It’s Empty!

The past few days, I have either been at work (4 of last 5), or running errands (the other day haha)

The one errand I have put off, grocery shopping. I absolutely LOVE grocery shopping. This time I’m a bit nervous.

empty frig

The reason for that, I have three friends coming into this weekend for the marathon!!!!!!!!! and I want to make sure they have plenty of the right fuel for the big day.

(I’m an over planner and want to make everyone happy. I’m a middle child. It’s what I do. haha)

Anyway, this is the list so far. We are also going to make a crockpot dinner Friday, so I’ll add those items to the list soon

  • ice coffee
  • milk
  • eggs
  • bananas
  • apples
  • flinestone vitamins (for andrew)
  • peppers
  • canned pumpkin
  • agave necatar
  • red circle cheese (for andrew)
  • cucumbers

(tiffany and angela is there anything you want added to the list? certain veggies or fruit? drinks? Want to make your  trip to St louis very comfy. And Rob too!!)

Question for you:

Do you drink coffee?

What are some foods that you always get each week at the store?

Change of Plans: Marathon

This morning I did something that I haven’t done in awhile. I went for a run. And you might say, Well Kristen, aren’t you suppose to be running a marathon this weekend?

Well. no.

I decided about two months ago, I just couldn’t make it. With every excuse in the book… just didn’t play out

-it was 110 degrees this summer in St louis

-I couldn’t run when Andrew was out of school

– I got sick, etcart

Then I realized, it just wasn’t in my heart.

BUT I am SOOOOO excited that Tiffany, Angela, and Rob will be here on Friday!!!! They are all running the MARATHON!!!!!!!!

So I am just going to stick with the half, the only problem is, my knee is truly giving me problems. It hurts to even walk down the stairs. I am going to ice it, and if I have to walk the half, then Ill walk.

Any reasons why my knee would hurt just after 3 miles??? Maybe the extra 30lbs is finally putting too much pressure on my body ūüė¶

Question for you:

Have you been running lately?

What is your next race?

What is your favorite running quote that is your moto, or makes you laugh?

Running Deal

I have completed 5 half marathons. I have hated some, but after EACH and EVERY one, I ALWAYS sign up for another (even just a few days after!)

Well, I have these amazing friends that I have met through Angie (who is the blogging mind behind The Chicken Scoop) is a great friend and Tiffany who is one my biggest motivators. I have no idea when I met these amazing ladies, but I feel like I have known them forever!

Angie just signed up for her FIRST FULL MARATHON! Isn’t that amazing! She is running the DC marathon on March 17, 2012.


There is a deal for Rock n Roll Half/Full Marathons that is ONLY ToDAY!

You get $20 off races! INCLUDING the St louis Rock n Roll next year!!!

(yes it is a LONG way away, but YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO DO IT!)

SOOOO tomorrow, if you sign up for the Rock n Roll in St Louis it will be only 55 BUCKS! instead of 75!!!!!


well you might be asking, why I brought up Angie and Tiffany. WELLLLLLL Im pondering signing up for the half in Washington DC. I have never been there. But I have always wanted to go. I have also wanted to meet these girls (along with a few others) but they mostly all live on the east coast ūüė¶

So should I take the plung and sign up for the Washington half marathon???? (itwould be 75 instead of 95)

I really want to, but then I have to think about $$$. How to get there? ($$ to get there) The race is March 17th, and I have already signed up for GO st louis on

Basically it all comes down to money. I will be signing up for the rock n roll st louis ( I might even sign up for the FULL. I know. can you believe I just said that!)

¬†the question is can I afford to fly to DC, pay for a half marathon there, food, hotel, the works…………


Rockin’ and Rollin’ in St Louis

Sunday was the BIG running day!!!

My older brother and I have been running together for about a year and a 1/2 now.p>

  (GO! st louis half marathon 2010)

 This past weekend we ran the VERY FIRST Rock n Roll Marathon in St louis

my cousin, brother, and me before the race!

 My cousin and I ran the half (she killed it!) and my brother ran his VERY FIRST full!


The morning started at 5am w/ a big bowel of oatmeal, water, and coffee.

My cousin and brother met at my house around 6. And we were off!

After two visits to the bathroom, it was time to line up in Group 9!

At 7:47¬†the race started, but we didn’t get to the start line till¬†7: 56!!!!!

I know I was more excited for brother who has attempted TWO TIMES before this to complete the full. And now the time had come for him to do it!!

My brother and I stayed together for the first 8 miles, until the full marathon split the other direction. We saw my parents at mile 5

You can see my brother(in gray) and me (navy and red) in the middle, Im not hiding I promise haha

I was actually running over to give them both a hug. I love spectators!

Those first 8 miles were odd. My brother and I were both feeling ok one minute, then sick the next. Then fine. Then our legs cramped up. It just was all over the place WEIRD 

I then turned left and he went right for the full. I was SO proud of him. So excited that he was finally going to be able to accomplish this dream. He has worked really hard.

My parents, sister in law, uncle, and my brothers friend were stationed throughout the full marathon course. So they were able to make sure he was doing ok and to give support


During this time. I was¬†running the final 5.1 miles by myself. I turned my music on and tried to get into a groove. But found myself having off times, and then switched to the¬†runners high.¬†I walked a bit. But I didn’t really push it.

Then at mile 10 I thought. Kristen. This is YOUR run. You are done being the supportive runner (I was actually texting while running. letting my parents and sister in law know where we were, so they could be there for Brian. yep I can run and text haha)

I didn’t do great, but it was faster than GO! st louis half in April. So Ill take it. My time was 2:34. My fastest¬†is 2:04 when Im not pacing a marathoner haha

Afterwards, I¬†got some food and LOTS to drink. And we waited…..

(while showing my dad my cool new medal haha)

 And then he FINALLY came over the hill!

¬†He was EXTREMELY tired, sore, and worn out. He even said there were times when he didn’t think he could finish.


It was awesome!

We of course had to take group pictures, because…thats what my family does haha

My brother and sister in law

 Me and my brother

 I was laughing because he was leaning on me for support haha

Yep. you can run a half and full marathon, but then you have to stand and look pretty for about 10 minutes haha

¬†It really was a great day. I was so proud of my brother. And this was my first rock n roll marathon. I wasn’t that impressed because the bands weren’t as frequent as I thought. But the route was SO much better than GO! St louis in april.

Question for you:

Have you ever raced in a rock n roll marathon?


Rock n Roll and date night

Friday was a busy day, so I couldn’t wait to blogged, but I wanted to give it justice!

It started out like every other day. Breakfast while listening to music(by andrew’s request)

And then Andrew went to school

I then went on a run. I didn’t have any distance to run, just to get out there and clear my head. I could have kept going, but knew with the half coming up on Sunday that would not be a good idea. At home, I mapped my run- it was 5 miles! sweet!

i showered SO fast and got out of my house. Andrew is getting picked up at school by his dad to attend a wedding ( I talked a little about it here) and I needed to get out of the house.

I needed some jeans (you will see while in a minute). I went to Macy’s first.











These went in the NO pile. Next was Kohls and it wasn’t looking promising



















But I did! YEA! I also saw this sign and it made me feel better



















A quick snack











Then it was time to hit up the race EXPO!



















The half marathon is sunday and my brother is running the full! I think Im more excited for him!











We got a shirt and some swag






























So you might be wondering what the new jeans are for, welll. I had a date. Yes I know I had a few bumps this week. But I have actually been talking with guy and so today was date night!



















sorry for the really bad picture, I was in a hurry. (and dont worry I did my hair and makeup before I left haha)

we went to the Blues hockey game. I wasn’t too nervous until I hit A TON of traffic and was THIRTY MINUTES LATE! (I hate being late)

But he was a real gentleman, and actually it just became our joke of the night.

The game went well. WE WON! But you could tell we were both a little nervous.

After the game we walked to a little bar/restaurant down the street. Which wasn’t as busy as I thought, being a Friday night and all.

We enjoyed two appetizers and a beer a piece. It was really nice. He was sarcastic, but not a jerk about it (don’t worry I could hand it back too haha) We talked about work, Andrew, school, and just everyday stuff. I didn’t feel akward at all.

I know you are all wanting some details on this fellow.

His name is David. He is a 26 year old accountant who lives close by, but is from a small town in Illinois. We both went to the same college, but he graduated a year behind me. He is 5’8 and pretty good looking. He has very similar values and are personalities are quite the same

Is there anything Im leaving out?

Well, the night went really well, he walked me to my car and gave me a little kiss. He also texted me later, making sure I made it home ok.

Im sure there will be another date soon ūüėČ

Question for you:

What is your next race?

Who is your favorite professional team to cheer for?

Any ?S about my date?


A million directions

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling the blog.

I worked all day and then I felt that I was getting pulled in a million directions. I had a text asking if I could help out family, I had many phone calls about my parents dog and cat (that I am taking care of), and I have to train for this darn half marathon!

My parents are out of town this week, so I am the lucky on that gets to take care of their cat and dog. So the dog doesnt have to stay in his cage all day, I have to be at my parents A LOT. which means my house is completely ignored. (which stresses me out) I have a million things to do there.

So last night, I took the night off. I got a great nights sleep and got up at 830 and went on a 7.5 mile run!

before the run I had a PB and banana bread

The run¬†wasn’t pretty. But I did it.

I then enjoyed a protein blueberry smoothie

Now Im watching Ghost Adventures (checking out my future husband haha)

Andrew is going to his dad’s for the afternoon, so I think Im going to take a nap. Then hit up Michaels and Hobby Lobby. I also need to update you on, but that will have to wait. Later!

Question for you:

If you had the whole afternoon to yourself, what would you do?

– I would take a bike ride, take a nap, and have a $1000 to spend at target haha, then have a pinic with andrew. Ending with ted drews!

98 degrees

OK maybe it wasnt 98 degrees-but remember the band?
I still love Nick haha


Today the forecast was a HIGH of 85!

Anyway, I woke up at 5am and made a HUGE bowl of oatmeal (I couldn’t even finish it!)

Do I look ready or just tired?

Then my brother and sister in law got to my house around 6. And we headed downtown!

Anddd then straight to the bathroom. I always have to pee before a race

Then time to start!

I was a little nervous, but I knew I wasnt HALF as nervous as my brother who was running the FULL!! (crazy yes)

we kept a nice easy pace and still we were SWEATING by mile three!

I drank about four cups at EACH station. and the HILLS were a KILLER!

I did not have a great time AT ALL. My fastest half was 2.04. This one I finished in 2.48.

 (considering I am 30lbs heavier than last year, and the longest I ran was 8 a month ago- Ill take it!)

But my goal was to stay with my brother and make sure he was at a nice pace so he could finish 26.2 miles!

THEN the officials lowered a bomb on us. They closed the full marathon at 9am!

People were dropping like flies, and they had to call in EXTRA ambulances. It was kindof scary.

My brother on the other hand was NOT happy at all. He was doing so great, and they waited to mile 10 to tell everyone.

Well then he took off on the last three miles, and I just turned on my music and took the last three at a nice steady pace.

Can you believe I ran 10 miles without music!! I havent done that EVER!!!! It was nice to run and talk with my brother and focus on my breathing.

But I was dragging at the end, so I needed it.

THis song came on for the last mile. It was perfect.


So we all finished! My friend John actually ran the full, and qualified for BOSTON! he is crazy fast- 7min/miles the whole time!

 just a TAD red haha
My feet were KILLING me! I have a blister on my poor pinky toe….and my right ankle hurts. Otherwise I was just really dehydrated. So I showered and took an hour nap!


Some eats.

Hamburger, sweet potato fries. And a HUGE glass of water

Protein Green Monster

Some of my loot



Question for you:

Do you like to work out by yourself or others?


My nerves are starting.

Tomorrow I am running my 4th half marathon.

This one is Go St Louis (I ran this last year)


I am not AT ALL trained for this half.

I am basically just going to cheer on my brother who is running the Full.

Can you believe that? Running for 4+ hours—-EEK!!!! No thanks haha


Well. im off to bed.

Or lay in bed and think about everyhting I have to do.

Including getting up at 5 am!

Well Ill see you all tomorrow!!!

What are your plans for sunday?

Random Friday

Happy Friday!

My friday started off a little with a little discomfort in my lower abdomen. (nope its not TOM)

 Im pretty sure its a bladder i got a jug of cranberry juice at Sams. And jugged it all day long!

Breakfast was just a boring bowl of cereal. Then I went to Sams. And then I went to my son’s school to read for his library class.

 I love going to his school during the day and meeting all the kids! I did see this bumper sticker..

Anyone like the twilight movies and/or books?

The books are good, but I dont know what the deal is with Robert Patterson…..I dont think hes that good looking.

Taylor, thats a different story. HAHA

When I got home I found these! How pretty!

Lunch was left over salad and a piece of french bread

I also had a snack: chocolate vitatop and PB. Then it got busy.

-Got my son from school.

-Went to my grandparents.

-Took my son to his dad’s house for the night.

-Went and got my shirt and number for the half marathon this sunday!!!!

-Dinner with my brother, sister n law, nephew, and their friends. PIZZA!

These is JERSEY style pizza! I had peppers, spinach, and chicken. It was delicious ESPECIALLY the crust!

 Now Im just sitting in my pjs getting ready for bed. Need my sleep for the half marathon in two days!

Question for you:

I took these wine bottles and cleaned them, took off the labels,and thought they were so pretty.

Now I am trying to think of things to do with them. Any suggestions?

Have you ever taken an object, made for one purpose, and made it for something else?

Just another thursday…..

Lots of eats today.

After taking my son to school, I slept till 11. Then breakfast.

egg omlet. Banana and PB. Sweet potato fries

My favorite Better than peanut butter is almost out….and considering that its kindof expensive. I wont be getting it for awhile ($ goes to house for now haha)

so sad.

Still hungry……

More PB
and some ice cream

Then my kiddo got play clothes on, well he accidentally put his one year old cousins pants on, that look like capris! haha

We then went to Joey B’s for spinach articoke dip and a spinach salad w/ pecans, chicken, and cranraisins.


Then I went and got my tshirt for my kickball team!

Yep we are the scrappy squirrels haha

Then it was bedtime! My son did his own hair. A very nice mohawk. He made me laugh

Now I am making the playlist for my half marathon this sunday

Question for you:

What are some of your favorite workout songs?