check out the sugar in these raisins!!!! GEEZ!


I headed to the gym for my favorite class, and was greatly anxious that the focus was on arms. After the arm workout a few days ago and this class, I swore they were going to fall off! haha Home for a quick wardrobe change


I then picked up Andrew who is riding his bike around like a pro 🙂


I then ended the night going through my recipe book.


I save many recipes, but never get to them, or forget about them. I mean who wants to look through that book! Cleaning it out of “junk” is defiantly needed. Most of these recipes are weight watchers or “healthy-ish” haha. I need to revamp.

Question for you:
Where do you keep all your recipes? in a book? on your phone?

Two new recipes for the day

Today all involves food. I must be confused with What I ate Wednesdays haha

First, of all was grocery shopping. And it was all about the veggies. The fruit this week was alittle sad haha


veggies ran the show


and just misc.


I only needed side dishes. I did use some of my veggies for tonight’s dinner


We ate outside since it is in the high 70s and gorgeous. And this sausage recipe is YUMMYYYYYYYY


My dinner date


Then I was looking for something sweet and tried another new recipe!

Nut Butter Cookie from Carrotsncake



Question for you:

Favorite veggie?

Trader Joe’s vs Sam’s

Today, I am feeling a million times better, and I was able to get a ton done! I headed to not one, but TWO stores today for groceries. I think it was because I really wanted to go to Trader Joe’s, but they just didn’t have everything

First Stop: Sam’s

P1070952On the list: eggs, milk, smoked sausage, cucumbers, blueberries, bananas, apples, string cheese, and pasta sauce

Next stop: Trader Joe’s

P1070954On the list: butter, peas, green beans, flowers, 1 onion, red potatoes, honey, maple syrup, cookie butter, chicken broth, trader joes cookies, and coconut milk

Some new favorites I can’t wait to try


Any suggestions on how to use these bad boys?

I found one way for the cookie butter. Pumpkin Almond Pancakes 🙂


Yum!~ The pancake recipe can be found here

Question for you:

Where do you shop for groceries?

Any favorite new foods?

Getting ready for East coast visitors!

In just ONE day, Angela, Tiffany, and Rob will be here to run the marathon! (I think I’ve mentioned it a few times…..)

Only because I am So excited! The day started with a trip to Sam’s for groceries, and then yoga. I was STILL tight from my run a few days ago. (Hollie you were right, I NEED to stretch more!)

favorite pose. although Im STARTING to like downward dog

Then it was time for Trader Joe’s (just some of my things I picked up)

This looks much better

Yum pumpkin butter

Also started to get stuff together for the race. Charging the IPOD while listening to Stereo Hearts Radio on Pandora

I also just finished surrendering playing light sabers and guns with Andrew and two of his friends. I think I won…. haha

Tomorrow: deep cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms, start crock pot dinner, go for a LIGHT run, there was something else….darn it. It will come to me haha

My new favorite song

Question for you:

Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods?

-Thats a tough one. I LOVE whole foods (its bigger) but trader joe’s is a better price

It’s Empty!

The past few days, I have either been at work (4 of last 5), or running errands (the other day haha)

The one errand I have put off, grocery shopping. I absolutely LOVE grocery shopping. This time I’m a bit nervous.

empty frig

The reason for that, I have three friends coming into this weekend for the marathon!!!!!!!!! and I want to make sure they have plenty of the right fuel for the big day.

(I’m an over planner and want to make everyone happy. I’m a middle child. It’s what I do. haha)

Anyway, this is the list so far. We are also going to make a crockpot dinner Friday, so I’ll add those items to the list soon

  • ice coffee
  • milk
  • eggs
  • bananas
  • apples
  • flinestone vitamins (for andrew)
  • peppers
  • canned pumpkin
  • agave necatar
  • red circle cheese (for andrew)
  • cucumbers

(tiffany and angela is there anything you want added to the list? certain veggies or fruit? drinks? Want to make your  trip to St louis very comfy. And Rob too!!)

Question for you:

Do you drink coffee?

What are some foods that you always get each week at the store?

(busy) ME DAY

Only I would have a busy “me day”, instead of taking a day of rest. I did do some fun stuff though!


  • Pack for vacation (we leave saturday!)
  • return books at the library
  • Get school stuff for andrew
  • Visit grandma
  • Massage
  • Grocery shopping for car ride
  • Pedicure
  • Bike ride (maybe…)
  • Sleep in (if Im lucky)
  • Dinner with friends
  • Old Navy for school clothes
  • Pool

out of 12 not too shabby. I didn’t want to buy school supplies w/out andrew. I always remember how fun it was! And the bike ride and pool got cancelled due to rain- BOOOO


Morning started off with an awesome/easy breakfast

then to my new house, library, and massage! It was wonderful. Exactly what I needed- thank you groupon!

Next up, visiting old navy (if you buy $20 worth of stuff you get $10 to spend next week- SWEET!).

Then to my grandma’s and finally home for lunch!

(yougurt, blueberries, apples, and fiber one cereal)

Then a pedicure with my mom. It was fun to do this with her, and love the color!

Finally, the moment I was waiting for ALLLL day!

I got to pick up this lil guy!



Isnt he adorable? haha;-)

Home just in time to get ready for dinner.


(sorry weird angle. my brother’s gf was sitting when she took it)

My brother called me Barbie, not sure why. I didnt have any pink on haha (for once)

My friends and I were meeting up to celebrate one last time with Katie, who is moving to D.C. to do travel nursing.

She is HILARIOUS.  I will miss her. Its only for 13 weeks, but she might go somewhere else after that!

But the night was still young, at 1030, I went to the grocery store.

yep. no joke

 needed snacks for the car ride

and finally packing ( I think I put it off LONG enough)

this is only part of it………

Question for you:

Do you like packing?

– I love it! I can actually pack very quickly

What is your favorite car ride snack?

-My family doenst go anywhere with out licorice and peanut butter M&Ms. YUM